George Sheens1

M, #14, b. 13 February 1903, d. 28 April 1968
George Sheens 1903-1968
FatherGeorge Sheens1 b. 15 Sep 1871, d. 1 Jan 1948
MotherEmily Mann1 b. 25 Jan 1870, d. 27 Jan 1947
RelationshipGrandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Note* George Sheens was a popular and respected member of the Penrith community. George was an accomplished rugby league player and represented Western Districts in the President’s Cup in 1922 and 1923. He played for, and captained, Penrith until 1932, before coaching both the Penrith and Emu Plains rugby league teams. In 1940 George came out of retirement to captain a team of ex-players in a charity game to raise money for the Patriotic Fund. George had a love of boxing and in 1936 opened a gymnasium in Penrith and would train many prominent boxers. He was president of the Penrith RSL Golf Club from 1957 to 1962.
George gained a taxi licence in 1947 and established Sheens Motors to sell new and used cars with his son Terry.
The whimsical side of George is shown by the creation, with two friends, of the Aquarius Club in 1935 for people born under the sign of Aquarius. The club was established in 1935 as an excuse for fellow Aquarians to get together and celebrate their birthdays. By 1958 the club had 35 members and, after an incident with a leaking roof at the Penrith RSL, members would all turn up in raincoats and carry umbrellas. 
Birth*13 February 1903 Penrith, NSW;
Name: George Sheens
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: 13 Feb 1903
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW

Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Woolwasher
Birthplace: Castlereagh NSW
Age: 29

Date of Marriage: 2 Jun 1902 (notation adjacent reads “correct”)
Place of Marriage: Castlereagh NSW

Mother: Emily Mann
Birthplace: London England
Age: 31

Previous Issue:

Informant: Emily Sheens, mother, Penrith
Present at Birth: Mrs Jones
Registered: 9 Mar 1903 – Penrith2 
Baptism9 March 1903 St Stephens, Penrith, NSW;
son of George & Emily Sheens, Union Lane Penrith, Wool Washer
Minister Henry S Holliday, CofE3 
Photo Penrith, NSW;
George Sheens about 3 years old
Photo* 4
George and Emily Sheens with son George
Photo Timber Mill, Penrith Area 19, NSW;
George Sheens as a boy
George Sheens is the small boy in the picture
Article12 February 1916 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
The following is the list of pupils of the Penrith Superior Public School who passed the recent Qualifying Certificate Examination held at Penrith:— Girls: Gwen Jones, Marjorie Mullis, Thelma Tipping, Connie Guthrie, Edith Chapman, Sadie Andrews, Naomi Breyley, Maud Clissold, Edna Dobson, Zillah Evans, Olive Field, Mary Hackett, Beryl Hunt, Helena Jones, Bessie Sadlier, Enid Stanton, Mabel Upton, Edna White, Myee Wrench, Poppy Williams, Rene Fulton, Dorothy Buckley, Florence Furbank; Boys: Russel Cambridge, Norman Hollter, Herbert Hough, Don Jordan, Oswald Hollier, Rom. Newman, Ernest Orth, Sidney Randall, George Sheens, Clarence Taylor, William Williams, Henry Pullen, Wm Sellen, Alex McSkimming, Albert Edwards. The above list is representative, we believe, of over 90 percent of passes on the number of candidates sent up, and on the highly satisfactory result, the teachers and pupils are to be congratulated.5 
Article30 October 1920 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Box On
There was an attendance of nearly 400 at the Drill Hall, Henry Street, on Monday evening, to witness the opening rounds of the Penrith Senior Cadet, boxing championships. The charge for admission was a silver coin, and in this way £3/17/ was raised towards defraying the expenses of the tournament (prizes, gloves, etc.).
Two Heavyweights.
The last contest of the evening was fought by Corporal Turner (11 stone 3 lbs.) and G. Sheens (11 stone 4 lbs.). The former was as solid as a porpoise, while the latter had the advantage in height and reach. They went at it hammer and tongs, Turner doing his best to counteract his deficiency in height and reach by extra a[g]gressive "in fighting." Sheens was getting in occasional straight lefts, and in the first couple of rounds had rather the better of things. In the final round, however, Turner was going strong, and at one stage he gave Sheens a lively time in a corner. The contest was adjudged a draw, and it was decided to fight another round. Then Sheens was declared the winner.
Photo1922 Penrith Waratahs Football Club, Penrith, NSW;
Back Row: A. Edwards, L. Masters, G. Sheens, G. Bourke, C. Thorndyke
Middle Row: F. Payne, T. Glasscock, W. Smith (Vice-President), F. Knight (Captain), T. Masters (President), E. Bailey, D. Jordan
Front Row: A. Masters, F. Griffiths, T. Moore
Penrith Waratahs Football Club 1922
Article9 June 1922 "The Arrow", NSW;
Balmain had a narrow win over Western Districts by two points. It was an even game right through, Balmain snatching victory just on time.7
The Rugby League News, June 5, 1922
Western Districts (Navy Blue)
Full Back: Masters (13). Three-Quarters: Thorndyke (9), Sargent (10), Everingham (11), McQueen (12). Halves: Matterson (7), Schofields (8). Forwards: Goodman (1), Keegan (2), Bailey (3), Peters (4), Dawes (5), Sheen (6). Reserves: Burke (14), Egan (15), Paul (-), Jacobsen (-), Hunt (-), Gapes (16), Quinlan (17), Dalton (-).
Balmain (Black and Gold)
Full Back: W. Coonan (13). Three-Quarters: A. James (9), J. McGuinness (10), P. Hickey (11), J. Cairns (12). Halves: V. Hayden (7), W. Watling (8). Forwards: J. Hackett (1), A. Tennant (2), M. Boyd (3), F. Griffiths (4), S. Wiggins (5), F. East (6). Reserves: S. McDermott (14), W. Rocavert (15), W. Reid (16), H. Moore (17), E. Collings (18).
Article17 June 1922 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Penrith A met Wentworthville last Saturday on the latter's ground. From the kick-off play remained in Wentworthville's half. The Blues were awarded a number of free kicks near Wentworthville's goal, but they could not put the ball over the bar. After some even play at half-way, Thorndike secured from a kick and went hard for the line, but was brought down near the twenty-flve. The ball was toed over the line. Two of Wentworthville's men ran to force, but the bounce beat them, and Bailey following on scored. Knight converted. Penrith, 5 to nil. Wentworthville took play back to Penrith's line, but a free kick relieved the Blues. From a scramble in Wentworthville's half Sheens broke away with the ball at toe, and picking up scored an unconverted try. At half-time Penrith led by 8 to nil. After the spell Wentworthville attacked, and were nearly over. Hard tackling by Masters kept them out. From a scrum in the Blue's twenty-five the Wentworthville backs secured, and after the ball had been passed along the three-quarter line the centre secured and fell over the line, with two Penrith men hanging to him. The kick at goal failed. Penrith were fighting hard to keep Wentworthville from scoring. From a scrum at halfway Sheens intercepted a pass and ran to the full-back, kicked over his head, and followed on, but the ball rolled out of touch. Wentworthville brought play back to the Blues' half, but they lost all chances of winning by playing the man instead of the ball. There no further score, and Penrith ran out winners by 8 to 3.8 
Article25 November 1922 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith Football Club
Penrith Football Club, who were runners-up in the A Grade of the Western District competition last season, held a smoke-o in the Masonic Hall on Saturday, 11th inst. Songs were given by Messrs. G. Sheens, H. Uren, E. Joyce, and E. Birch, and Mr. L. Masters gave a violin solo. Mr A. Masters presided at the piano. A medal donated by Mr J. Reddan was presented to A. Masters for best back play; while another med al donated by Mr. J. Bellotti for the best forward play was awarded to G. Sheens. A medal donated by Messrs H Uren and Akers for the player scoring the most tries has yet to be awarded.
George Sheens' football medals
George Sheens' football medals (reverse)
Article21 April 1923 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Injured at Football.
George Sheens, while engaged in a practice match with Waratah footballers early in the week, sustained a severe injury to the knee.10 
Article9 June 1923 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
President' Cup Football.
Penrith was represented in the President's Cup football at Sydney Cricket Ground on Monday by C. Thorndike and G. Sheens, who played for Western districts against Eastern Suburbs. The match was a 3 all draw, Thorndike scoring a try for Wests.
[With the game being a draw, the match was replayed at the Sydney Sorts ground on Saturday, June 23, 1923. Eastern Suburbs won 16 to 3.]11
The Rugby League News, June 4, 1923
Eastern Suburbs (Red, White and Blue)
Full Back: J. Quealey (13). Three-Quarters: A. Farmillo (12), J. Lynch (11), S. Dickman (10), G. Farthing (9). Halves: J. Duncan (8), J. Peoples (7). Forwards: J. Rosenfeld (3), A. Denham (2), R. Brown (1), R. Simmons (4), R. Sully (5), J. Clarke (6). Reserves: J. McGee (14), G. Broughton (16), E. Reeves (17), A. Newcombe (15).
Western Districts (Black and White)
Full Back: E. Keys (13). Three-Quarters: J. Greaves (12), W. Pugh (11), L. Paul (11), W. Thorndyke (9). Halves: C. Walters (Capt.) (7), E. Devine (8). Forwards: J. Argent (6), A. Keegan (5), E. Cutcliffe (4), J. Newman (2), F. Matterson (3), G. Sheen (1). Reserves: E. Smith (16), H. Pillon (17), W. Twaite (14), W. Doolan (15).
Marriage*18 December 1926 St Nicholas, Penrith, NSW;
Groom: George Sheens
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Occupation: Motor Driver
Age: 23
Usual Residence: Penrith NSW
Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Fuelman
Mother: Emily Mann

