George Lewis1

M, #35, b. 1773, d. 5 December 1857
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Birth*1773 England 
Criminal*15 January 1799 Surrey Quarter Sessions, England;
The jurors for our Lord the King upon their oath that George Lewis late of the parish of Ewell in the county of Surrey labourer on the thirtieth day of October in the thirty ninth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third of Great Britain etc with force and arms at the parish aforesaid in the county aforesaid [stole] eight silk handkerchiefs of the value of eight shillings, five cotton handkerchiefs of the value of four shillings, one hair line of the value of one penny and one piece of rope of the value of one halfpenny of the goods and chattels of Jane Bailey widow. Then and there being found feloniously did steal, take and carry away against the peace of our said Lord the King his crown and dignity.

[Witnesses] Jane Bailey, John Bailey, William Atterell and Thomas Richardson, sworn in court by Giles Long.

Transported for seven years and in meantime to be kept to hard labour.2 
Transportation*13 June 1802 "Coromandel", Sydney, NSW;
Name: George Lewis
Ship: Coromandel
Trial Place & Year: Surrey 1799
Sentence: 7 years3 
Marriage*4 July 1808 St Philips, Sydney, NSW;
George Lewis of the Parish of Philip Sydney and Sarah Frederick of Ditto were married by Banns this fourth day of July in the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight
By me E Abbott J.P.
This marriage was solemnized between us
G Lewis
Sarah Frederick her mark
In the presence of
Owen Connor
Mary Yates her mark;Bride=Sarah Ann Frederick4 
Article21 May 1809 NSW;
Notice. –Any Person having Claims on the House and Premises No. 38, Pitt street, the Property of George Lewis, is requested to make present Application thereon to Mr. Solicitor Moore, George street.5 
Article*21 May 1809 NSW;
The house of George Lewis, a sawyer, at the Upper end of Pitt’s Row, was broke into on the night of yesterday se’nnight, and robbed of every valuable it contained; among which was the whole of his wife’s wearing apparel and child-bed linen, the loss of which much heightens the calamity, owing to the poor woman’s near approach of her accouchement, and the want of means to re-establish her little wardrobe.5 
Birth of Son2 August 1809 Sydney, NSW;Principal=George Lewis6 
Birth of Son29 April 1811 Sydney, NSW;Principal=John Abraham Lewis6 
Birth of Son29 April 1811 Sydney, NSW;Principal=William Christopher Lewis6 
Death of SonJune 1811 Sydney, NSW;Principal=George Lewis7 
Birth of Daughter3 March 1813 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Mary Ann Lewis6 
Birth of Son8 April 1815 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Edward Lewis6 
Birth of Son14 April 1817 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Richard Lewis6 
Birth of Son27 December 1818 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Christopher Lewis8 
Birth of Daughter7 July 1821 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Elizabeth Lewis9 
Birth of Son18 December 1823 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=James Lewis10 
Birth of Daughter16 March 1825 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Eliza Lewis11 
Muster 1828*1828 Evan, NSW;
George Lewis, 50, Free by Servitude, Protestant, "Coromandel", 1801, Farmer
Sarah Lewis, 31, Came Free, Protestant, "Glatton", 1801
William Lewis, 16, Born Colony, Protestant
John Lewis, 16, Born Colony, Protestant
Edward Lewis, 12, Born Colony, Protestant
Charles Lewis, 10, Born Colony, Protestant
Christr Lewis, 8, Born Colony, Protestant
James Lewis, 6, Born Colony, Protestant
Eliza Lewis, 4, Born Colony, Protestant;Wife=Sarah Ann Lewis, Son=John Abraham Lewis, Son=William Christopher Lewis, Son=Edward Lewis, Son=Christopher Lewis, Son=James Lewis, Daughter=Eliza Lewis12 
Birth of Daughter19 April 1829 Evan, NSW;Principal=Emma Lewis13 
Death of Daughter25 February 1838 Bathurst Plains, NSW;
Name: Mary Dargin Byrnes
Abode: Bathurst Plains
When Buried: Feb 28 1838
When Died: Feb 25
Age: 25
Quality or Profession: Publican's Wife
By whom the Ceremony performed: J K Walpole
Suicide, verdict "temporary derangement", arsenic;Principal=Mary Ann Dargin14 
Govt. Correspndence*1 April 1853 HM Gaol, Parramatta, NSW;
The Acting Visiting Justice of Parramatta Gaol to the Honorable the Colonial Secretary enclosing a copy of the Warrant and the medical certificate in the case of Sarah Lewis, a confine in the Gaol [No 53/33]

HM Gaol Parramatta
1st April 1853

I do myself the honor to enclose herewith a copy of the Warrant and the Medical certificate in the case of the Lunatic named in the margin [Sarah Lewis (Came free)] at present confined in Parramatta Gaol.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obdt Serv
C Pearon JP
Acting Visiting Justice

To the Chief Constable of Parramatta and all other Peace Officers in the colony of New South Wales, and the Keeper of Her Majesty’s Gaol at Parramatta in the said Colony.
Whereas Sarah Lewis was this day duly convicted before me David Forbes Esq one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the Colony of New South Wales as a Rogue and Vagabond for that she the said Sarah Lewis on the 23rd day of March One Thousand eight hundred and fifty three at Parramatta in the said Colony, was deposed to be wandering about on the Western Road without any visible means of support, contrary to the Form of the statute in such case made and provided, and was, by me adjudged to be committed for the said Offence, to the Gaol aforesaid, as the House of Correction there to be Kept for the space of fourteen days, these are therefore to command you the said Chief Constable to convey the said Sarah Lewis to the Gaol aforesaid together with this Warrant, and I do hereby command you the said Keeper to receive the said Sarah Lewis into your custody in the said Gaol as the House of Correction, and her safely Keep for the space of fourteen days. And for so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Parramatta in the Colony aforesaid this 24th day of March One thousand eight hundred and fifty three.
(signed) David Forbes J.P.

