Thomas Shea1

M, #138, b. 1803, d. 1 October 1854
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Birth*1803 Kerry, Ireland2 
Petition*23 June 1824 Tralee Gaol, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland;
Thos Shea
Praying for commutation of his sentence

The Most Noble Richard Marquis Wellesley Lord Lieutenant
General and General Governor of Ireland

The Humble Petition of Thomas Shea
late of Ballyandreen in the County of
Kerry Labourer, but now a prisoner confined
in the Gaol of Tralee in the County

Most respectfully sheweth

That in the month of February 1823 your Petitioner
being at * in said County when and where
a riot occurred in which a person of the name of Edward
* lost his life, and being unconnected with the parties
engaged in said riot, but being present at the same, your Petitioner
was called upon to give testimony of the circumstances
before a Magistrate who not understanding the Irish language
was obliged to have Recourse to an Interpreter as your Petitioner
could not understand a word of English

That the Interpreter chosen by the Magistrate
was the uncle of the deceased so he well Knew that the Magistrate
did not understand Irish and that your Petitioner could
not understand English and that therefore he might propose such
questions and give such answers as best suited his purpose
of Prosecuting for the murder of his nephew

That at the following Assizes your Petitioner
was brought forward to prosecute, but not having
fully corroborated the Information altho he told the story as
he did before the Magistrate he was ordered by the court to
be prosecuted for wilful [sic] and corrupt Perjury of which
he was convicted, and subsequently sentenced to be Transported
for 7 years

That your Petitioner most Humbly submiting [sic] to
your Excellency’s humane and favourable consideration
the liability of a person’s evidence which given in a language
with which the Magistrate was * * and
interpreted by an Interested person to be falsely interpreted in
meaning to approach your Excellency with the most profound
Respect and to pray that you may be generously pleased
to commute the Sentence of Transportation to any length of
Imprisonment which your Excellency’s wisdom shall *
* as your Petitioner is the only support of aged and
sickly parents one of whom is at this moment at the
point of death in Consequence of Your Petitioners imprisonment

And your Petitioner will Ever Pray

Tralee Gaol
23rd of June 18243 
Transportation*4 September 1825 "Lonarch", Sydney, NSW;
No.: 58
Name: Thomas Shea
Where Tried: Tralee
When Tried: 30 March 1824
Sentence: 7 years
Native Place: Co. Kerry
Trade or Calling: Ploughs & Shrs
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 8 1/2in
Complexion: Pale
Colour of Har: Brown
Colour of Eyes: Grey
Remarks: Well
How disposed of:4 
Muster 1825*1825 Bringelly, NSW;
Name: Thomas Shea
Vessels: Lonarch
Yr of Arrival: 1825
Sentence: 7
Employments: G.S. Mr Riley Bringelly5 
Census 1828*1828 Argyle District, NSW;
Thomas Shea, 21, Convict, "Lonarch", 1825, 7 years, Catholic, Stockman, Mr Kelly, Argyle6 
Gaol*10 August 1829 Sydney, NSW;
Thomas Shea, Lonarch, Criminal Court Campbletown [sic], Perjury, Transportation 7 years, August 10 1830, Hulk7 
Govt. Correspndence*19 October 1831 Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, NSW;
No. 31/220.
Colonial Secretary’s Office
Sydney, 19th October 1831

I am requested by His Excellency the Governor to request that the Sixty one Prisoners named on the accompanying List recently arrived from Moreton Bay, by the Governor Phillip, may be forwarded to Hyde Park Barrack, from the Hulk.
I have &c
(Signed) J C Harrington

Thos. Macquoid Esq

[new page] List of Prisoners received on Board Hulk. Hulk Phoenix from the Colonial Brig Governor Phillip, October 13th, 1831

54 Thomas Shea … Lonack8 
Cert. of Freedom*20 October 1831 NSW;
No.: 31/1040
Date: 20 October 1831
Prisoner’s No.:
Name: Thomas Shea
Ship: Lonach
Master: Driscole
Year: 1825
Native Place: County Kerry
Trade or Calling: Laborer
Offence: Perjury
Tried Where: Kerry
Tried When: 30 March 1824 per MN
Sentence: Seven Years
Year of Birth: 1805
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Complexion: fair Sallow
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
General Remarks: Nose sharp at the point Scar right side of under lip, Scar across the inside of the fourth and little fingers of left hand, Scar on the back of fourth finger of same hand
Was transported to Moreton Bay for 2 years by the Goulburn Plains Bench 29 July 1829 for wilful and corrupt perjury.9 
Marriage*29 June 1841 Solitary Creek, NSW;
Groom: Thomas Shea
Status: Member of the Roman Catholic Church
Usual Residence: Solitary Creek
Bride: Bridget Costello
Status: Member of the Roman Catholic Church
Usual Residence: Solitary Creek
Witnesses G Bottom, Mary Bottom
Minister: M O'Reilley
Religion: Roman Catholic;Bride=Bridget Costello10 
Birth of Son7 June 1842 Goulburn, NSW;Principal=Michael Shea1 
Birth of Daughter1 May 1845 Lake George, NSW;Principal=Honorah Shea11 
Birth of Son25 October 1847 Norfolk, NSW;Principal=John Shea12 
Death*1 October 1854 Norfolk, NSW13 
Administration*20 November 1854 Supreme Court, Sydney, NSW;
In the Supreme court of New South Wales
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the goods of Thomas Shea late of Norfolk in the Colony of New South Wales deceased
To Their Honours the Chief Justice and Puisne Judges of the Honourable the Supreme Court
The Humble Petition of Bridget Shea of Norfolk aforesaid the Widow of the said deceased
That the said Thomas Shea departed this life on or about the first day of October One thousand eight hundred and fifty four intestate leaving him surviving Your Petitioner and three Children the only persons entitled in distribution to his personal Estate and Effects.
That the said deceased had whilst living and at the time of his decease goods chattels and Credits within the Colony of New South Wales.
Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays that Your Honors will be pleased to Grant to Your Petitioner Letters of Administration of the Effects of the said deceased.
And Your petitioner will ever pray &c
Dated this 17th day of November 1854.

20 November 1854 Be it as prayed
Thomas Iceton Agent for C. H. Walsh Proctor for Petitioner

20 November 1854. This day upon Petition Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels Credits and Effects of Thomas Shea deceased was Granted to Bridget Shea the Widow of the deceased Intestate. Intestate died 1st October 1854, Goods sworn under £400. Letters of Administration dated the same day.
J B Hutchinson
1st Ck of Sup Cr;Principal=Bridget Shea13 


Bridget Costello b. 1816, d. 24 Feb 1891


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