Maureen Agnes Sheens1

F, #16, b. 7 July 1927, d. 19 April 2013
Maureen Agnes Ruddle nee Sheens 1927-2013
FatherGeorge Sheens2 b. 13 Feb 1903, d. 28 Apr 1968
MotherMary Agnes Connors2 b. 23 Aug 1906, d. 13 Dec 1984
RelationshipAunt of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited9 Aug 2016
Birth*7 July 1927 Penrith, NSW1 
Baptism12 July 1927 St Nicholas of Myra, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Moreen Agnes Sheens
Born: 7 July 1927
Parents: George Sheens & Mary Agnes Connors
Place of residence: Penrith
Baptised: 12 July 1927
Minister: Thomas Ryan, Roman Catholic
Name of Godparent: Eva Connors
Remarks: Godparent Catholic;Godparent=Eva May Connors1 
Photo*circa 1933 St Joseph's Convent School, Cnr Evan and High Streets, Penrith, NSW;
Terry Sheens, age 5, front row second from left, and Maureen Sheens, age 6, next row second from left
Photocirca 1934 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens family, from left, Kathleen, Terry (obscured), Maureen, George and Mary
Article21 December 1939 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Juvenile Ball
A plain and fancy dress juvenile ball was held in St. Joseph's School Hall, Penrith, on Wednesday evenng [sic], 13th inst., and was very successful.
The children presented a delightful picture in their appealing costumes, and to the good music of Barrett's orchestra spent a very enjoyable evening.
A picturesque adjunct of the ball was a "Fairy Wedding," in which the characters were:-Bride. Patty Hackett; bridegroom, Bobby Saunders; bridesmaids, Monica Saunders and Doreen Spencer; train-bearer, Joan Saunders: herald, Peter Cummins. The pupils formed a guard of honour.
Prize-winners for the evening were: Deportment, Muriel Crowe and Maureen Sheens; best dancers, girls, Rita Freebody and Patricia Webb; boys, John Costello and Maurice Reddan; Specials, Harvey Burdett, Don Moffitt, Rita Davis, Valerie Archer, and Pat Glasscock.4 
Article*13 March 1941 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Maureen Sheens, daughter of Mr and Mrs G. Sheens, of Union Road, Penrith, suffered a knee injury when attempting to mount a push bike on Monday. She was conveyed to Nepean District Hospital by Nepean Ambulance for X-ray, and has now returned home.5 
Photo 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors3
Maureen Sheens (2nd from left) and Mary Agnes Sheens (middle) in the backyard of 15 Union Road, Penrith
Photo 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Article27 January 1949 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Employees of a city firm who invest from time to time in the State Lottery take turns at deciding a title for their syndicate. For Lottery 1784, drawn last Thursday, it was the turn of Miss Maureen Sheens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sheens, of Union Road, Penrith, to "give it a name", and she called it "One Long Holiday" Syndicate.
It was quite a happy selection, for the syndicate of eight won the first prize (£6000).
Another member was Mrs. G. Holland, of Double Bay, (nee Mary Keeffe), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keeffe, of Derby Street, Penrith.
Miss Maureen Sheens is a popular usherette at Nepean Theatre. This was not her only substantial Lottery win; previously she was part winner of £100.
Nepean Theatre, Penrith
Nepean Theatre interior
Article6 April 1950 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith Girl in England
Miss Maureen Sheens, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sheens, of Union Road, Penrith, left on a holiday trip to England several months ago, after sharing first prize in a lottery with seven other girl friends, all being employees of a city firm.
Writing home on March 12, Maureen gives an account of the pageantry at the opening of the British Parliament. She states:
"The colour and pageant of it all was wonderful and to make it worth while was a lovely fine day.
"The Life Guards, the Welsh Guards, all kinds of soldiers in busbies and cockades were there, and the magnificent horses were a sight to watch.
"We saw the King and Queen and Princess Elizabeth for the first time in the flesh. The King and Queen rode in a golden coach, and Princess Elizabeth, with her lady-in-wating, in a car. The Queen and Princess Elizabeth wore tiaras of diamonds. There was a special coach for the crown.
"We also saw Dukes and Duchesses in furs and diamonds and splendid uniforms with thousands of ribbons-also the young aristocratic pages.
"Last Sunday we went to Epping Forest, about an hour and a half by underground out of London. We walked round the town, which is very old, and then to the woods, which are very dense. The trees were all dead and not particularly interesting, but we enjoyed ourselves playing hide and seek and jumping creeks, etc. The day was very warm, and it was good to get away from the smoke and grime of London for a while.7 
Residence*1951 30 Kensington Park Gardens, London, England;
Ruddle, Ronald W
Sheen, Maureen

