Bridget Anne Shea1

F, #82, b. 19 November 1878, d. 11 April 1951
Bridget Ann Connors nee Shea 1878-1951
FatherMichael Shea1 b. 7 Jun 1842, d. 28 Jun 1926
MotherMary Ann Clarke2 b. 15 May 1845, d. 3 Feb 1885
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Birth*19 November 1878 Evergreen Forest, near Murrumburrah, NSW;
Name: Bridget Ann Shea
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 19 Nov 1878
Place: Evergreen Forest, near Murrumburrah NSW
Father: Michael Shea
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Lake George
Age: 36
Date of Marriage: 27 Jan 1878
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah
Mother: Mary Ann Clarke
Birthplace: Liverpool NSW
Age: 27
Previous Issue:
Informant: Michea Shea (see not), father, Murrumburrah
Present at Birth: Dr McDougall, Mrs Shea

Notes: Informant is clearly recorded as "Michea Shea" in this register3 
Death of Mother3 February 1885 Demondrill, NSW;
Name: Mary Ann Shea
Date of death: 3 Feb 1885
Place: Demondrill, District of Murrumburrah NSW
Occupation: Housekeeper
Sex: Female
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Liverpool NSW
Father: William Clark
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Jane Touch
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah
Name of Spouse: Michael Shea
Children of Marriage: 4 females all living, 1 male deceased
Cause of Death: Childbirth
Length of Illness: 5 days
Medical Attendant: Dr Allen
Date last seen: 1 Feb 1885
Date of Burial: 5 Feb 1885
Place of Burial: Murrumburrah
Undertaker: John Stewart
Witnesses: John Shea, Patrick Kennedy;Principal=Mary Ann Clarke4 
Marriage*10 October 1905 St Columba's, Cootamundra, NSW;
Groom: Robert Connors
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Scone NSW
Occupation: Railway Employee
Age: 34
Usual Residence: Harden
Father: John Connors (deceased)
Occupation: Railway Employee
Mother: Catherine Corben

Bride: Bridget Anne Shea
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Demondrille NSW
Occupation: Living with friends (altered from living with parents)
Age: 26
Usual Residence: Demondrille Father: Michael Shea
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Anne Clark (deceased)

Date of Marriage: 10 Oct 1905
Place of Marriage: St Columba's Church Cootamundra NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: Jack Shea, Mary Jane Keogh
Minister: Richard Butler;Groom=Robert Connors1 
Married Name10 October 1905 Connors1 
Birth of Daughter23 August 1906 Cootamundra, NSW;
Name: Mary Agnes Shea, or Connors (illegitimate)
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 23 Aug 1905
Place of Birth: Cootamundra NSW

Father: Robert Connors
Occupation: Railway Employee
Birthplace: Scone NSW
Age: 34

Date of Marriage: 10 Oct 1905
Place of Marriage: Cootamundra NSW

Mother: Bridget Ann Shea
Birthplace: Demondrille NSW
Age: 26

Previous Issue: Nil

Informant: Bridget Anne Connors, mother, Triangle, Junee
Present at Birth: Mrs James O’Brien
Registered: 4 Dec 1905 – Cootamundra

Notes: registered as the lawful issue of Robert Connors and Bridget Ann Shea at Dubbo on 30 Nov 1905 – Wm Ridley, Dep Reg Genl, Sydney, 12 Mar 1906;Principal=Mary Agnes Connors5 
Birth of Son1907 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Mervyn Francis Connors6 
Birth of Daughter1909 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Eva May Connors7 
Birth of Son1910 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Robert James Connors8 
Birth of Daughter23 November 1911 Harden, NSW;
Name: Catherine Anne Connors
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 23 Nov 1911
Place of Birth: Harden, municipality of Murrumburrah NSW

