Government Gazettes

Government Gazettes have proclamations and procedures of government policy and regulations. They also contain lists of transactions and dealings with government departments. You may find an ancestor who had a land title to collect, or unclaimed mail.

The State Library of New South Wales has the following publications in their catalogue:

The Fiji Gazette 1872-1874

Fiji Government Gazette 1871-1875

Fiji Royal Gazette 1875-1987

Fiji Royal Gazette Supplement [1947?]-1987

Fiji Republic Gazette Supplement 1987-1998

Fiji Gazette 1987-1987

Fiji Republic Gazette 1987-1998

Fiji Republic Gazette Supplement 1987-1998

Fiji Islands Government Gazette 1998-2000

Fiji Government Gazette 2000-2006

Republic of Fiji Islands Government Gazette 2006-

The Acts of Fiji enacted during the year… 1971-

The change in titles reflect the changes in government during the recent history of Fiji.

It is also worth looking at the New South Wales Government Gazette, especially for the period before cession to the British, as the regulations pertaining to British subjects were published there.  Shipping regulations and chart updates were also included.

These are on microfilm at the State Library of New South Wales, and are progressively being digitised by Archive Digital Books Australia and made available online at World Vital Records, a subscription website.

The government gazettes of other Australian colonies probably also have these regulations as well, as colonists started investing in Fiji.