Bride: Mary Agnes Connors
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Cootamundra NSW
Occupation: Domestic Duties
Age: 21
Usual Residence: Penrith NSW Father: Robert Connors
Occupation: Gate Keeper
Mother: Bridget Shea

Date of Marriage: 18 December 1926
Place of Marriage: St Nicholas Church Penrith
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: William Elkington, Eva Connors
Minister: Thos Grealy;Bride=Mary Agnes Connors12 
Birth of Daughter7 July 1927 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Maureen Agnes Sheens13 
Photo Nepean River, Penrith, NSW, Australia;
George Sheens at back of boat
Article28 January 1928 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Dangerous Cricket
Play in the match between Penrith 1. and Penrith 11. on the Showground on Saturday was not as gently as kiss-in-the ring. Several of the players have the scars of battle on them, and have had to use ointment, beef steak, and other remedies for certain casualties. Among the heroes who nearly died fighting for their side were:— ''Boxer'' Colless, abrasions to the bridge of the nose; Bill Elkington, damaged finger; Roger Pearson, a "beauty" over the eye; Arthur Edwards and C. Mitchell, damaged fingers; King Dobson, blow over the heart; G. Sheens, other soreness. All the patients are doing well.14 
Birth of Son26 October 1928 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Terrence George Sheens13 
Article2 March 1929 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Playing for Penrith against Llandilo, G. Sheens took eight wickets for 24. Penrith seem to be in a safe position.15 
Photo1930 Penrith Waratahs Football Club, Penrith, NSW;
George Sheens holding football
Penrith Waratahs Football Club c1930
Residence1930 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, junior, Union road, Penrith, farmer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, Union road, Penrith, home duties, F;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Birth of Daughter24 November 1930 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Kathleen Alice Sheens13 
Article14 May 1932 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
With 10 minutes of play to go, and the score at 8-all, Penrith had to unwind a sparkling burst of play to snatch a victory from Toongabbie, at Parramatta Oval on Saturday, in the third series of matches in the Western District competition.
The game was particularly fast and hard throughout, and at times bordering on the rough. Although Penrith's winning margin was very narrow, they were by far the better team, and were the attackers for the main part. Toongabbie, however, were brilliant in defence, and effected some very clever saves when things looked dangerous.
Penrith started off in a dashing and determined style, and, attacking strongly, brought the play to Toongabbie's 25. The ''Blues" drew first blood early in the piece, when Hewitt, getting the ball out of a scrum, kicked over the pack, followed round, and scored between the posts. Hewitt celebrated his early success by taking the kick at goal, and he made no mistake about it. Penrith 5, Toongabbie 0.
Penrith continued to set the pace on resuming. Toongabbie again being forced to defend in their own 25. The "Blues" were awarded a penalty for an infringement, but Hewitt lost a certain two points by missing a very simple kick at goal.
Toongabbie were now getting into their stride, and gradually worked the play into Penrith's 25, where they attacked strongly, and forced the "Blues" on the defence. Toongabbie secured from a scrum near the line, and the ball was flashed out to the centres, and finally to the wing man, who dashed for the corner, Tuckwell tackled, but failed to bring his man down, and was dragged over the line. The difficult attempt at goal failed, and Penrith still retained the lead by 5 to 3, these scores being unaltered at half time.
On resuming, Toongabbie continued to press strongly, and maintained a terrific pace for about ten minutes, Penrith being hard put to it to keep them out. With the play right on the "Blue's'' line, Smith endeavored to clear with a kick, but was charged down by Graham, who quickly gathered the ball and forced his way over to score under the posts. The kick at goal was successful, and for the first time in the game Toongabbie was in the lead. Toongabbie 8, Penrith 5.
The lead was only short-lived, however, for Penrith livened up considerably, and a smart bit of play ended in another try. Sheens collected the ball from a punt in his own 25, and ran well down field, passed to White, who sent it back to Irwin. The latter flashed it out to Sheens, who was in position again, but the pass was intercepted by Toongabbie. Sheens got his own back, however, by, in turn, intercepting a pass to the full-back, and dived over the line to score fairly wide out. Tuckwell failed to convert with a good attempt. Penrith 8, Toongabbie 8
With ten minutes to go and the score even, Penrith went all out to regain the lead, and gave their best display of football for the season. From a penalty Smith had a kick at goal from his own side of the half-way line. It was a grand attempt to add the winning points, but he just failed to land it. The full-back took the ball, but "Blues' " forwards, following on, caught him with it, and kept the play in Toongabbie's half.
Some loose play followed, with Penrith consistently getting the ball from a series of scrums and gradually forcing the defenders back to their own line. Penrith regained the lead when Hewitt, securing from a scrum, passed to Thompson, who cut in nicely, dummied two players, and passed across to Sheens. The latter drew his wing man in and flashed the ball out to Tuckwell, who crossed the line to finish off a really brilliant bit of combined work. Tuckwell failed to add the extras. Penrith 11, Toongabbie 8.
With a few minutes yet to go, Penrith never let up, and continued to press strongly. They again forced Toongabbie back to their own 25, and looked like scoring a certain try, when the final whistle went, with the play right on Toongabbie's line.
Penrith's forwards played a grand game and were really brilliant when on the attack. The back division, too, played excellent football, to a man, five-eight Sid Thompson being outstanding. Poddy Hewitt, who isalways in form, also played a big part for a litle [sic] man, and was the idol of the crowd.17 
Article25 June 1932 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Fans at the boxing on Friday last were surprised when Jim Hartigan announced he would not referee when Joe Keatos is wrestling here on 1st July. Jim evidently knows his man.
The "Sunday Sun" of Sunday last, 19th June, referred to the Joe Keatos-Henson match, at Newtown, on Saturday night, us follows:—"The referee, Bob Manson, lost his shirt and trousers in the dust-up. Fortunately, Manson had good strong under garments on.
If you desire to see a fine specimen of humanity and the finished and scientific wrestler, see Joe Keatos.
Mr Shaw, of Windsor, has challenged six Penrith lads, on behalf of six Windsor boxers, weights ranging from 8 tone [sic] to 11 stone 6lb. George Sheens has particulars.
Boxers are requested to see the management of the Nepean Theatre, Mr C. H. Fulton (Hospital secretary), or Mr Ferguson (Ambulance secretary), re a benefit for the Hospital and Ambulance. Boys, it is up to you. These institutions need your help!
