Michael Shea1

M, #83, b. 7 June 1842, d. 28 June 1926
FatherThomas Shea2 b. 1803, d. 1 Oct 1854
MotherBridget Costello2 b. 1816, d. 24 Feb 1891
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Birth*7 June 1842 Goulburn, NSW2 
Baptism20 September 1842 Goulburn, NSW;
son of Thomas & Bridget Shea
Minister M McGrath Roman Catholic2 
Death of Father1 October 1854 Norfolk, NSW;Principal=Thomas Shea3 
Marriage*27 January 1878 Church of St Mary, Murrumburrah, NSW;
Michael Shea, bachelor, Farmer, Back Creek
Mary Anne Clarke, spinster, living with parents, Demondrille Creek
Witnesses John Shea & Alice Clarke
Minister John Dunne, Roman Catholic;Bride=Mary Ann Clarke4 
Birth of Daughter19 November 1878 Evergreen Forest, near Murrumburrah, NSW;
Name: Bridget Ann Shea
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 19 Nov 1878
Place: Evergreen Forest, near Murrumburrah NSW
Father: Michael Shea
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Lake George
Age: 36
Date of Marriage: 27 Jan 1878
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah
Mother: Mary Ann Clarke
Birthplace: Liverpool NSW
Age: 27
Previous Issue:
Informant: Michea Shea (see not), father, Murrumburrah
Present at Birth: Dr McDougall, Mrs Shea

Notes: Informant is clearly recorded as "Michea Shea" in this register;Principal=Bridget Anne Shea5 
Birth of Daughter1880 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Mary Jane Shea6 
Birth of Son1881 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=George William Shea7 
Death of Son1881 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=George William Shea8 
Birth of Daughter1883 NSW;Principal=Alice Shea9 
Birth of Daughter1885 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Winifred Shea10 
Death of Spouse3 February 1885 Demondrill, NSW;
Name: Mary Ann Shea
Date of death: 3 Feb 1885
Place: Demondrill, District of Murrumburrah NSW
Occupation: Housekeeper
Sex: Female
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Liverpool NSW
Father: William Clark
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Jane Touch
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah
Name of Spouse: Michael Shea
Children of Marriage: 4 females all living, 1 male deceased
Cause of Death: Childbirth
Length of Illness: 5 days
Medical Attendant: Dr Allen
Date last seen: 1 Feb 1885
Date of Burial: 5 Feb 1885
Place of Burial: Murrumburrah
Undertaker: John Stewart
Witnesses: John Shea, Patrick Kennedy;Principal=Mary Ann Clarke11 
Death of Mother24 February 1891 Murrumburrah, NSW;
Name: Bridget Shea
Date of Death: 24 Feb 1891
Place: Murrumburrah NSW
Occupation: Housekeeper
Sex: Female
Age: 80
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Ireland
Father: William Costello
Occupation: Not Known
Mother: Not Known
Place of Marriage: Bathurst
Age at Marriage: 31
Name of Spouse: Thomas Shea
Children of Marriage: 2 males living, 1 female deceased
Informant: John Shea, son, Murrumburrah
Cause of Death: Senile Decay
Length of Illness: 9 months
Medical Attendant: Dr Smith
Date last seen: 12 Jan 1891
Date of Burial: 25 Feb 1891
Place of Burial: Murrumburrah
Minister & Religion: Rev Rd Butler, Church of Rome
Undertaker: G W Usher
Witnesses: G J Shallick, J Egan
Registered: 25 Mar 1891 - Murrumburrah;Principal=Bridget Costello12 
Death*28 June 1926 Rookwood State Hospital, Lidcombe, NSW;
Name: Michael Shea
Date of Death: 28 Jun 1926
Place: Rookwood State Hospital, Lidcombe Municipality NSW
Ocupation: Labourer, Old age pensioner
Sex: Male
Age: 83
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lake George NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:
Father: Thomas Shea
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Bridget Costellow
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah NSW
Age at Marriage: 39
Name of Spouse: Mary Ann Clarke
Children of Marriage: Bridget, Mary J, Alice, Winifred, ages unknown, living; none deceased
Informant: F D Carroll, Clerk, Rookwood Asylum
Cause of Death: Senility, Chronic Cystitis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: R W Thompson
Date Last Seen: 27 Jun 1926
Date of Burial: 30 Jun 1926
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: Maurice Carmody, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Metcalfe and Morris (Amal) Ltd
Witnesses: H Driver, W H Roberts
Registered: 2 Jul 1926 - Granville9 


Mary Ann Clarke b. 15 May 1845, d. 3 Feb 1885


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