Matthew James Gill1

M, #57, b. 6 June 1834, d. 6 March 1903
FatherLaurence Gill2 b. 3 May 1801, d. 14 Feb 1891
MotherEmily Amelia Thornton3 b. 7 Jul 1810, d. 21 Jun 1887
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Birth*6 June 1834 Colo, NSW4 
Baptism28 October 1838 St Johns, Wilberforce, NSW;
son of Laurence & Emelia Gill, Colo, Farmer4 
Marriage*19 March 1855 Lower Hawkesbury, NSW;
Matthew Gill of the Parish of Colo River bachelor and
Mary Ann Herps of the Parish of Colo River spinster were
married in this Place of Worship by Banns with the consent of Parents
this nineteenth day of March in the year 1855
By me Thomas Horton Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized between us
Matthew Gill his mark
Mary Ann Herps her mark
In the presence of
James Gill
Izetta Hayman
Abraham Lidiard;Bride=Mary Ann Herps5 
Birth of Son16 November 1855 Upper Colo, NSW;Principal=Matthew James Gill6 
Birth of Daughter1857 Windsor, NSW;daughter of Matthew & Mary A Gill;Principal=Sophia Jane Gill7 
Birth of Daughter1859 Wingham, NSW;daughter of Mathew & Mary A Gill;Principal=Letitia Blanche Gill8 
Death of Daughter1861 Tumut, NSW;daughter of Matthew & Mary A Gill;Principal=Mary A M Gill9 
Birth of Daughter1861 Tumut, NSW;daughter of Matthew & Mary A Gill;Principal=Mary A M Gill10 
Birth of Daughter23 October 1862 Lachlan River, 2 miles from Forbes, NSW;
Name: Mary Ann Margaret Gill
Sex of Child: Girl
Date of Birth: 23/10/1862
Place: Lachlan river, 2 miles from Forbes NSW

Father: Matthew Gill
Occupation: Splitter
Birthplace: Hawkesbury NSW
Age: 29

Date of Marriage: 1855
Place of Marriage: Hawkesbury NSW

Mother: Mary Ann Harps
Birthplace: Hawkesbury NSW
Age: 24

Previous issue: 1 boy, 2 girls living; 1 girl deceased

Informant: Matthew Gill, father, Lachlan River, near Forbes

Informant: Matthew Gill, father, Lachlan River, near Forbes
Present at Birth: Mrs West
Registered: 1/12/1862 Forbes;Principal=Mary Ann Margaret Gill11 
Birth of Daughter1865 Tamworth, NSW;daughter of Matthew & Mary A Gill;Principal=Emelina A Gill12 
Birth of Son1867 Tamworth, NSW;son of Matthew & Mary A Gill;Principal=John Thomas Gill13 
Birth of Daughter1868 Warialda, NSW;Principal=Harriett Elizabeth Gill14 
Birth of Daughter1877 Warialda, NSW;daughter of Matthew & Mary Ann Gill;Principal=Ann Selina A Gill15 
Death of Mother21 June 1887 Colo, NSW;Name: Emily Amelia Gill
Date of Death: 21/6/1887
Place: Colo, Richmond NSW
Occupation: Domestic
Sex: Female
Age: 78
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: England
Time in Aust Colonies: About 60 years

Father: James Thornton
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Lower Portland NSW
Age at Marriage: About 19
Name of Spouse: Lawrence Gill
Children of Marriage: 7 males living; 1 male, 1 female deceased
Informant: Benjamin Gosper, no relationship, Colo

Cause of Death: Senile Decay
Length of Illness: Some months
Medical Attendant:
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 22/6/1887
Place of Burial: Colo
Minister & Religion:
Undertaker: William Penton
Witnesses: Henry Gill, W H Gosper

Registered: 27/6/1887 - Richmond;Principal=Emily Amelia Gill16 
Death of Father14 February 1891 Upper Colo, NSW;
Name: Laurence Gill
Date of Death: 14/2/1891
Place: Upper Colo, District of Richmond NSW
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 93
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Dublin
Time in Aust Colonies: 72 years in NSW

Father: Not known
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Hawkesbury River
Age at Marriage: 30
Name of Spouse: Emily Amelia Thornton
Children of Marriage: Margaret 60, Matthew 56, James 54, Peter 52, Henry 50, John 48, Mary 46, Michael 44, George 41, living; 1 male, 1 female deceased
Informant: Henry Gill, son, Upper Colo

Cause of Death: Decay of Nature
Length of Illness: 4 months
Medical Attendant:
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 16/2/1891
Place of Burial: General Cemetery Colo
Minister & Religion: No minister
Undertaker: W T Price
Witnesses: Henry Gill, Michael Gill

Registered: 17/2/1891 - Richmond;Principal=Laurence Gill17 
Death*6 March 1903 Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital, Enfield, NSW;
Name: Matthew Gill
Date of Death: 6/3/1903
Place: Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital Enfield; taken from Short Street Homebush NSW
Occupation: Drover
Sex: Male
Age: 69
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Colo, near Richmond NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Laurence Gill
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Emma (surname unknown)

Place of Marriage: Colo NSW
Age at Marriage: About 21
Name of Spouse: Mary Ann Harps
Children of Marriage: Matthew 46, Letitia 42, Mary A 40, Emma 38, John 36, Harriet 34, Martha 30, living; 2 females deceased
Informant: Elsie J Cribb, Neice (sic), Short Street Homebush

Cause of Death: Morbus Cordis, Dropsy, Pneumonia
Length of Illness: About 1 month
Medical Attendant: Dr Mark W Trail
Date Last Seen: 6/3/1903

Date of Burial: 7/3/1903
Place of Burial: Rookwood Church of England Cemetery
Minister & Religion: F C Williams, Church of England
Undertaker: Thomas Crisford
Witnesses: William Charles Cribb, George Bressington

Registered: 7/3/1903 Burwood18 


Mary Ann Herps b. 19 Mar 1838


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