Jack Jones, the Welsh boxer, now residing at Emu Plains, and Penrith's popular footballer, George Sheens, have opened a gymnasium in Nepean Theatre, Penrith. Jones is one of the finest boxers ever imported to Australia. He holds decisions over De Leon, Ausel, Bell, Stan Craig, Reub Brown, Phil Sullivan, and Bert Malcolm, and has fought Billy Grime to a points decision three times. This is a chance for the locals, including business men. By arrangement, electric massage can be given as well as manual. Jack Jones is a gentleman highly endorsed by leading sporting writers of the world, a married man, and a teetotaller.
How about, another burleque boxing night for the Hospital? One was successfully staged in Penrith some time ago, and was a great success. No doubt another such event would cause
even more fun than previously, if it could be arranged. Most of those who took part in the previous contests are still residents of the town, and no doubt would be willing to help.18 
Article3 December 1932 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Police Court
The following matters were dealt with by Mr Atkinson, P.M., at Penrith Police Court on Monday:—
To a charge of driving a motor omnibus on 7th November in High Street, Penrith, for which he did not have a license, George Sheens pleaded guilty. He did not appear personally, but was represented by Henry Connell, the owner of the 'bus, who pleaded guilty to a charge of allowing Sheens to drive.
The owner explained that the 'bus was only a seven-seater touring car that lately came under the control of the Transport Commission. The regular driver had taken ill a few days before this, and Sheens was driving one of witness's lorries. The lorry broke down and he, put Sheens on to the 'bus while it was being repaired. There were no facilities in Penrith for getting a 'bus drivers' license; the only thing was to get the papers in Sydney and have them forwarded. In the meantime witness got the papers and was having them filled in. Sheens had been driving a motor vehicle for some time and was one of the volunteer fire brigade. They were in no way trying to avoid the license, which was now being completed
A fine of 15/-, with 5/6 costs, was imposed against driver and owner each19 
Article23 June 1933 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Police Court
The following cases were dealt with by Mr Atkinson, P.M., at Penrith Police Court on Monday in addition to others reported elsewhere in this issue:
Wrong Number of 'Bus
To a charge of being the unlicensed driver of a motor omnibus George Sheens pleaded not guilty, and Harry Connell, owner of the 'bus, who was charged with permitting Sheens to drive, pleaded similarly.
Constable Musgrove stated that about 8.15 p.m. on 20th November he saw Sheens driving Council's 'bus in Station Street, Penrith. The following day he said to Sheens, "Why are you driving an omnibus again without a license?" Sheens replied, "It's pretty hard; I am out of work, and I am going to put in for one." Witness said, "You drove the omnibus on 7th November without a license; you had plenty of time between then and now to obtain a license." Defendant said that Mr Connell gave him permission to drive, his regular driver was off sick (added the constable). There were no passengers in the 'bus at the time. It was plying for hire between the railway and Mulgoa.
In replv to defendant Connell witness said that he was quite definite that the number of the 'bus was 629.
Defendant Sheens stated: On 21st November the constable pulled me up in High Street and said, "You have been driving that 'bus without a license." I said, "Yes." He said, "Well, I've reported the matter and you will hear more about it." That matter has been already dealt with, I pleaded guilty and I understood that was the end of it. On the night in question he took the car 927 to Silverdale and left there at 6.30. Connell drove the 'omnibus 722 from Wallacia to Penrith. Witness picked up passengers and they brought them in for the 8.30 train. Car 629 was not working that night. Witness drove the 'bus 722 from the station back to the garage after the train had gone. With 627 Connell picked up passengers for the train. 629 was a touring car.
To Sergeant Loomes defendant said that it was 722 that he drove in Station Street on 20th November.
Sergeant Loomes asked that he be allowed to amend the information with regard to the number of the 'bus.
The P.M.: Oh, no. The constable has already sworn that it was 629
His Worship pointed out to defendant that if he dismissed this charge they could be again charged for driving 722
Sergeant Loomes said he would certainly do that.
After hearing Connell's evidence the P. M. said that the constable had made a mistake as to the number of the car, and the case was dismissed.20 
Photocirca 1934 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens family, from left, Kathleen, Terry (obscured), Maureen, George and Mary
Article7 July 1934 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Insufficient Brakes
At Penrith Police Court on Wednesday, Frederick William Vizzard, transport officer, proceeded against George Sheens on a charge of driving a motor 'bus with insufficient brakes. Defendant was fined 2/6, court costs 8/. Harry Connell, the owner of this 'bus, pleaded not guilty, to a charge of not having sufficient brakes on his motor 'bus. He was fined 20/-, court costs 8/, witness's expenses 4/-.21 
Article25 May 1935 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Fire Brigades Board
Mr Smith said that the demonstration would be held at Katoomba in November next.
Captain McLennan said that the Penrith team chosen to make the trip was Messrs George Sheens, Jackson, Blake, Edwards, Nelan, and Price.22 
Article21 March 1936 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Gymnasium in Penrith
It is pleasing to know that a gymnasium is being opened in Penrith by Messrs G. Sheens and Cowell, this being located in the top portion of Brown's boot shop in High Street. On Thursday evening next, Mr Jim Hartigan is to give an address at the gymnasium on "Doings of Past and Present Day Boxers," and interesting gymnastic displays will be given. All are invited.23 
Article4 April 1936 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Boxing and Wrestling
About 100 persons were present last Thursday when Mr H. Phillips (President of the Chamber of Commerce) officially opened Cowell and Sheens' gymnasium. He praised the men responsible, for providing a long-felt want in Penrith, and in this he was ably supported by that fine sport Carl Waugh.
Jim Hartigan gave an address on the life of Les Darcy and incidents in his life at home and abroad. He also gave inside hints on happenings in the boxing world.24 
Residence1937 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, junior, Union road, Penrith, farmer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, Union road, Penrith, home duties, F;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Article17 June 1937 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Stadium Re-opening
Penrith Stadium will have a grand re-opening at Dungowan Theatre on Friday, 2nd July. The promoter, Mick Turner, is a well-known Sydney sportsman, and is running similar shows at Auburn, Blacktown, and other centres. Very attractive programmes of boxing and wrestling will be put on. A chance is offered to aspiring local boys, who are advised to get in touch with Mr George Sheens, Union Road, Penrith.
Definite announcement will be made later of engagements. 