;Principal=Ronald Waverley Ruddle8
30 Kensington Gardens
Tim Sheens outside 30 Kensington Gardens
Article*1 February 1951 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
RUDDLE-SHEENS.-The engagement has been announced of Miss Maureen Sheens, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Sheens, of 15 Union Road, Penrith; and Mr. Ronald Waverly Ruddle, M.A., A.I.M., only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Ruddle, of Cheltenham, England. The wedding will take place shortly in England.;Principal=Ronald Waverley Ruddle9 
Married Name31 March 1951 Ruddle10 
Marriage*31 March 1951 Kensington Register Office, London, England;
Groom: Ronald Waverley Ruddle
Condition: formerly the husband of Barbara Wyatt Ruddle formerly Patterson (spinster) from whom he obtained a divorce
Rank or Profession: Research Scientist
Age: 31
Residence at the time of Marriage: 30 Kensington Park Gardens W11
Father: Simeon Skeate Ruddle
Rank or Profession of Father: Retired Solicitor

Bride: Maureen Agnes Sheens
Condition: Spinster
Rank or Profession:
Age: 23
Residence at the time of Marriage: 30 Kensington Park Gardens W11
Father: George Sheens
Rank or Profession of Father: Company Director

Date of Marriage: 31 March 1957
Place of Marriage: Kensington Register Office
Witnesses: Betty Eder, R G Turner

;Groom=Ronald Waverley Ruddle10
Wedding celebration Ronald Waverley Ruddle & Maureen Agnes Sheens
Article31 May 1951 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
THERE is probably no better trip for a honeymoon than that taken by Maureen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sheens, of Penrith, and her husband, when, after their wedding in London on March 31, and wedding breakfast in London's West End, they toured, via Dunkirk and France, Swiss and Italian lake districts, doing some superb sight-seeing. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruddle, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. The newly-married couple have taken up residence in London.;Principal=Ronald Waverley Ruddle11 
Photocirca 1952 England;
Maureen Ruddle nee Sheens
Birth of Daughter15 June 1952 Pancras, London, England;Principal=Susan Amanda Ruddle12,13 
Birth of Son1954 Croydon, Surrey, England;Principal=Simon G Ruddle14 
Birth of Son1954 Croydon, Surrey, England;Principal=Adrian J Ruddle15 
Article*1 April 1954 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
MRS. G. SHEENS, of Penrith, sails on the Arcadia on Saturday for England, to visit her daughter, Maureen (Mrs. R. W. Ruddle), who lives in Surrey. She will see Old England at the best time of the year.;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Article25 October 1956 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
MRS. RUDDLE (formerly known to many people of Penrith as Maureen Sheens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Sheens, of this town) is now living in Ohio, U.S.A., with her husband, a Master of Arts of Cambridge University. They had been living for some time in Surrey, England, but now Mr. Ruddle has taken up an expert and responsible position in Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Ruddle have a daughter and twin sons.17 
PhotoMarch 1958 USA;
Ruddle kids
Article8 May 1958 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith Girl Comes from U.S.A. to See Her People
Many people say you can be born under a lucky star, and it sticks to you on occasion in a big way. George Sheens, once a year,- meets with others of his lucky star ilk, and they commune. Whether that's luck or not remains to be seen. This was reported in "Nepean Times" last February.
But one lucky day some years ago, Mr. and Mrs. George Sheens became the parents of Maureen —it was indeed a lovely day for them.
Time went on and Maureen went to work in Sydney. Whether they looked up the Zodiac or not is not known just at the moment, but four girls won the State lottery; Maureen and three others.
The story from then on goes: Three of the girls involved in the win decided to have a trip to Europe. Away they went in 1949, one came back, leaving two over there who got married. Maureen married a young English scientist.
They lived in London, and life in this new land for Maureen, now Mrs. Ruddle, was strange and beautiful. She missed her so many circumstances which crowded in on her that gave her little time to fret.
She saw the Midlands, further north—in fact, being used to spaces out here, a couple of hundred miles wasn't much there. Later, those miles, strangely, seem to be much longer. Australians notice that. Maybe it's because there is so much to every mile of the British Isles.
As time went on Maureen became the mother of a daughter, and then their cup of happiness was filled. In a few years the family was increased by twin boys.
In 1957 promotion brought her husband to the point where he was assigned to Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
Now began a surfeit of preparations to leave, and when the family became established in their new home, life reached its zenith. Busy? In America you've never much time for yourself. Maureen found that.
A few days ago she told a little of her life there. She had that American way of speaking which only an Australian acquires. No, it's not the hard mid-west drawl, it has the music which is so attractive to the unprejudiced American, and which emphasises the speaker as being distinctive.
The attractive English girl is cool, serene, poised, is considered in her habit. Her American equivalent is amazing in her beauty, a charm all of her own.
Today, Maureen has that in her personality which came to her in England—her ability to listen to someone else speaking; a polite and reasoned answer; an obvious straightforwardness. In America she allowed that vivacity, which is part of her, to come to the fore.
Result: A wonderful person.
Maureen came to Australia to see her mother and father. It was a flying trip. She has returned. She has left behind her something of her personality which impresses her old friends and leaves the new ones with a pleasure for having met her.
On Lake Erie
When she returns Mrs. Ruddle and her husband and family will go to live at Cleveland, Ohio. Right there is part of the beautiful Lake Erie, on the western side of Lake Erie is Ontaria [sic], Canada—Port Stanley, in fact, where Louis Armstrong often goes to blow his trumpet.18 
Death of Father28 April 1968 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith, NSW;
Name: George Sheens
Date of death: 28th April 1968
Place of Death: 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith
Occupation: New and Used Car Dealer
Sex: Male
Age: 65
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Railway Employee
Mother: Emily Mann

