Births, Marriages and Deaths

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Church records

In Fiji, as in other countries, baptisms, marriages and burials were recorded by the various churches. The first missionaries, of the Wesleyan Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches, were concerned with the conversion of souls and kept good records of baptisms and marriages.

Early Wesleyan Methodist registers have been lodged with the National Archives of Fiji, and bound copies are available for inspection at their reading room in Suva.

Roman Catholic registers are mostly held by the local parishes.

Civil registration

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths began with the British Government in 1874, although not all of these events were registered in the early years of the British Government. They were separated into Fijian, Indian and General registers. Eventually the Indian registrations were included in the General registers.

Indexes and registrations to the 1980s are available on LDS microfilm from the Family History Library.

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  1. Maureen says

    I am looking for a birth that may have occured in Fiji. The name Florence Beatrice Farrelly born around 1871. I hope you can help. Her parents were James and Catherine Farrelly.

    Thank You


  2. Cheryl Atkins says

    Hi I have just found a family member who was born in Fiji .
    I would like to apply for a copy of her birth certificate. Catherine is my third great granny.
    Catherines details : born 1814 in Rotumo Friendly Islands Fiji. Catherine died 9/3/1894 in Quirindi
    NSW Australia.
    As part of my family I would like to include as much info about Catherine as I can. I am so very proud to have a family member from Fiji. I have had wonderful times in your country.
    Please inform me of any costs applicable if it is possible to get a copy.
    Best Regards Cheryl

  3. Sashi Raju says

    Hi, I am doing up the grave of my father. His name is Subarmani year of birth 1940 and deceased date 16061979. I needed his birth date and month . His name could be spelt Subramani .

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