George Evans1

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Muster 1825*1828 Portland Head, NSW;
George Evans, 25, Born Colony, Protestant,,, Farmer
Ruth Evans, 33, Born Colony, Protestant
Margaret Evans, 14, Born Colony, Protestant
Richard Evans, 5m, Born Colony, Protestant
Elizabeth Evans, 57, Free by Servitude, Protestant, "Marquis Cornwallis", 1796
David McIntosh, 8, Born Colony, Protestant
William Waring, 25, Born Colony, Protestant,, Labourer;Wife=Ruth Hayman2 
Birth of Son24 May 1830 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Edward Evans1 
Birth of Son14 May 1833 Windsor, NSW;Principal=George Evans1 


Ruth Yardley b. 1795, d. 26 Jun 1884


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