Article16 September 1937 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Boxing and Wrestling
New Gymnasium
Under the able supervision of that popular local sportsman, Geo. Sheens, a new gymnasium was opened in Penrith this week, below Mr Rickwood's residence in High Street. It will be at the disposal of local boxers and intending boxers only. Judging by the physical appearance of several of the local stars in the ring of late a gymnasium has been a long-felt want. Entering the ring to fight when not in a fit condition physically to do so is not fair to themselves, the promoters, or the public, and it is to be hoped that all local aspiring champs will take advantage of this convenience. Inquiries should be made to George Sheens26
Syd Dickinson & George Sheens, Nepean River c1937
Article7 April 1938 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW, Australia;
The weekly meeting of Emu Plains Ruby [sic] League Football Club, held on Thursday evening, 31st ult., was largely attended as usual. Prospects for a successful season are very bright, and the boys are determined to replace Emu Plains to its former position amongst exponents of the code. A grand revival is assured, and the new club already has a following that promises to eclipse previous years.
The secretary, Mr S. Dickinson, in his report on the District Council meeting, stated that a great deal of dissension had occurred between the Western District Junior Rugby League and the major body.
The Chairman, Mr C. H. Clifton commenting on this report, urged that the club should offer support, and accept the decision of the District Council. This, on a motion, was unanimously carried.
Difficulties are being experienced in the allocation of playing positions, but the coach, Mr Geo. Sheens, is confident of drafting his charges to their suited places in the team.
Usual training will continue at Emu Park on Sunday mornings at 9.30 a.m., Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.30
A selection committee of five was appointed as follows:-Coach, captain (V. Hill), T. Clissold, E. Wiggins, and Aub Rees.
Article4 July 1940 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
(By "Spec")
Last Sunday, an enormous crowd witnessed a great game between Penrith "Blues" and George Sheens's "Zebras." The "Zebras" defeated the "Blues" by 16 to 12.
The weather for the match was perfect, which resulted in an enormous crowd turning out to see the game.
Proud faces were noticeable as the "Zebras" took the field. George was a happy man to fill once again the inside of a football jersey. Ten minutes of play made a pathetic figure of him. His frantic cries for "water" would have chilled anyone's heart.
Every man in his team played great football. For the "Zebras," P. Hinkley, J. Hamilton, G. Randall, and Mel Roberts scored tries, Cec Blatch raising the flags. For the ''Blues'' Gordon Roberts (2), G. Hayes, and P. Hall scored tries.
Scores of requests have been received for another match of this kind to be staged, and it has been decided to comply with the request. The club will stand all expenses, and the entire collection for the match will go to Patriotic Funds.28 
Enlisted*9 December 1941 Paddington, NSW;
Australian Military Forces
Attestation Form for Special Forces raised for service in Australia or Abroad
Army No.: NX73979
Name: Sheens, George
Unit: 1 Armd Trng Regmt Greta (11th Armd Cars)
Enlisted for service at Recruiting Depot, E.C. 9 Dec 1941
1. What is your name? Sheens, George
2. Where were you born? Penrith
3. Are you a natural born or a naturalized British Subject? NB
4. What is your age and date of birth? 38 years 9 months
5. What is your trade or occupation? Car Driver
6. Are you married, single or widower? Married
7. Give details of previous Military Service Nil
8. If now serving, give particulars
9. Who is your actual next of kin? Mary Agnes Sheens, 15 Union Rd, Penrith, wife
10. What is your permanent address? 15 Union Rd, Penrith
11. What is your religious denomination? R.C.
12. Have you ever been convicted by a civil court? No

