If you are lucky enough to have photographs of our ancestors we can turn them into a photobook, with a short history of each person. These make excellent gifts for family members, and a re relatively easy to produce. Charts can also be incorporated into the story.

2013-02-24 14.00.202013-02-24 14.00.20This is an example of a photobook I did a few years ago for my own family on Snapfish. It has a linen cover with a cutout to reveal the photo on the first page – in this case my grandmother Amy Stewart, my great-grandmother Sarah Louisa Craig Stewart nee Lowe, and great-great-grandmother Margaret Lowe nee Craig. I know I am so lucky to have a photo of three generations of my direct female line in one photo and I put it in pride of place.

For a book of this kind it is necessary to have a bare minimum of information about each person in the tree for the chart and to tell a little story under the photographs. The main focus is on the photographs.

2013-02-24 14.00.53

2013-02-24 14.01.15 edited

 These examples show a few different page layouts. The pages can be printed as PDFs to create ‘virtual photo albums’.

Eason Family Photo Book pp2-3

Eason Family Photo Book pp14-15

Eason Family Photo Book pp20-21