Lectures and Workshops

Carole speaks regularly at family history societies and local libraries on a range of topics.

Lectures and workshops given over the last few years:

  • Land
    • NSW Lands Department research (SAG, RAHS)
    • Land Research for Family Historians (SAG, UTP, NSW FFHO)
    • Introduction to Australian Land Records (SAG, QFHS)
    • NSW Lands Department hands-on workshop (SAG)
    • 6 sources of information about land and property (Auckland Library)
  • Social media
    • Social Media for Family Historians (SAG, UTP, NSW FFHO)
    • Facebook – Social Networking for family historians (SAG)
    • Blogs for Family Historians (SAG)
    • Getting started on Facebook hands-on workshop (SAG)
  • Technology
    • Technology for Genealogists (SAG)
    • Using Apps (SAG)
    • Getting the best from Google (NZFHF, SAG)
    • Google – more than just search (SAG)
    • The Master Genealogist (SAG)
  • Other research topics
    • Australian Government and Police Gazettes (UTP)
    • Finding where your Irish ancestor came from in Australian records (SAG)
    • How to find your way around FindMyPast (RAHS)


NSW AFFHO = NSW Association of Family History Organisations Annual Conference

NZFHF = New Zealand Family History Fair

QFHS = Queensland Family History Society

RAHS = Royal Australian Historical Society

SAG = Society of Australian Genealogists

UTP = Unlock The Past

Carole at the SAG 'Lost In' 2010

The Society of Australian Genealogists’ ‘Lost In’ at the State Library of NSW, November 2010