Mary Hayman1

F, #66, b. 1815, d. 2 October 1887
FatherRichard Hayman2 b. 1771, d. 14 Aug 1826
MotherRuth Yardley2 b. 1795, d. 26 Jun 1884
Relationship3rd great-grandmother of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited16 Sep 2014
Birth*1815 Lower Portland, NSW2 
Death of Father14 August 1826 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Richard Hayman2 
Married Name1831 Hirps1 
Name Variation1831 Mary Ann Harps3 
Marriage*29 August 1831 St Thomas', Sackville Reach, NSW;John Hirps of the Parish of Lower Portland Head and
Mary Hayman of the Parish of Lower Portland Head were
married in this Chapel by Banns with consent of all concerned
this 29th day of August in the year 1831
By me M D Meares
This marriage was solemnized between us
John Hirps his mark
Mary Hayman her mark
In the Presence of
J. B. Ridge of Sackville Reach
J. Cotton of Sackville Reach;Groom=John Hearp4 
Birth of Daughter30 April 1833 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Elizabeth Harps5 
Birth of Daughter15 November 1836 Colo, NSW;Principal=Matilda Herps6 
Birth of Daughter19 March 1838 Portland Head, NSW;Principal=Mary Ann Herps7 
Birth of Daughter19 March 1840 Lower Portland Head, NSW;Principal=Esther Herps8 
Article*20 September 1842 "The Sydney Morning Herald", NSW;
(From our various Correspondents.)
Court of Quarter Sessions
Robert Ward, of having committed an assault, with intent, &c, on Mary Ann Herps second count, common assault ; not guilty discharged.9 
Birth of Son2 March 1845 Sackville Reach, NSW;Principal=Jesse Harps10 
Birth of Son1 October 1847 Colo, NSW;Principal=Thomas James Herps11 
Birth of Daughter1 August 1849 Colo, NSW;Principal=Margaret Herps12 
Death of Spouse29 January 1874 Colo, NSW;Name: John Hurps
Date of Death: 29 Jan 1874
Place: Colo NSW
Occupation: Gardener
Sex: Male
Age: 78
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: England
Time in Aust Colonies: About 60 years NSW

Father: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: Hawkesbury River
Age at Marriage: About 37
Name of Spouse: Mary Haman
Children of Marriage: Elizabeth 40, Matilda 38, Mary Ann 36, David 34, Esther 31, Jessie 30, Thomas 28, Margaret 25
Informant: James Gill (signed), son-in-law, Colo

Cause of Death: Cancer on the tongue
Length of Illness: 5 months
Medical Attendant: Dr Selkirk
Date Last seen: About 6 weeks ago

Date of Burial: 20 Jan 1874
Place of Burial: Colo
Minister & Religion: William Pento, acting (religion not stated)
Undertaker: W T Price
Witnesses: James Gill, David Hayman

Registered: 29 Jan 1874 - Richmond;Principal=John Hurps13 
Death of Mother26 June 1884 Central Colo, NSW;
Name: Ruth Hayman
Date of Death: 26/6/1884
Place: Central Colo Windsor NSW
Occupation: Widow
Sex: Female
Age: 89
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Parramatta NSW
Time in Aust Colonies: Lifetime

Father: (Given name not stated) Yarly (difficult to read)
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Parramatta
Age at Marriage: 14
Name of Spouse: Richard Hayman
Children of Marriage: 3 males, 3 females living; 1 male, 2 females deceased
Informant: Sophia Gee, Colo, daughter of the deceased

Cause of Death: Senile decay
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant:
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 28/6/1884
Place of Burial: Sackville Reach
Minister & Religion: Rev W Wood, Church of England
Undertaker: Thomas Collison
Witnesses: Geo Boyter, Roland Ivory

Registered: 2/7/1884 Windsor;Principal=Ruth Yardley14 
Death*2 October 1887 Hospital, Windsor, NSW;Name: Mary Ann Herps
Date of Death: 2/10/1887
Place: The Hospital Windsor NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 70
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Hawkesbury River
Time in Aust Colonies: Lifetime

Father: Richard Hayman
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Ruth Yarley

Place of Marriage: Windsor
Age at Marriage: 14
Name of Spouse: John Herps
Children of Marriage: 2 males, 5 females living
Informant: Wm Howley, Superintendent, Hospital Windsor

Cause of Death: Tricuspid and Mitral disease, Dropsy
Length of Illness: Years
Medical Attendant: Dr W A Smith
Date Last Seen: 1/10/1887

Date of Burial: 3/10/1887
Place of Burial: Sackville Reach Church of England
Minister & Religion:
Undertaker: Thomas Collison
Witnesses: Rowland Ivery, Thomas Simmons

Registered: 3/10/1887 Windsor15 
Burial*3 October 1887 St Thomas', Sackville Reach, NSW3 


John Hearp b. 7 Jun 1795, d. 29 Jan 1874


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