Emily A Treasure1

F, #1757
Last Edited20 Dec 2021
Married Name20 April 1898 Chatman1 
Marriage*20 April 1898 Forbes, NSW;Groom=William Chatman1 
Birth of Son15 March 1899 Cargo, NSW;Principal=William Alfred Chatman2 
Birth of Son20 November 1904 Cargo, NSW;Principal=Clarence Cecil Chatman3 
Birth of Daughter29 December 1906 Cargo, NSW;Principal=Gladys May Chatman4 
Birth of Daughter27 July 1908 Cargo, NSW;Principal=Hazel D Chatman5 
Birth of Daughter18 October 1910 Cargo, NSW;Principal=Mildred Ellen Chatman6 
Birth of Son28 January 1915 Cargo, NSW;Principal=Kenneth Othneil Chatman7 


William Chatman b. 10 May 1875, d. 9 Nov 1958


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