Family History Library The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has the largest collection of family history related material in the world. Microfilms are available for loan at their Family History Centres throughout the world and in some approved libraries.

State Library of New South Wales The State Library and the Mitchell Library in Sydney has a large collection of material related to Australia and the South Pacific.

Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, Australian National University. “The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, Pambu, copies archives, manuscripts and rare printed material relating to the Pacific Islands. The aim of the Bureau is to help with long- term preservation of the documentary heritage of the Pacific Islands and to make it accessible.” Many, if not all, of the microfilms are available at other libraries such as the Mitchell Library in Sydney.


National Archives of Fiji The National Archives of Fiji is the official repository for the permanent records of the Government of Fiji and of materials printed and/or published in Fiji. The Research and Reference Library is open to the public.

Fiji Museum 

University of the South Pacific

Government of Fiji A list of government departments and their websites, and government publications.