A good reason to post your findings on your blog

Here is a blog post I read this morning that had a happy ending.

Lynn Walsh is a facilitator and coach with an interest in her family history. She found an account of the robbery of her great-great-grandfather in the NSW Police Gazette of 19 May 1897:

Thomas Gibbons was further charged in company with George Williams with breaking and entering the dwelling of William J Laws, Dock Road, Balmain, and stealing a watch, a scarf pin, two Alberts, four brooches,  a Gladstone bag, two coats, two vests and two pairs of trousers, value 20 pounds (part recovered).

She had no idea what an “Albert” was (and neither did I) but some kind soul who read her post has enlightened her, and she has posted a photo and description as a postscript.

To find out what an Albert is read the original post here.

I hope he got his Alberts back!


  1. Hi Carole, I’ve been working on my family history for about a year now and have turned up some fascinating stories. Although I have been blogging for a number of years (its just a “mummy blog”) after reading this, and my husband making a comment the other day that he was surprised I was blogging my family history research, I’ve decided to start. Thanks for encouraging me to blog it – hopefully I’ll get some answers to some of my questions through it too! Prue