John Hearp

M, #65, b. 7 June 1795, d. 29 January 1874
FatherJohn Hearp1 b. 28 Jan 1762
MotherAnn Freeson1
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Name Variation John Hurps2 
Name Variation John Hirps 
Name Variation John Harps3 
Name Variation John Herps4 
Baptism*7 June 1795 Mancetter, Warwickshire, England;
John Earp son of John & Ann1 
Article*11 April 1818 "The Warwick and Warwickshire General Advetiser", Warwickshire, England;
John Hearpe, for a burglary in the shop of Wm. Hood,
of Nuneaton, on 7th Jan. last, and stealing several yards of
ribbon, value 7s. his property
7 years.5 
Hulk*3 May 1818 "Justitia", Woolwich, London, England;
Received 3rd May 1818
Name: John Hearp
Age at Conviction: 24
Offence: Felony
Where & when convicted: Warwick As 28 March 1818
Sentence: NSW 7
Transported 24 June 18186 
Transportation*18 November 1818 "Shipley", Sydney, NSW;
Name: John Hearp
Ship: Shipley
Trial Place & Year: Warwick 1818
Sentence: 7 years
Age: 247 
Cert. of Freedom*7 April 1825 NSW;
NUMBER: 11/3494
NAME: John Hearp
VESSEL: Shipley 2
WHEN CONVICTED: 28 March 1818
TERM: Seven Years
AGE: Thirty
HEIGHT: 5 feet 6 1/4 inc
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Grey
DATE of CERTIFICATE: 7 April 1825
GENERAL REMARKS: Ticket of Leave No. 108/333 delivered up & Cancelled8 
Marriage*4 May 1827 Sackville Reach, NSW;John Harps of this Parish and
Sarah Cross of this Parish were
married in this Chapel by Banns with consent of their parents
this fourth day of May in the year 1827
By me M D Meares Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized between us
John Harps his mark
Sarah Cross her mark
In the Presence of
David Cross of Sackville Reach
James Cotton of Sackville Reach;Bride=Sarah Cross3 
Birth of Daughter25 August 1827 Upper Branch, NSW;Principal=Sarah Herps4 
Census 1828*1828 Lower Head, NSW;
John Heaps, 30, Free by Servitude, Protestant, "Shipley", 1818, Farmer
Sarah Heaps, 18, Born Colony, Protestant
Sarah Heaps, 1, Born Colony, Protestant;Wife=Sarah Herps, Witness=Sarah Herps9 
Birth of Son11 October 1829 Sackville Reach, NSW;Principal=John Brown Hirps10 
Death of SpouseDecember 1829 Portland Head, NSW;age 19, born colony, Farmer;Principal=Sarah Herps11 
Marriage*29 August 1831 St Thomas', Sackville Reach, NSW;John Hirps of the Parish of Lower Portland Head and
Mary Hayman of the Parish of Lower Portland Head were
married in this Chapel by Banns with consent of all concerned
this 29th day of August in the year 1831
By me M D Meares
This marriage was solemnized between us
John Hirps his mark
Mary Hayman her mark
In the Presence of
J. B. Ridge of Sackville Reach
J. Cotton of Sackville Reach;Bride=Mary Hayman12 
Article27 September 1832 NSW;
Return of all Convicts assigned and transferred between the 1st and 31st days of July 1832, inclusive.
2473. Hillard Charles, Minerva, errand boy, to John Herps, Lower Portland Head13 
Birth of Daughter30 April 1833 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Elizabeth Harps14 
Birth of Daughter15 November 1836 Colo, NSW;Principal=Matilda Herps15 
Birth of Daughter19 March 1838 Portland Head, NSW;Principal=Mary Ann Herps4 
Birth of Daughter19 March 1840 Lower Portland Head, NSW;Principal=Esther Herps16 
Birth of Son2 March 1845 Sackville Reach, NSW;Principal=Jesse Harps17 
Article1 May 1845 "The Sydney Morning Herald", NSW;
(From our Correspondent.)
A HARD CASE.—At the Police Office on Saturday, John Herps, Mary Ann his wife, and Ruth Davis her mother, were brought before Robert Fitzgerald and J. L. Scarville, Esqs., charged with robbing Bridget Lord (a very aged and infirm woman), of wearing apparel and a quantity of other articles. Theprisoners were defended by Mr. Johnson. By the evidence of the prosecutrix, it appears that she resides on the banks of the Hawkesbury, at Portland Head, and earns a precarious living, partly by rearing a few head of poultry, and partly by the assistance she derives from a few charitable persons, residing in the vicinity of her humble domicile ; she had, it appears, a few good articles of bedding and clothing, saved by her in more prosperous days, and which, it seems, were the cause of the robberies complained of; Herps lived on the other side of the river, a short distance down, and the old woman was in the habit of going there continually, to spend an hour or so with Mrs. Herps, whom she looked upon as one of her best friends. During the last twenty-two months, the old woman's place was robbed no less than four times, the last of which, on the 19th of March, it was completely stripped. It appears also, that these robberies were committed when she happened to be at Herps's place. Within the last few weeks, some lace which the old woman saw with Mrs Herps, attracted her notice, it being some which she had been robbed of, and her suspicions becoming excited, she closely watched her at various times, and the more she did so, the more she was satisfied her suspicions were well founded, having, when lying in ambush, actually seen Mrs. Herps pass by with a shawl on, which was one of the articles of which she (prosecutrix) had been robbed-this led to Herps's house being searched, and some of the stolen property being found, he was taken into custody ; the two female prisoners were afterwards apprehended. Mrs. Lord was severely cross-examined by Mr. Johnson, but her testimony remained unshaken. She also showed a great deal of tact and ingenuity in parrying the questions of the learned gentleman, which seemed to cause her considerable annoyance. After a long and tedious investigation, Herps was committed for trial, but allowed bail ; Mrs. Herps and her mother were discharged, the former being presumed to have been under the influence of her husband, and there not being evidence against the latter.18 
Birth of Son1 October 1847 Colo, NSW;Principal=Thomas James Herps19 
Birth of Daughter1 August 1849 Colo, NSW;Principal=Margaret Herps20 
Article12 April 1851 "The Sydney Morning Herald", NSW;
(From our Correspondents.)
POLICE COURT.-SATURDAY.-Before Stephen Tuckerman, Esq., J.P. John Herps, a boating carrier on the River Hawkesbury, appeared at the bar upon a charge of having stolen fourteen bushels of oats, the property of Mr. John Yeomans, at Wilberforce. Mr. Hobbs stated, that in consequence of information he had received from Mr. Yeomans, he proceeded with him to a hut in the occupation of a Mr. and Mrs. Burgoyne, and asked if they had any oats, Mrs. Burgoyne said that they had sold some to a Mr. Rochester, and at first said that they had grown it themselves ; she then stated that she had more oats about the place, of which Mr. Hobbs took a sample away with him ; he then went to Mr. Rochester, residing in Windsor, and from him obtained a sample of the oats sold by Burgoyne and his wife to him ; which was very different from the oats shown to them by Mrs. Burgoyne. Mr. Hobbs also examined Herps's boat, and picked up as much as he could of the loose oats that were lying at the bottom of it, and found that it exactly corresponded with the sample he had obtained from Mr. Rochester ; he then went for another constable and apprehended him. Mrs. Burgoyne was called, who stated that the prisoner came to their hut between six and seven on Thursday morning, and told them that his big boat was high and dry at Beaseley's Wharf, and said Burgoyne had better go and see it. When they came back the prisoner asked Burgoyne if he had a horse and cart. The prisoner then, alluding to the oats, stated that he had not sold them yet, and asked Burgoyne if he would take them and sell them for him up the town ; Burgoyne said that he could not, but he would send his wife with them, who would do as well. Witness then went with a sample of the oats to several people in Windsor, and at last, went to Mr James Rochester, who agreed to take them at 1s. 7d. per bushel by weight ; Mrs. Burgoyne then returned to Herps, and finding that he was agreeable to the price, they immediately put the oats into bags and delivered them to Mr. Rochester, who weighed them and paid Mr Burgoyne, who on this occasion accompanied his wife ; that in the afternoon the constables who had been there in the early part of the day came and apprehended the prisoner. She admitted that she had got the oats from the prisoner. Mr. Rochester merely confirmed the statement of having bought oats from Burgoyne, and identified the sample which he had given Mrs. Hobbs as precisely the same sort of oats as had been collected in the bottom of the boat ; he also said that he saw Burgoyne and his wife divide the money between them. It appeared, however, that Burgoyne and his wife did not receive any thing from the prisoner beyond a trifling commission. The prisoner was committed to take his trial at the ensuing Quarter Sessions at Parramatta.21 
Article19 May 1851 "The Sydney Morning Herald", NSW;
John Herpse was charged with stealing fourteen bushels of oats, at Wilberforce the property of Mr. Yeomans. It seems that the prisoner was seen at the farm the day before the robbery, his boat was moored near the place, and the prosecutor tracked the oats to the water side. It was also ascertained that he had engaged a female to sell the oats which were traced by Mr. Hobbs, the Chief Constable of Windsor. The case was clearly proved against the prisoner, who was found guilty, and sentenced to six months' hard labour in Parramatta Gaol.22 
Death of Son18 August 1861 Portland Head, NSW;
Name: John Brown Herps
Date of Death: 18 Aug 1861
Place of Death: Portland Head
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Hawkesbury River
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Herps
Occupation: (none recorded)
Mother: Sarah Cross

