Resources for Fijian family history research

Naigani 101-0172_IMG_300x200A collection of resources and ideas for tracing your family tree and researching your family’s history in Fiji. Whether your ancestor was a temporary visitor who married or died in Fiji, or whether you are descended from a long line of settlers or native Fijians, you will find something here to help you.

My name is Carole Riley, and I am collecting websites, books, and repositories of records and microfilmed records to help you find what you are looking for, collected whilst researching my own family. I add to the website whenever I can, so please come back often. You can also subscribe to updates as they are added.


  1. hello I am a fijian and i moved to australia during my early childhood years and i would really like to know what my fammily tree is.

  2. Rob Pattison says

    I taught at Lelean Memorial School in Davuilevu in the 80s and my wife, Lyn and I adopted two girls from the Dilkusha home. Julie and Ragni Devi Singh. Julie died in 2008 very suddenly leaving James and Ashika. Lyn and I visited Fiji hoping to find some records of Ragnis’s family. Her mother was Sheila Devi Sing of Navua.
    We discovered that the Navua hospital records had been flooded in (I think) 2002.
    Ragni herself is keen to see if there is any way of finding out more about her family.

  3. Joshua Singh says

    Hi there im from Fiji and im hoping to track down some of my family history and i was hoping you can help find some information for me please. I just want to find out records about the first Brown family in Fiji. Im from Savusavu and its highly renown for its half caste population, I hope you can help me find some information regarding the Brown family to be exact from Wainunu, Savusavu. Thank you

  4. Setaita Turner says

    I wasa wondering of my husband descendends and we would like to solve the mystery where they came from and when and if there is a possibilities that our relatives are still out there and we would like to know them.

  5. Au cauravou ni Uluibau mai Moturiki..levu sara tiko noqu loma taro2 baleta noqu i tuva2 ni kawa ni bera o tukaqu vaka2..Mataiasi Colamatanisiga vanua yaco kina noqu kila,ka tiko e na vola ni kawa ka volai e na gauna i Rt Sukuna,kau rogoca ni a levu na verevuni a caka e na kena tabaki..Via kila ga na yaca kece ni tukai ktou veitarataravi taucoko me yaco vei koya sara neitou Vu..E kainaki ni ra a se tawani Viti taumada neitou qase e na koro ka a lutu dromu o Vuniivilevu sa Davetalevu tiko ni kua.ka tiko na koro makawa qo e na ceva kei Moturiki mai Lomaiviti..Nasautabu yani e cake,Vuniivilevu e ra…Ke qai ni sauma mai noqu vatataro kerea ni qai inbox taka ga mai noqu email… o Vilikesa nuitaka..

  6. I am researching deaths in Fiji between 1891 and 1936. What records can I access?

  7. You can access the registered deaths, which have been microfilmed by FamilySearch. Indexes have also been microfilmed. Go to and search by Place Name for Fiji, and then select Civil Registration and Civil Registration – Indexes

  8. Sainimere Ratu says

    hi.. i’m sainimere ratu and im trying to trace my fathers family in back in Tavua. around 1954… Looking this up can help with my assignment and getting to know more about my family..

  9. Hello Carole,

    Thank you for hosting this facility. My name is Nik. I came to Levuka in 1951 from Rotuma and enrolled into form 2 at the LPS in 1952. Ahead of me was a Tom Riley. I think that he had a younger sister Helen. I lived with my uncle Albert at Morris Point, Oniviro.
    Another younger younger girl Martha Ramoli Riley was at LPS also. She was from Waitovu further down the road towards St. John’s college in Cawaci from Oniviro.

    Years later in the 1970s I worked for Amax Minerals who were then exploring the copper prospect in Namosi and so I came to know Matthew Nacoke Riley. I also knew Jeremaia Riley who was head of the Cooperatives Deparment in Suva in the 1960/70s.

    Oh yes, I am looking for morris-ancestral details from cession to the 1950’s. Cheers for now. nik