Article25 June 1942 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Private Geo. Sheens (A.I.F.), of Union Road, Penrith, is home on leave. He is still suffering from the effects of a painful neck injury contracted when he was thrown from a lorry while on manoeuvres about a month ago. He was taken to hospital, when it was found that muscles and ligaments of the neck were severely strained and torn.30 
PhotoAugust 1942 Walgett/Collarenebri/Barwon River, NSW;
'A' Sqn 2/11 Australian Armoured Car Regiment mechanics Tom Murray, George Sheens and Noel Platt
Photo courtesy of Les Ball via Cate Clark
Photo AIF Christmas postcard;
To You Sweetheart
Also Maureen Terry and Kath
From Cpl G Sheens
A Sqn
2/11 ARM Car Req

Wishing You all the best and hoping You are all OK These cards are not much but all that are available Don't forget to have a leg of the fowl for me hoping to see you soon
Love G
AIF postcard - cover
AIF postcard - inside
Photo Australia;
George Sheens c1942
George Sheens 1942
Residence1943 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, junior, Union road, Penrith, farmer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, Union road, Penrith, home duties, F;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Discharged*27 July 1944 Sydney, NSW29 
Photo* Dungowan Hall, Station Street, Penrith, NSW;

;Principal=Mary Agnes Sheens4
George and Mary Sheens, winners of the dance competition mid 1940s
Article14 March 1946 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith Football Club
Annual Meeting
An excellent crowd of about sixty were present at the Penrith Football Club’s annual meeting held in the Railway Institute on 11th inst.
The President, Mr. W. Johnson, occupied the chair, and, in his report, said the club mourned the sad loss of Mr. Sid Woodland, the A Grade manager. His services to the club as a whole had been so great that his place would be very hard to fill.
Mr. Johnson also paid a tribute to the many people who gave their time during the last season for the betterment of the code and in the interests of the club. He made special reference to the hard work the secretary (Mr J. Reddan) had done.
The secretary read quite a lengthy report dealing with every aspect of the club during the 1945 season. He thanked the President, management committee, players, coaches, team managers, trainers, gate keepers, first aid attendants, the “Nepean Times”, doctors, Hospital, Nepean Ambulance, Show Society, auditors, referees, linesmen, and everyone who in any way assisted to make the year the record success that it had been.
The balance sheet showed a credit balance of about £50, while assets of nearly £190 were at the club’s disposal.
Membership for the season had been a record, there being no fewer than 142 financial members. Gate takings were a club record, while money spent on players for travelling expenses had only been introduced this season and had proved a costly success. Donations to the W.V.S. and Nepean District Hospital were £10/10/- each, and to the Senior Red Cross, Junior Red Cross, and Nepean Ambulance £5/5/- each.
Each of the four teams entered in the competitions during the year had met with a certain amount of success. The “A” No. 1 team won the minor premiership but were beaten in the grand final. The “C” team won the grand final. The “A” Grade No. 2 team and “D” team did not contest the semi-finals, but showed great sportsmanship in every match and trying hard.
During the season the blazers won by the 1943 A and D Grade players were presented to the boys.
The election of officials for 1946 resulted as follows: Patroness, Mr. I. Woodland; ptrons Messrs J. Roberts and E. R. Long; President, Mr. W. Johnson; vice-presidents, Mrs. M. Morrison, Messrs F. Miller, J. O’Sullivan, C. Woodland, K. Dobson, and R. Husbands; hon. Secretary, Mr. J. F. Reddan; hon. asst. secretary, Mr. J. Hogue; hon. treasurer, Mr. R. Balfour; publicity officer, Messrs. D. Batten and T. Sheens; management committee, Messrs. G. Sheens, W. Roberts, Robert Graham, H. Dengate, J. McDonald, W. Reddan, T. O’Connor, L. Balfour, R. Creek, R. Greenbank, M. Blair, T. Hughes, W. King, F. Reddan, and H. Kearney; hon. auditors, C. Mitchell and T. O’Connor; “A” Grade committee, Messrs. N. Rounds?, W. Harvey, and L. Fredericks Snr.; “B” Grade committee, Messrs. W. Johnson, G. Sheens and K. Dobson; “C” Grade committee, Messrs. W. King and H. Dengate; “D” Grade committee, Messrs. K. Dobson and G. Randall.
The Club would like anyone who can afford to give their time as hon. “strappers” to get in touch, please, with the secretary.
Membership fees for 1946 season are “A”, “B”, “C” Grades, 2’6; “D” Grade 1/-.
On Sunday, 17th inst., about 80 to 90 nominations were received for players in the Club’s four teams, so an excellent season of football is assured to the local fans.
On Sunday, 31st inst., trials against Granville Shamrocks will be held on Penrith Showground. There will be three matches, A. B., and C. Grades participating. First match will start at 1.30 p.m.
The committee is also asked to attend the Showground on Sunday morning, 24th inst., at 10 a.m., to put the field in order.
[George Sheens also coached the "B" Grade team in 1946];Principal=Terrence George Sheens31 
Death of Mother27 January 1947 Nepean District Hospital, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Emily Sheens
Date of Death: 27 Jan 1947
Place of Death: Nepean District Hospital, Penrith Municipality; late of 3 Union Lane, Penrith Municipality NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 79
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: London England
Time in Aust Colonies: About 63 years in NSW

Father: Robert Mann
Occupation: Hotel Keeper
Mother: Mary Ann Bunney

Place of Marriage: Sydney NSW
Age at Marriage: 35
Name of Spouse: George Sheens
Children of Marriage: George 43 living; none deceased
Informant: M A Sheens, daughter-in-law, 15 Union Street Penrith

Cause of Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Arterio Sclerosis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: K C Faulder
Date last seen: 27 Jan 1947

Date of Burial: 28 Jan 1947
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery at Penrith
Minister & Religion: Angus C Tipping, Church of England
Undertaker: Nelson Price, of the firm of J Price and Son
Witnesses: Thomas Ivery, A H Sheens;Principal=Emily Mann32 
Article24 April 1947 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Taxi ! Taxi !
HAS pleasure in announcing that he will be starting a TAXI SERVICE IN PENRITH THIS WEEK-END.
Owing to delay in procuring a telephone, those who desire to Hire a Taxi, may do so at the Allotted Taxi Stand next to Memory Park (Woodriff St.) or Penrith Railway Station.
Old and new clients will receive all attention at any hour of the day or night.
FARES: 1/- per Hiring, 9d per Mile.33 
Photocirca 1948 177 Park Road, Auburn, NSW;
Party - Aunty Alice 1948/9
Back: Alice Downes, Bill Keech, Billy Keech jnr, George Sheens, Mary Sheens, Doreen Maree Downes, Kath Sheens, Nell Smith
Front: Bill Elkington, Ern Downes, Terry Sheens, Doreen Downes' daughter, Ted Lister
Death of Father1 January 1948 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Name: George Sheens
Date of Death: 1 Jan 1948
Place of Death: 15 Union Road Penrith Municipality
Occupation: Retired Railway Fuelman
Sex: Male
Age: 77
Conjugal Status: Widower
Place of Birth: Castlereagh NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Henry Sheens
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Emma Byrnes