We the undersigned being legally qualified Medical Practitioners do hereby certify that we have examined Sarah Lewis at present confined in H M Gaol Parramatta and that we find her to be of unsound mind and a fit and proper object for reception into the Lunatic Asylum and we further certify that in our opinion the said Sarah Lewis would be benefitted by treatment in such Asylum.
H M Gaol Parramatta
30th March 1853
[signature illegible]
Wm F Bassett MRCS Eng;Principal=Sarah Ann Lewis15 
Govt. Correspndence14 January 1854 Lunatic Asylum, Tarban Creek, NSW;
The Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum Tarban to the Medical Adviser to the Government, reporting on the case of Sarah Lewis inmate of this Establishment.

Lunatic Asylum
Tarban. Jany 14th 1854

I do myself the honor to forward to you for the consideration of His Excellency the Governor General the application of George Lewis, to have his wife Sarah Lewis discharged to his care, and at the same time to furnish you with a report on her case
Sarah Lewis aged 70 was admitted into this Asylum in the month of April 1853 for senile mania with [new page] delusions. The report of her case may be comprised in this one sentence, that she is the most harmless being in existence. Previous to her admission she was prone to wander about and lose herself in the forest. This is her only danger, but her two sons who visited her lately assured me they will take the utmost care of her if the Governor General shall think fit to permit her to return to her family
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obed Servant
J Campbell MD
Superintendent;Principal=Sarah Ann Lewis15 
Govt. Correspndence16 January 1854 Medical Advisor Office, Parramatta, NSW;
The Medical Adviser to the Government to the Honorable The Colonial Secretary recommending Sarah Lewis’ discharge from the Lunatic Asylum Tarban Creek to the care of her husband [54/3]

Medical Advisor Office
Sydney 16 Jany 1854

In transmitting the Enclosed application for the discharge of the Lunatic named in the margin [Sarah Lewis], from the Asylum at Tarban Creek, I have the honor to state, that, as by the Enclosed report, it appears, the case of insanity is of a very harmless character, I see no obstacle to Lunatic in question [new page] being discharged to the Care of her husband and therefore beg to recommend the Prayer of the applicant to the favorable Consideration of His Excellency The Governor General, I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant
[signature illegible]
Medical Adviser to the Government;Principal=Sarah Ann Lewis15 
Govt. Correspndence8 August 1855 Supreme Court, Sydney, NSW;
To His Excellency Sir William Thomas Denison Knight, Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of the Territory of New South Wales &c &c &c

The petition of George Lewis of Castlereagh in the police district of Penrith in the County of Cumberland Laborer for Sarah Ann Lewis his wife who is of unsound mind.
Respectfully showeth that the said Sarah Ann Lewis has been examined and found to be of unsound mind, as will appear by the annexed ceretificate, and that your petitioner is desirous of procuring her admission into the Lunactic Asylum, in order that she may there have such medical care and attendance as may be most likely to ensure her eventual recovery.
And it is proposed that the said Saran Ann Lewis be maintained [new page] at the public expense, as she has been supported for many years on the bounty of her neighbours.
Your petitioner therefore prays that your Excellency will be pleased to direct that the said Sarah Ann Lewis may be received into such Lunatic Asylum as Your Excellency may think fit to appoint
And your petitioner will pray
[signed] George Lewis

I Jesse Upton of Castlereagh do hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief Sarah Ann Lewis who is described in the foregoing petition has not the means of paying for her maintenance in the Lunatic Asylum and that her husband has been a laborer in early life, but is now in advanced years [new page] and dependant upon others for his support
[signed] Jesse Upton

We the undersigned being legally qualified Medical practitioners do hereby certify that we have examined Sarah Ann Lewis of Castlereagh, wife of George Lewis, Laborer and that we find her to be of unsound mind, and a fit and proper object for reception into the Lunatic Asylum, and we further certify that in our opinion the said Sarah Ann Lewis would be benefited by treatment
[signed] Geo Thos Clarke
[signed] Thos Willmott

Upon reading the within petition of the within named George Lewis and the certificate of George Thomas Clarke and Thomas Willmott, two duly qualified medical practitioners, there under written, I hereby sanction and approve of the prayer of such petition.
Supreme Court,
Sydney, 8th August, 1855
[signed] A Stephen
;Principal=Sarah Ann Lewis16 
Death*5 December 1857 Castlereagh, NSW;
Name: George Lewis
Date of Death: 5/12/1857
Place: Castlereagh, District of Penrith NSW
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 84
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: England
Time in Aust Colonies: 49 years in NSW

Father: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: Not stated
Age at Marriage: Not stated
Name of Spouse: Sarah Ann Frederick
Children of Marriage: William, John, Mary, Edward, Charles, Christopher, Elizabeth, James 34, Eliza 32, Emma 30
Informant: James Lewis, son, Castlereagh

Cause of Death: Old age
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: Thomas B Haylock
Date Last seen: 4/12/1856

Date of Burial: 7/12/1857
Place of Burial: Castlereagh
Minister & Religion: Theophilus Beaigley, Wesleyan
Undertaker: John Price
Witnesses: James Lewis, William Lewis

Registered: 5/12/1857 Penrith17 


Sarah Ann Frederick b. c 1783, d. 24 Apr 1871


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