Place of Marriage: Penrith NSW
Age at Marriage: 23
Name of Spouse: Mary Agnes Connors
Children of Marriage: Maureen 39, Terrence G deceased, Kathleen A 37
Informant: E Liston, son-in-law, 149 Jamison Road, Penrith

Cause of Death: a) Coronary Occlusion, b) Arteriosclerosis, c) Chronic Bronchitis
Length of Illness: a) hours, b) years
Certified by: M. Renshaw

Date of Burial: 2nd May 1968
Place of Burial: General Cemetery at Penrith
Minister & Religion: J Grady, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: R J R A'Rundell, M Boots
;Principal=George Sheens19 
Death of Mother13 December 1984 Intersection of Rooty Hill Road North & Richmond Road, Plumpton, NSW;
Name: Mary Agnes Sheens
Date of death: 13th December, 1984
Place of Death: Intersection of Rooty Hill Road North & Richmond Road, Plumpton
Usual Residence: 149 Jamison Road, Penrith
Sex: Female
Age: 79
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Harden NSW
Father: Robert Connors
Mother: Bridget Ann Shea

Place of Marriage: Penrith NSW
Name of Spouse: George Sheens
Age at Marriage: 21
Children of Marriage: Maureen 57, Terry deceased, Kathleen 54
Informant: T Sheens, grandson. 76 Green dale road, Wallacia

Cause of Death: Cerebral haemorrhage, Fractured spine, Multiple injuries. Inquest dispensed with at Westmead

Date of Burial: 17th December 1984
Place of Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Eastern Creek
;Principal=Mary Agnes Sheens20 
Death of Spouse17 February 1988 Fairview General Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA;
Name: Ronald W Ruddle
Birth Date: 1920
Gender: Male
Race: White
Residence Place: Rocky River, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
Death Date: 17 Feb 1988
Hospital of Death: Fairview General Hospital
Death Place: Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
Certificate: 008071
Age at Death: 68
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: Yes, used for certification
Social Security Number: 280-36-7132
Marital Status: Married
Industry of Decedant: Primary aluminium industries
Occupation of Decedent: Metallurgical and material engineers

;Principal=Ronald Waverley Ruddle21,22
Death of Daughter11 November 2006 Swansboro, North Carolina, USA;
SWANSBORO — Susan Amanda Voutsinas, 54, died Nov. 11, 2006, at her home.
There will be a private celebration of life.
She was preceded in death by her father, Ronald W. Ruddle.
Surviving are her son, Alex Voutsinas; her daughter, Jenna Voutsinas; Mike Voutsinas; her mother, Maureen Ruddle; and two brothers, Simon and Adrian Ruddle.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Community Home Care and Hospice, 4119 E. Arendell St., Morehead City, NC 28557.;Principal=Susan Amanda Ruddle23 
Photo USA;
Adrian & Maureen Ruddle
Photo2009 White River, Swanboro, North Carolina, USA;
Maureen Ruddle at Mike's "fish camp, White River, Swansboro, North Carolina
PhotoChristmas 2010 USA;
Adrian, Maureen & Simon Ruddle
Death*19 April 2013 Swansboro, North Carolina, USA;
Maureen Ruddle, 85, of Swansboro, passed away Wednesday, April 17, 2013, at her home.
The family will celebrate her life privately.
She is survived by her two sons, Simon Ruddle of Prospect, Ky., and Adrian Ruddle of Spring Valley, Ohio; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
She is preceded in death by her husband, Ronald W. Ruddle; and her daughter, Susan Voutsinas.24 


Ronald Waverley Ruddle b. 25 Aug 1919, d. 17 Feb 1988


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