Father: Robert Connors
Occupation: Railway Guard
Birthplace: Scone NSW
Age: 36

Date of Marriage: 10 Oct 1905
Place of Marriage: Cootamundra NSW

Mother: Bridget Anne Shea
Birthplace: Demondrille NSW
Age: 33

Previous Issue: Mary A 6, Mervyn F 4, Eva M 3, Robert J 1, living; none dead

Informant: B A Connors, mother, Harden; Witness: R Connors
Present at Birth: Dr Heggaton, Nurse Cooney
Registered: 22 Jan 1912 – Murrumburrah;Principal=Catherine Anne Connors9 
Birth of Son1913 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=John Connors10 
Birth of Son1915 Murrumburrah, NSW;Principal=Leslie Michael Connors11 
Death of Son1916 Penrith, NSW;Principal=John Connors12 
Birth of Daughter5 September 1916 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Alice Marie Connors13 
Birth of Daughter5 September 1916 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Annie Connors13 
Article20 January 1917 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
MRS. CONNORS, of Lemongrove, Penrith, desires to return sincere thanks to Dr. Barrow for kind attention and skill to her four children whilst in Nepean Cottage Hospital, also Matron and Nurses; especially for satisfactory setting of my little girl's arm, which was badly broken and fractured in elbow; now she has full use of it, and it is us straight as the other arm.14 
Death of Daughter1919 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Annie Connors15 
Article*26 July 1919 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
A Lemongrove Row
There has been trouble among neighbors at Lemongrove of late, if one may judge from a case which was decided at Penrith Police Court, by Mr. T. B. Clegg, P.M., on Monday, when Georgie Armistead proceeded against Mrs. Connors on a charge of using insulting words on July 16 last.
Defendant pleaded not guilty, and was defended by Mr. D. McDonald. Plaintiff conducted her own case.
Georgie Armistead deposed: I am a married woman, and live with my husband at Lemongrove. On the 16th I was in the house opposite. My little boy came in crying. Mrs. Connors put her head out of her window and said to me, "You dirty cow. Go home and comb your head." A lot of other insulting remarks were made— about "pay your debts" and that sort of thing — but the words mentioned are those of which I complain most.
To Mr. McDonald: I was, taking my little boy home when this happened. My house is opposite to Mrs. Connors'. I have been living in my present house three months. I don't know how long Mrs. Connors has been living where she is. I don't know what caused her to make the remark. I have had to put up with this abuse for the last month, but this is the first time I have had a witness. It has all been due to quarrels among the children. It began a month ago with a small quarrel about a "Peace" bonfire. Mrs. Connors and I have never personally quarrelled. There has been no provocation of any sort for this language. Mr. and Mrs. Dukes and Mrs. Elkington were present. I have not got Mr. and Mrs. Dukes here as witnesses. Mrs. Connors and I were friends a little while ago. There has been some sickness in our street. I don't know that Mrs. Connors has been helping the sick. I have borrowed once or twice from her, and have returned the articles borrowed. I owe her something on a perambulator because she would not give me a receipt for what I had paid. I did not get sugar, kerosene and bread from her that I have not returned. I have only had one complaint to me about my children, and that was more than twelve months ago — before I knew Mrs. Connors. On that occasion I corrected my children. On this occasion my little boy was crying. He had been whipped. He is five years old, and the girl who whipped him is 14. That was not the first occasion on which my children have been whipped by Mrs. Connors' children. It is not a fact that my little girl of 13 encourages the other children to tantalise Mrs. Connors' children. Nobody else complains about mine.
Emma May Elkington deposed: I am a married woman and reside at Lemon grove. I know plaintiff and defendant. On the date in question Mrs. Armistead was in my kitchen, and her child was brought in crying. I think he was more frightened than hurt. I heard Mrs. Connors calling across the yard, but did not hear what she said. My boy came in immediately afterwards, and I said to him, "What is the matter?" He told me something. I didn't hear the words in the information used on this occasion. I heard defendant on another occasion say to plaintiff, "Go inside and clean your head, you lousy cow." It may have been a few days previous that I heard those words.
To Mr. McDonald: I have put up with scandalous lies from Mrs. Connors. She and I have been living close to each other for about two years. I don't know that Mrs. Connors has said these things about me, but I have been told by other people that she has said them.