Place of Marriage: Sydney NSW
Age at Marriage: 31
Name of Spouse: Emily Mann
Children of Marriage: George 44 living; none deceased
Informant: George Sheens, son, 15 Union Road Penrith

Cause of Death: Broncho Pneumonia; Auricullar (sic)
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: K C Faulder
Date last seen: 31 Dec 1947

Date of Burial: 2 Jan 1948
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Penrith
Minister & Religion: A E Hodgson, Church of England
Undertaker: Nelson Price, of the firm of J Price and Son
Witnesses: K Price, K Harvey;Principal=George Sheens34 
Article16 December 1948 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
FOR SALE, 1937 Oldsmobile, good order, duco maroon, excellent tyres, etc. Apply G. Sheens, 15 Union Road, Penrith.
FOR SALE, Astor Car Wireless, only done about 30 hours work, all fittings, aerial, £32. G. Sheens, 15 Union Road, Penrith.35 
Residence1949 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, 15 Union road, labourer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, 15 Union road, home duties, F;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Photo1 March 1949 Motor Spirit Consumer's Licence, NSW;
front page
back page
Article12 June 1952 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Extra Taxi Plates Opposed
ANNOUNCEMENT having been made that two extra taxi plates are to be issued in this district, taxi and hire car owners asked Penrith Council for support in opposing the issue. The Council, by majority, decided on Tuesday evening to support the owners to the extent of asking the Department for investigation into the matter, the Council not wishing that more plates be issued.
Messrs G. Sheens, W. Smith, K. Harvey, J. Thomson, and E. Messer, taxi and hire-car owners of Penrith, wrote stating that they had read in the papers that two new taxi plates were to be issued in this district, against which they were protesting.
"The issue of these plates is vital to the solvency and efficiency of the taxi industry, and we maintain that the takings will not be sufficient to keep first-class cabs going with good tyres, brakes, etc," the letter continued. "No doubt there have been peak times when a few people have had to wait for a cab, but these times are not very often, and when it is not so there are plenty of cabs available; in fact, they are idle for long periods waiting for fares. We service this town with cabs every night up till the last train—at 1.5 a.m., and even sit for two hours waiting in the cold and not getting a fare. As you know, even before the issue of these plates the present owners got together to start a depot where girls would be employed and where all the eight cars would be available. This should solve the problem of obtaining a cab by phone, where the high cost of such an establishment will be met by all concerned."
Asked about the method adopted by the Transport Department in the issue of these plates, the town clerk stated that inspectors came up and made a full inspection of the area, of new building, population increase, etc. Last time, he thought, they were in this area for two days.
Ald. Tornaros said it was hard to get taxis or hire cars in this district and the public wanted an increase.
Ald. Dwyer spoke in support of the taxi and hire car owners of the town. "They are a good solid type of men, and they are doing a particularly good service," he said. "They have established a bureau and I think their service is 100 per cent. With the type of men we have operating cabs I think this town is particularly fortunate. I move that we give support to these men and ask the Commissioner for Transport that, before any applications are dealt with, further investigation be made into the service that has been rendered. We don't need any further taxis until investigation is made.
Ald. Thomas seconded.
Opposing the motion, Ald. White (St. Marys) said that in the past aldermen had said that the best way to get progress in an area was to give an open go in this regard and have competition.
Ald. Fowler (Wallacia) supported Ald. Dwyer's remarks. Two plates were issued in the Wallacia area in the last two years, inquiries having been made by the Department. Now those plates were no longer in existence. It was not always free competition that gave the best service.
Ald. Reddan said that Council should have some say in the granting of these licenses.
The Mayor (Ald. Chapman) spoke of complaints that had been received about people ringing up and taxis not coming to meet people, but said that the service had improved.
Ald. Gosling said he took it that if they carried this motion it would be a protection to one particular industry, and that if an application for a plate came up next year they would have to refuse it.
Ald. Dwyer's motion was carried, three voting against it.36 
Article8 December 1952 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith A.L.P.
At the meeting of Penrith branch of the Labour Party held last Thursday night; Mr. G. Sheens, taxi-driver, attended to explain to branch members the present set-up of taxis and hire cars in Penrith. He explained the working of the combined taxi depot, and the availability of cars at the railway station, at the taxi ranks, and through the individual taxi-owners' phone numbers. He stated that the taxis are now operated by owner-drivers and that the taxi depot system is working quite satisfactorily. Several taxis, unless they are already engaged on a job, are always available to meet each train at the station.
The branch thanked Mr. Sheens for his explanation, and members agreed that taxi-service in Penrith is well organised.37 
Residence*1954 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, 15 Union road, labourer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, 15 Union road, home duties, F
Sheens, Terence George, 15 Union road, salesman, M
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 15 Union road, home duties, F;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors16 
Photo16 March 1957 St Nicholas of Myra, Penrith, NSW;
Kathleen and father George Sheens arriving at church
George Sheens and daughter Kathleen
Article20 February 1958 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Star Gazers had their Yearly Together as Aquarians
"Usually we meet under other conditions," said Mr. George Sheens, as he explained why he wore a raincoat and carried an umbrella over his head. The same attire was worn by others who attended a yearly function last Thursday night at the R.S.L. Club. They were members of the Penrith Aquarius Society.
"There is no need for me to explain to members what is the Aquarius Club—we are those who were born under the sign of Zodiak [sic]. As a consequence we are influenced by the planets which influence the earth and us at this time of the year.
"At this period of the year in 1935, the late Mr. Harry Lack, Jack Lack and myself discussed the matter of those of us who were February born meeting together. We had that much in common we thought, which would give ourselves pleasure—and profit, if the need arose. We met after we had contacted other Aquarians that same year. Each year we continued to meet until war intervened. When peace was restored we assembled again, and this time in greater numbers, because George Jessup, Ken Harvey, Tom Parkes, Charlie Fimm, and others discovered us.
"Since that time we have gone on until the present, finding new affinities, making new friends.
"We have come to expect rain on the night on which we meet—and after all, that's what we should expect. No, I would go further, it is a desirability, to tune us with the Infinite. Ours is the sign of water, of rain. We expect the natural laws to be consistent with us, in spite of everything.
