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If you want a guarantee, get a toaster

I don’t know if Clint Eastwood ever actually said this. When I saw it I thought “that’s right!”. There are no guarantees in genealogy. Or in life!

I am often asked “if I do ______ will it give me the information I need?” and the answer is always “I don’t know”. It might, or it might not. There are no guarantees in genealogy.

The toaster will come with a guarantee for a specified period. A subscription to Ancestry or FindMyPast or any other paid website will not. Nor will membership in a family history society. Nor a book you are tempted to buy. Nor a CD.

The record with the information you are looking for may be in there, or it may not. It may exist, or not. It may exist but not in the form/place/date you expect.

Even if it’s not there, that is information you can use as well. Think about the possible reasons that it would not be there.

The only guarantee I can give you is that if you don’t try anything new you won’t find anything new.

State Records NSW Updates

If you are not a subscriber to the newsletter of State Records NSW then you should be! 

News of new online indexes, changes to indexes, and how to use the website in general is being issued on a continuous basis, and the changes they are making may mean finding your ancestor after many years of being unable to find him/her.

A recent example is the merging of the immigration indexes. Previously the assisted immigration indexes for NSW were divided into three separate indexes, with additional indexes for other geographical areas that were part NSW at the time. If, in your enthusiasm, you missed searching one of the indexes you may miss your ancestor altogether.

Now, all these indexes have been combined into one, although you can search the old indexes individually if you wish. If he’s there you can’t NOT find him! (unless your spelling is too specific).

You can have these newsletter sent to you here.

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And you can see the most recent newsletter here.

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