Defendant, Bridget Ann Connors deposed: I am the wife of Robert Connors and live at Lemongrove. I have been living in my present house two years. Mrs. Armistead has seven or eight children, and I have seven. Mrs. Elkington lives close to my place. On this day I was down the street, and when I came home my little girl came to me. I heard plaintiff calling out to my boy, "You have gone a bit too far. I have a witness. You will pay for it, or your mother will." My girl came in and said, "They have been tantalising me." I saw Mrs. Armistead going in by her gate. I heard Mrs. Dukes call out from her window, "Go on you have plenty of witnesses." I never used the words complained of. Mrs. Elkington and I are on bad terms through Mrs. Armistead saying things. I called out to the children. I didn't see Mrs. Armistead when she was standing in front of Mrs. Elkington's place. I didn't see her until she was going into her own house. I didn't speak to her at all. Her children have annoyed mine. The trouble is due to the children, as far as I know. I have been on good terms with Mrs. Armistead, and have lent and given her things. I helped Mrs. Armistead and Mrs. Elkington when sick.
To plaintiff: Mr. Paul did not order me out of his house the other day.
The Mayor (Ald. T. Jones) gave evidence in support of defendant's character. He had known Mrs. Connors about five years. She had always been good to her children. In the last few years she had lost children. So far as the children of these parties were concerned he thought that they were all alike. Defendant had been helping people in trouble.
Mr. McDonald put in a testimonial in support of defendant's character.
Mrs. Nelan deposed: I have known defendant for four years. I have never known her to have a quarrel with anyone. She is not of a quarrelsome disposition.
In reply to the P.M. plaintiff stated, that Mrs. Dukes was too ill to attend as a witness.
The P.M.: It is a question of Mrs. Armistead's word against Mrs. Connors. Mrs. Armistead swears positively that Mrs. Connors used the words complained of and Mrs. Connors swears just as positively that she didn't. They are the only witnesses on that point. I think that the wisest thing I can do to save further discord among these neighbors who are living close together is to dismiss the case. I won't express an opinion as to who is telling lies. But it is only the word of one against another, and I don't want to intensify the ill-feeling amongst these neighbors. As for Mrs. Connors I can quite appreciate that she might be a kindly woman, but still her tongue may run away with her. There are scores and scores of women like that. And the same, perhaps, might be said of Mrs. Armistead. It seems to me that it is merely a clash of tongues between two women, and they come to this court and ask me to determine whose tongue is the worse.
The case was dismissed without costs.14 
Birth of Son23 September 1923 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Vincent Joseph Connors13 
Death of Father28 June 1926 Rookwood State Hospital, Lidcombe, NSW;
Name: Michael Shea
Date of Death: 28 Jun 1926
Place: Rookwood State Hospital, Lidcombe Municipality NSW
Ocupation: Labourer, Old age pensioner
Sex: Male
Age: 83
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lake George NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:
Father: Thomas Shea
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Bridget Costellow
Place of Marriage: Murrumburrah NSW
Age at Marriage: 39
Name of Spouse: Mary Ann Clarke
Children of Marriage: Bridget, Mary J, Alice, Winifred, ages unknown, living; none deceased
Informant: F D Carroll, Clerk, Rookwood Asylum
Cause of Death: Senility, Chronic Cystitis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: R W Thompson
Date Last Seen: 27 Jun 1926
Date of Burial: 30 Jun 1926
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: Maurice Carmody, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Metcalfe and Morris (Amal) Ltd
Witnesses: H Driver, W H Roberts
Registered: 2 Jul 1926 - Granville;Principal=Michael Shea16 
(Godparent) Baptism6 November 1928 St Nicholas of Myra, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Terrence George Sheens
Born: 26 October 1928
Parents: George Sheens & Mary Agnes Connors
Place of residence: Penrith
Baptised: 6 November 1928
Minister: Thomas Ryan, Roman Catholic
Name of Godparent: Bridget Anne Connors
Remarks: Confirmed at Penrith 18 October 1940, Godparent Catholic, married to Ellen Josephine Smith at St Marys Cathedral on 5 April 1950;Principal=Terrence George Sheens13 
Residence*1930 Woodriff Street, Penrith, NSW;
Robert Connors, gatekeeper
Bridget Ann Connors, home duties;Principal=Robert Connors17 
Death of Spouse25 November 1931 Nepean District Hospital, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Robert Connors
Date of Death: 25 Nov 1931
Place of Death: Nepean District Hospital, Penrith Municipality NSW
Occupation: Retired railway Employee, Railway & Invalid pensioner
Sex: Male
Age: 56
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Scone NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Connors
Occupation: Railway Guard
Mother: Catherine Ann (surname not stated)