"Last year, the year before, and the one before that—back as far as we could care to go—our meeting night would be the reason or the cause of a deluge. We look upon it as a natural effect. As I said, last year, it rained. Where we had the function was in the R.S.L. clubrooms, and the roof was under repair, as was the rest of the clubrooms. The rain came through, and there we were, respectfully recognising the occasion in our raincoats. An umbrella was held above the head of the pianist to protect him from the rain."
The speaker took the risk at this juncture to lower his umbrella. A few words later he divested himself of his raincoat, and called on the others present to do so.
"Nepean Times" reporter did not know it was all part of the ritual, and not having been born in February, naturally, he would not, understand their mental gyrations. They seemed peaceable enough, and that which they had apparently was not catching.
Present membership, after each had been properly investigated, is 35. Mr, John Meldrum is the official caterer (his wife, although not eligible to join, is permitted to do the bulk of this work). Others have their own particular chores. Doug Kendall is the leader of the singing, particularly in the ritual dirge which reminds one of witches, broomsticks, spooks.
Many incidents of former Penrith Aquarians were given, and as the meeting was on St. Valentine's Eve one member said that that occasion was governing his vibrations.
The musical programme was contributed to by Ted Vaughan, who played water music, even some from the Mary River, Queensland. These soft, legato tones, easily conveyed the rippling sounds. Ted handled the piano accordeon [sic] very well in deed.
George Jessup was best with the "Storm" scene, with thunder and (imagined) lightning.
"Poker" Osborne made a good showing with his "Finiculi." He has a good voice, and it's a pity he doesn't sing more often.
Discussion centred around the necessity for more study of the Zodiac, with particular emhasis [sic] on their own constellations. Members decided they would give more thought in future to this.
Maybe they will be having a space trip there soon . . . best take an umbrella.38 
Article18 December 1958 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith R.S.L. Club
(By "Burglar")
The new season commences on Sunday, January 25. All members are asked to turn out to witness the president drive the first ball "down the centre" (don't let us down, George!).
A tentative program of activities has been prepared for 1959. Everything points to another good year socially, and for improved golfing.
The presentation of trophies was held at the Christmas dance of the R.S.L. Club. Fred Sutton, Johnny Cooke, Brian Turnbull and Terry Sheens—were the proud owners of trophies purchased by the Golf Club. Congratulations to these members.
The management committee for the new year is as follows:
Patron, President of R.S.L. Club; president, George Sheens; vice-president, Frank Murphy; captain, Fred Sutton; vice-captain, Cec Mallard; hon. secretary-treasurer, Ron Smith; hon. auditor, Harold Corr; publicity officer, Ron Smith; general committee, John Meldrum, Terry Sheens, Barry Donald.
New members are welcome—any information can be obtained from the management committee.;Principal=Terrence George Sheens39 
Article26 February 1959 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith R.S.L. Club
Excellent weather prevailed for last Sunday, when a big field contested the various events at Leonay.
The winning team of the day included two new members, Frank Wall and John Hancock. Tagging along were President George Sheens and once again Warren Morphett, with all-time low score of 117 points. At one stage there were four teams with 115 points.
During the morning proceedings Alf Mosman presented George Sheens with a golf buggy for his outstanding job as president of the golf club. The co-maker of the unit, John Meldrum, also gives much assistance to the committee. George suitably responded.40 
Article24 December 1959 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Terrence George Sheens41
Photo Log Cabin Hotel, Penrith, NSW;
Mary Sheens, George Sheens, Ellen Sheens & Terry Sheens
Article18 February 1960 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
''What's Laid Down is Our Destiny," they said
"Gentlemen, we are what we are, and we cannot help it. We meet on this occasion, as we do at this time every year, because our star is in its ascendant, when the urge to meet is most strongly upon us. In this, gentlemen, is our destiny." 
The speaker was Mr. George Sheens, in his annual address to the Penrith Aquarius Club last Friday night at Penrith R.S.L. Centre at their year dinner.
Although the night was cloudless, stars twinkled at old mother earth, winking at the audacity of men who believed they were about to invade the constellation's isolation.
No sign of rain or cloud, not even fog. Yet, these strange men wore their overcoats and had umbrellas raised.
"You can't tell this month," one said to the other, as they entered the lights of the club.
"Shed your gloom! Be ready to accept. That which in our destiny is happiness, the goodwill of others, and the comradeship of all men.
"Despondency is for those better suited than are we," continued Mr. Sheens, who was chairman of the meeting.
He drew some mystic signs, explaining how the ancients arrived at history, of what had been and what will be. They toasted the ancients, and went through the ages, selecting those who had contributed to astrology, and pledging that one day they might meet again through re-incarnation.
He referred to that which they had in common, and each member present felt that thrill of one-ness with the other. Such feeling leads to peace within a community.
"We meet for other reasons than just a social gathering," said President George. "We have a mission to the community, it is one of goodwill and peace.
"The aquarian has a sense of responsibility, of leadership. He may well be trusted to go ahead, and by his action will secure co-operation of most others.
"There, of course, is the man, whose guiding star will not allow him to follow, and so often does he make a mess of leadership.
"We have that unenviable position: It is our destiny to lead, but still it is within our scope to follow. In short, we are of the happy breed who may be told.
"Gentlemen, it is most important to have within a community such as we are, and we take our places with all humility."
Others followed Mr. Sheens, showing what progress they had made in their studies, in the process of "Man, Know Thyself'".
It was a happy evening, and one that made each reflect, accepting, as his allotted and pre-destined course, what lay before him.42 
Article15 February 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Terrence George Sheens43
Article22 March 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Terrence George Sheens44
Article5 April 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Planning consent has been given by Penrith City Council for Sheens Motors, 496 High Street, Penrith, to carry out a car trading business.;Principal=Terrence George Sheens45 
Article12 July 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Terrence George Sheens46
Residence1963 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors47
33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith
Death of Son13 February 1963 Park Road, Wallacia, NSW;
Name: Terrence George Sheens (altered from Terence George Sheens)
Date of Death: 13 Feb 1963
Place of Death: Park Road Wallacia; usual Residence Doonmore Street Penrith NSW
Occupation: Car Salesman
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Garage Proprietor
Mother: Mary Agnes Conners

