Caroline Chaseling1

F, #1313, d. 31 May 1915
Last Edited5 May 2015
Married Name1872 Herps1 
Marriage*1872 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Matthew Brown Herps1 
Birth of Son1874 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Lilian Maud Mary Herps2 
Death of Son1876 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Lilian Maud Mary Herps3 
Birth of Daughter1876 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Ethel M Herps4 
Birth of Son1877 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Claude Herbert Somerville Herps5 
Birth of Son1879 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Raymond Lather Herps6 
Death of Daughter1882 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Ethel M Herps7 
Birth of Son1882 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Stanley James Garfield Herps8 
Birth of Daughter1884 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Pearly Hope Herps9 
Birth of Son1886 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Carlton Chaseling Herps10 
Birth of Daughter1889 St Peters, NSW;Principal=Elfredo I E Herps11 
Birth of Daughter1890 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Gladys Aileen Herps12 
Birth of Son1893 Wisemans Ferry, NSW;Principal=John Guy Brown Herps13 
Birth of Son1896 Windsor, NSW;Principal=Rupert Havelock Herps14 
Death of Spouse29 January 1905 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, NSW;
Name: John Brown Herps
Date of Death: 18 Aug 1861
Place of Death: Portland Head
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Hawkesbury River
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Herps
Occupation: (none recorded)
Mother: Sarah Cross

Place of Marriage: Unknown
Age at Marriage: Unknown
Name of Spouse: Mary Chaseling
Children of Marriage: -
Informant: certified by James Ascough JP, Windsor

Cause of Death: Drowning
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant:
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 21 Aug 1861
Place of Burial: Lower Portland head Burying Ground
Minister & Religion:
Undertaker: William Everingham
Witnesses: John Attewell, Thomas Mitchell;Principal=Matthew Brown Herps15 
Death*31 May 1915 Rawson Street, Haberfield, NSW;
HERPS.—May 31, 1915, at her residence, Rawson-street,
Haberfield, Caroline, relict of the late Matthew Herps, Hawkesbury River, aged 56 years. At rest.Inserted by her loving children. 16 
Probate*8 July 1915 NSW;
69438 Herps, Caroline late of Haberfield Widow
This is the last Will and Testament of me Caroline Herps of Randwick near Sydney in the State of New South Wales I Give Devise and Bequeath all my real and personal Estate to my Son Raymond Luther Herps. I do also appoint my son Raymond Luther Herps as the sole guardian of the person and rights of any or all my children who may be under age at the time of my decease until such time as they attain their majority And I Direct payment of all my just debts, testamentary and funeral expenses I revoke all former Wills by me made and I Appoint the said Raymond Luther Herps of Randwick Sole Executor of this my Will In Witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this 17th day of April one thousand nine hundred and Eight Caroline Herps
Signed and acknowledged by the said Caroline Herps as her last Will and Testament in the joint presence of us who before leaving her presence or the presence of each other have hereto set our names as Witnesses Augusta Emily Mitchell Thomas Shupton Mitchell
8th July 1915 On this Date Probate of the Will of the said deceased Caroline Herps was granted to Raymond Luther Herps of Chandos Street HaberfieldFruit Agent the Executor named in the Will Testator died at Haberfield near Sydney 31st May 1915 Estate sworn at £127-6-01 (Russell C Roxbury)17 


Matthew Brown Herps b. 6 Nov 1851, d. 29 Jan 1905


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