George Allen Sheens1

M, #27, b. 18 July 1835, d. 30 November 1895
FatherSamuel Sheens1 b. 4 Jun 1809, d. 7 Mar 1847
MotherJemima Lingard1 b. 24 May 1812, d. 1 Dec 1892
Relationship3rd great-uncle of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited15 Mar 2015
Baptism*18 July 1835 St James, Louth, Lincolnshire, England;
Allen George son of Samuel & Jemima Sheens, Louth, Ship Carpenter2 
(Son) Census 18416 June 1841 Eastgate, Louth, Lincolnshire, England;Samuel Sheens, 28, Shipwright, Born in county
Jemima Sheens, 28,, Born in county
George Sheens, 6,, Born in county
Elizabeth Sheens, 3,, Born in county;Head of Household=Samuel Sheens, Wife=Jemima Sheens3 
Death of Father7 March 1847 Louth, Lincolnshire, England;
Name: Samuel Sheens
When and where died: Seventh of March 1847 at Louth
Sex: Male
Age: 35 years
Cause of death: Consumption
Informant: John Norton present at the death, Upgate, Louth;Principal=Samuel Sheens4 
(Son-in-law) Census 185130 March 1851 Keddington, Lincolnshire, England;James Beedall, HD, M, 34, Farm Lab, Worcester Chaddesley Corbett
Jemima Beedall, WI, M, 37,, Lincolnshire Utterby
George Sheens, SL,, 15, Farm Lab, Lincolnshire Louth
Betsy Sheens, DL,, 14, At home, Lincolnshire Louth
Charles Sheens, SL,, 8, Scholar, Lincolnshire Louth
Henry Sheens, SL,, 6, Scholar, Lincolnshire Louth
Hannah Beedall, DA,, 2,, Lincolnshire Louth;Head of Household=James Beedall, Wife=Jemima Beedall5 
Immigration*6 January 1853 Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Beedall James, 36, Farm Laborer, Native place Swinfort Worcester, Parents Thomas & Hannah (both dead), Religion CofE, Both reads & writes, Relatives in the Colony None, Paid £7 for self & family
Beedall Jemima. 40, Native place Utterby Lincolnshire, Parents George & Elizabeth (both dead), Reads, Relatives in the Colony None
Sheens George (step-son), 17, Farm Laborer, Native place Louth Lincolnshire, Parents Samuel & Jemima (Father dead, Mother on board), Both reads & writes
Sheens Elizabeth (step-daughter), 15, Nursemaid, Native place Louth Lincolnshire, Parents Samuel & Jemima (Father dead, Mother on board), Reads
Sheens Charles (step-son), 11,, Native place Louth Lincolnshire, Parents Samuel & Jemima (Father dead, Mother on board), Reads
Sheens Henry (step-son), 7,, Native place Louth Lincolnshire, Parents Samuel & Jemima (Father dead, Mother on board), Reads
Beedall Hannah, 3,, Native place Louth Lincolnshire, Parents James & Jemima (on board), Neither reads or writes
Beedall Sarah, 1½,, Native place Keddington Louth Lincolnshire, Parents James & Jemima (on board), Neither reads or writes6
"Beejapore" 1853
(Witness) Article12 January 1853 "The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser", NSW;
The Beejapore has made the passage from Liverpool in 85 days – the shortest run on record – bringing 911 immigrants. Unfortunately 56 deaths have occurred from measles and fever, and one death took place only three days ago, there are between 30 and 40 cases of sickness now on board. – Herald, Jan. 7. – The Beejapore, Captain McLay whose arrival we reported yesterday, embarked 967 Government emigrants at Liverpool, of whom 342 were children. Of the adults, about one half are from the Isle of Skye, and about 200 are Paisley weavers. Fifty-six deaths occurred on the passage, of which 55 were children, principally from scarlet fever and measles, the other death was that of an adult from apoplexy. Eighty was the number of cases of measles which occurred on board, and 20 of scarlet fever. At the present time there are only 13 patients under the doctor’s hands, all children suffering from measles, but most of these are in an improving state. The fever first emanated from the depot at Plymouth, in which, unfortunately, the emigrants resided previous to their embarkation. It is supposed that the ship will be released from quarantine about the end of next week – Herald, Jan. 8.;Principal=James Beedall, Principal=Jemima Beedall7 
Death of Mother1 December 1892 Pitt Town, NSW;
Name: Jemima Bedall
Date of Death: 1 Dec 1892
Place of Death: Pitt Town, Windsor NSW
Occupation: Widow
Sex: Female
Age: 85
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lincolnshire England
Time in Aust Colonies: 40 years in NSW

Father: Thomas Lingum
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Mary (maiden surname unknown)

Place of Marriage 1: Lincolnshire England
Age at Marriage 1: 21
Name of Spouse 1: Samuel Sheens
Children of Marriage 1: 3 males, 1 female living; 1 male deceased
Place of Marriage 2: Lincolnshire England
Age at Marriage 2: 38
Name of Spouse 2: James Bedall
Children of Marriage 2: 3 females living; 1 male deceased
Informant: (Signed) C Sheens, Macquarie Street Windsor, son of the deceased

Cause of Death: Chronic ulcer of the leg, senile debility
Length of Illness: 12 days
Medical Attendant: Dr C J Callaghan
Date last seen: 25 Nov 1892

Date of Burial: 3 Dec 1892
Place of Burial: Windsor
Minister & Religion: Rev Gerard D’Arcy Irvine, Church of England
Undertaker: John G Primrose (altered from Thomas Primrose)
Witnesses: Francis Simon, Thomas Thompson;Principal=Jemima Beedall8 
Death*30 November 1895 George St Asylum, Parramatta, NSW;
Name: George Allen Sheens
Date of Death: 30 Nov 1895
Place of Death: George Street Asylum, Parramatta NSW
Occupation: Miner
Sex: Male
Age: 60
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Louth, Lincolnshire England
Time in Aust Colonies: 43 years in NSW

Father: Samuel Sheens
Occupation: Carpenter
Mother: Jemima Lingard

Place of Marriage: Single
Age at Marriage:
Name of Spouse:
Children of Marriage:
Informant: I Waugh, Medical Superintendent, Parramatta

Cause of Death: 1. Phthisis 2. Exhaustion
Length of Illness: 1. Indefinite
Medical Attendant: I Waugh
Date last seen: 29 Nov 1895

Date of Burial: 2 Dec 1895
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: W H Saunders, Church of England
Undertaker: E A Sparks
Witnesses: W M Brooks, F Richards9 


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