Place of Marriage: Lidcombe NSW
Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Ellen Josephine Smith
Children of Marriage: Timothy G 12, Cathy 10, Robert 8 living; none deceased
Informant: George Sheens, father, 33 Hornseywood Avenue Penrith

Cause of Death: Died as a result of injuries accidentally received when the motor car which he was driving became out of control and overturned several times
Length of Illness: Inquest held at Penrith on the 19 Apr 1963 – John G Reidy, Coroner
Medical Attendant:
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 15 Feb 1963
Place of Burial: General Cemetery Penrith
Minister & Religion: John Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: M Boots, V Tierney;Principal=Terrence George Sheens47 
;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith4
George Sheens and Ellen Sheens nee Smith
Will*28 November 1966 NSW;
THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me GEORGE SHEENS of Penrith in the State of New South Wales Car Dealer
I REVOKE all wills and other testamentary dispositions hereunto made by me and declare this to be my last will and testament I APPOINT my wife MARY AGNES SHEENS and my daughter KATHLEEN LISTER (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be Executrices and Trustees hereof I MAKE the following bequests:-
TO my daughter KATHLEEN LISTER the sum of One thousand dollars ($1000.00)
TO my daughter MAUREEN RUDDLE the sum of One thousand dollars ($1000.00)
TO my daughter-in-law ELLEN JOSEPHINE SHEENS the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00)
I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH my house property together with the contents thereof unto my Trustees UPON TRUST to permit my wife to have the use occupation and enjoyment thereof during her life or to receive the rents and profits therefrom she paying all rates taxes and other outgoings of a periodical nature I EMPOWER my Trustees at the request of the said Mary Agnes Sheens to sell the said residence and to employ the proceeds of such sale in the purchase or erection of another residence to be held upon the same trusts including the trust for sale and erection or repurchase as are herein declared in respect of the original residence or alternatively at the request of the said Mary Agnes Sheens to invest the proceeds of such sale and to pay the net annual income arising therefrom to the said Mary Agnes Sheens during her life in addition to any other payments by this will directed to be made to the said Mary Agnes Sheens after the death of my said wife UPON TRUST for the said Kathleen Lister I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the residue of my real and personal estate of whatsoever nature and kind and wheresoever situate upon my Trustees UPON TRUST to pay thereout all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses Probate and Estate Duties (if any) and to stand possessed of the residue then remaining UPON TRUST FOR MY said wife for her own use and benefit absolutely IN THE EVENT of my said wife predeceasing me or failing to survive me for a period of one calendar month I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH my house property to my said daughter Kathleen Lister for her own use and benefit absolutely I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the residue of my real and personal estate as aforesaid unto my Trustee UPON TRUST to pay all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses Probate and Estate Duties (if any) and thereafter to pay a one-eighth share or part thereof to my said daughter-in-law Ellen Josephine Sheens and to divide the balance thereof equally between herself and my said daughter Maureen Ruddle.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand this 28th day of November One thousand nine hundred and sixty six.
SIGNED by the said GEORGE SHEENS as and for his last will and testament in the presence of both being present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:
George Sheens
M. Johnston
46 Station St.
D. Ezernieks
46 Station Street
Death*28 April 1968 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith, NSW;
Name: George Sheens
Date of death: 28th April 1968
Place of Death: 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith
Occupation: New and Used Car Dealer
Sex: Male
Age: 65
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Railway Employee
Mother: Emily Mann

Place of Marriage: Penrith NSW
Age at Marriage: 23
Name of Spouse: Mary Agnes Connors
Children of Marriage: Maureen 39, Terrence G deceased, Kathleen A 37
Informant: E Liston, son-in-law, 149 Jamison Road, Penrith

Cause of Death: a) Coronary Occlusion, b) Arteriosclerosis, c) Chronic Bronchitis
Length of Illness: a) hours, b) years
Certified by: M. Renshaw

Date of Burial: 2nd May 1968
Place of Burial: General Cemetery at Penrith
Minister & Religion: J Grady, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: R J R A'Rundell, M Boots
Article*7 May 1968 "Nepean Herald", NSW;
Few local residents would remember the old Penrith Temperance Hall but it was there that many famous boxers received their ring baptism and felt their first thud of leather. George Sheens was one; he had his first two fights in the old hall back in 1919.
The sudden death last week of this fine sportsman revived memories of the days when Penrith was the mecca of glovemen from far and wide.
George Sheens, although he did not continue for long as an active boxer, soon developed into one of Australia’s best trainers.
He taught Alec Stanton, now a prominent Penrith real estate agent. Alec won the Australian welterweight crown in the immediate post war years.
Alec, a mild mannered young man in those days, would never have been taken for a boxing champion, but, in the ring, the Sheens stamp soon became evident.
Ringcraft and classical footwork in the Sheens manner soon lifted Stanton to the top of the Australian boxing tree. Alec eventually lost his crown to the immortal “Ambrose Palmer”.
Another pupil who will always revere George was George Hayes, now closely associated with the Leagues Boys’ Club.
Hayes developed into a top class fighter and would be the first to admit that George Sheens applied the “spit and polish” to get him there. Heavyweight champion, Tommy Uren, was yet another famous boxer trained and managed by the late Mr. Sheens.
Remember “Darkie” Bishop?
Well, Darkie, now grey haired, but still alert, called in last week to see our sports writer and pay respects and tribute to George – “my old trainer and a great guy”.
Darkie, a great gloveman himself, rattled off names of a few others George had helped along the road to fame – Tommy Mack, Tommy Brown, Snowy Pearson, Kev Buckley, Jackie Lionel, Poddy Hewitt and Bobby Brown.
And of course, there were dozens of others, many of whom would be forgotten by the fickle public.
But they would all remember their old trainer “a great guy”.
And yet the late Mr Sheens’ sporting deeds were not confined alone to the hempen square. He was a one time captain of the Penrith A Grade Rugby League team and a prominent RSL golfer.
He was also one of the pioneers of the present Penrith Rugby League Football Club – long before it obtained its rows of poker machines and glittering amenities.
George was a pioneer when the work had to be done and the shirt sleeves rolled up.
Penrith will sadly miss this great sportsman.
George Sheens & Sydney Dickinson who fought as George Hayes, 15 Union Road Penrith
Headstone* Penrith General Cemetery, Kingswood, NSW;
In Loving Memory of
my husband and our father
George Sheens
died 28 April 1968 aged 65 years
Headstone George Sheens


Mary Agnes Connors b. 23 Aug 1906, d. 13 Dec 1984


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