Research Gift Certificate

For the person who has everything but wants to know where he/she came from!

You will receive a gift certificate that the recipient can redeem for the number of research hours selected. Research that leads to records outside of NSW will be negotiated before commencement.

If the recipient has already done some research then that must be examined first to validate the results, and to avoid redoing it. Examination of previous research materials will be included in the total hours. Let a professional have a go at it!


Minimum 3 hours research, including analysis of previous materials.

As a guide to what may be accomplished within a specific number of hours:

    3 hours is usually enough to fully analyse a large amount of research and suggest next steps; or start a new family tree with a couple of generations in a couple of branches within NSW (certificates may need to be purchased).

    5 hours may allow analysis of previous research and some preliminary research; or start a new tree with a couple more generations in a few branches within NSW (certificates will probably need to be purchased).

    10 hours can make a substantial start on a new family tree (certificates will almost certainly need to be purchased).

    20 hours can build a small family tree, and perhaps create a CD or website containing the results. Certificates will almost certainly need to be purchased.

    30 hours can build a small family tree and put some detail other than basic birth, death and marriage dates on some of the ancestors involved.

Postage and photocopies are extra and can’t be determined until research is completed but may be deducted from the total if requested.


PleaseĀ ask us for more information.

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