Place of Marriage: Unknown
Age at Marriage: Unknown
Name of Spouse: Mary Chaseling
Children of Marriage: -
Informant: certified by James Ascough JP, Windsor

Cause of Death: Drowning
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant:
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 21 Aug 1861
Place of Burial: Lower Portland head Burying Ground
Minister & Religion:
Undertaker: William Everingham
Witnesses: John Attewell, Thomas Mitchell;Principal=John Brown Hirps23 
Death*29 January 1874 Colo, NSW;Name: John Hurps
Date of Death: 29 Jan 1874
Place: Colo NSW
Occupation: Gardener
Sex: Male
Age: 78
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: England
Time in Aust Colonies: About 60 years NSW

Father: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: Hawkesbury River
Age at Marriage: About 37
Name of Spouse: Mary Haman
Children of Marriage: Elizabeth 40, Matilda 38, Mary Ann 36, David 34, Esther 31, Jessie 30, Thomas 28, Margaret 25
Informant: James Gill (signed), son-in-law, Colo

Cause of Death: Cancer on the tongue
Length of Illness: 5 months
Medical Attendant: Dr Selkirk
Date Last seen: About 6 weeks ago

Date of Burial: 20 Jan 1874
Place of Burial: Colo
Minister & Religion: William Pento, acting (religion not stated)
Undertaker: W T Price
Witnesses: James Gill, David Hayman

Registered: 29 Jan 1874 - Richmond2 

Family 1

Sarah Cross d. Dec 1829

Family 2

Mary Hayman b. 1815, d. 2 Oct 1887


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