Place of Marriage: Cootamundra NSW
Age at Marriage: 29
Name of Spouse: Bridget Ann Shea
Children of Marriage: Agnes 26, Frank 24, Robert 21, Katherine 20, Leslie 16, Alice 15, Vincent 8 living; 2 males, 1 female deceased
Informant: G Sheens, son-in-law, Union Road Penrith

Cause of Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Arterio Sclerosis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: F C Higgins
Date last seen: 25 Nov 1931

Date of Burial: 27 Nov 1931
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Kingswood
Minister & Religion: A J Sobb, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Nelson Price, employed by J Price and Son
Witnesses: J W Trask, R W Price;Principal=Robert Connors18 
Article*31 March 1934 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Police Court
Bridget Ann Connors, of Woodriff Street, Penrith, asked that a prohibition order against her son, Mervyn Connors, be issued. An order was made for twelve months.;Principal=Mervyn Francis Connors19 
Residence*1936 Woodriff Street, Penrith, NSW;
Bridget Ann Connors, home duties17 
Article27 May 1937 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Police Court
A prohibition order for twelve months was issued against Mervyn Connors on the application of Bridget Ann Connors, his mother.;Principal=Mervyn Francis Connors20 
Article3 June 1937 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Mrs B. A. Connors, of Penrith, is at present spending a holiday at Wingham with her son-in-law and daughter (Mr and Mrs L. W. Keech).21 
Article21 May 1942 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Fell from Tram.
Alighting from a tram in Railway Square, Sydney, on Sunday evening, Mrs B. A, Connors, of Penrith, fell heavily to the roadway when the tram suddenly commenced to move. Mrs Connors sustained fractured ribs and a badly bruised leg and head, and was conveyed to Sydney Hospital by Central District Ambulance, from which hospital she was later discharged and allowed to go home. Nepean Ambulance met Mrs Connors at Penrith Rail way Station and conveyed her to the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. Elkington, 22 Woodriff Street, Penrith, where she is confined to bed.22 
Article11 March 1948 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
MRS. B. A. CONNORS, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. W. P. Elkington, of Woodriff Street, Penrith, fell and fractured her wrist in the early hours of Saturday morning. Mrs. Connors received attention at Nepean District Hospital and is now progressing favourably.23 

Les Connors, Bridget Ann Connors & Vincent Connors
Death*11 April 1951 Nepean District Hospital, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Bridget Ann Connors
Date of Death: 11 Apr 1951
Place of Death: Nepean District Hospital, Penrith; usual residence Melrose House, High Street Penrith NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 73
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Demondrille NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Michael Shea
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Cootamundra NSW
Age at Marriage: Not known
Name of Spouse: Robert James Connors
Children of Marriage: Mary A 45, Mervyn F 43, Eva M 42, Robert J 38, Catherine A 37, Leslie M 36, Vincent J 27 living; 1 male, 2 females deceased
Informant: V J Connors, son, Melrose House, High Street Penrith

Cause of Death: Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis, Arterio Sclerotic
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: I M Barrow
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 13 Apr 1951
Place of Burial: General Cemetery Penrith
Minister & Religion: John Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: T J Parkes, H Boots25 
Obituary*19 April 1951 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
A very estimable lady, well known in the district, Mrs. Bridget Ann Connors, relict of the late Robert James Connors, died in Nepean District Hospital on Wednesday evening, April 11, at the age of 73 years.
Although Mrs. Connors had been ailing for about three years, her death was rather unexpected, as only the night before she appeared to be in fairly good health. She was familiarly and affectionately known to numerous friends as "Gran."
Mrs. Connors was the daughter of the late Mary and Michael Shea, and was born at Demondrille, N.S.W. She was married at Cootamundra to Robert James Connors, a railway man, and they lived in the Harden district for several years before coming to Penrith about 30 years ago, and here she resided for the rest of her years. Her husband died in 1931.
Surviving daughters and sons are: Agnes (Mrs. G. Sheens, Penrith), Mervyn (Penrith), Eva (Mrs. W. Elkington, Penrith), Robert (Lidcombe), Leslie (Kiama), Catherine (Mrs. W. Keech, Penrith), Alice (Mrs. E. Downes, Auburn), and Vincent (Penrith). Three children predeceased her.
The late Mrs. Connors also leaves brothers and sisters-Mr. Michael Shea (Murrumburrah), Mr. Jim Shea (Murrumburrah), Minnie (Mrs. E. O'Connor, Ashfleld), and Alice (Burwood).
There are 22 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
The funeral, which was well attended, took place on Friday, April 13, leaving St. Nicholas' Church, Penrith, for the Catholic portion of Penrith general cemetery, where the last rites were conducted by the Rev. Father Fitzpatrick, P.P. Many wreaths were forwarded, including tributes from firms and organisations with which members of the family are connected.26 


Robert Connors b. 5 Jul 1875, d. 25 Nov 1931


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