Samuel Byrnes1

M, #30, b. 13 May 1826, d. 4 September 1917
FatherDavid Burns2 b. 1768, d. 25 Mar 1848
MotherAnn Reffin2 b. 27 Jan 1783, d. 26 Jul 1839
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited9 Feb 2015
Name Variation Samuel Burns3 
Birth*13 May 1826 Parramatta, NSW2 
Baptism22 July 1827 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW;
son of David and Ann Burns, Tailor2 
(Son) Census 18281828 Parramatta, NSW;
David Byrnes, 60, Conditional Pardon, Protestant, "Friendship", 1789, Life, Tailor
Anne Byrnes, 40, Free by Servitude, Protestant, "Experiment", 1805, 7 years
James Byrnes, 22, Born Colony, Protestant
John Byrnes, 15, Born Colony, Protestant
Catherine Byrnes, 8, Born Colony, Protestant
Samuel Byrnes, 2, Born Colony, Protestant;Head of Household=David Burns, Wife=Ann Byrnes4 
Death of Mother26 July 1839 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Ann Byrnes5 
Marriage*24 March 1846 Windsor, NSW;
I, Samuel Byrnes do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Wesleyan Church (signed)
I, Eliza Lewis do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Wesleyan Church (signed)
I, John W Kenny of Wesleyan Minister Windsor do hereby Certify that Samuel Byrnes of Castlereagh and Eliza Lewis of Castlereagh were joined together in Wedlock by me on the 24th day of March 1846 at Windsor in the presence of
Sarah Ashton (signed)
James Byrnes (signed)
John W Kenny
Wesleyan Minister;Bride=Eliza Lewis6 
Birth of Son26 December 1846 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=James Byrnes7 
Death of Father25 March 1848 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=David Byrnes8 
Birth of Son25 March 1848 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Samuel Byrnes9 
Birth of Daughter25 September 1849 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Emma Burns10 
Birth of Son2 August 1851 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Alfred Byrnes11 
Marriage*7 March 1854 Windsor, NSW;
I, Samuel Byrnes do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Wesleyan Church.
I, Eliza Gorman do hereby declare that I am a Member, or hold Communion with the Wesleyan Church.
I, Joseph O'Connor of Windsor Minister of the Wesleyan Church
do hereby Certify, that Samuel Byrnes of Castlereagh and
Eliza Gorman of Castlereagh were joined together in Wedlock by me
on the Seventh day of March, at Windsor of 1854, at Windsor in the
presence of
James Byrnes
Sarah Gorman;Bride=Eliza Gorman12 
Birth of Daughter19 June 1855 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Sarah Byrnes11 
Birth of Daughter2 April 1857 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Maria Byrnes11 
Birth of Son23 January 1862 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=George Byrnes13 
Birth of Son25 September 1863 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Henry Byrnes14 
Death of Son1865 Penrith, NSW;Principal=George Byrnes15 
Birth of Daughter17 May 1867 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Edith Eliza Byrnes16 
Death of Daughter10 December 1868 Penrith, NSW;
On Thursday, the 10th instant, from the effects of a severe burn, SARAH, the beloved daughter of SAMUEL and ELIZA BYRNES, Castlereagh, in the 14th year of her age.;Principal=Sarah Byrnes17,18 
Birth of Son21 July 1869 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=William Taylor Byrnes19 
Birth of Daughter12 December 1871 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Annie Louisa Byrnes20 
Birth of Son2 September 1875 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Percy Ambrose Byrnes21 
Death of Son28 March 1883 Penrith, NSW;
Name: Samuel Byrnes
Date of Death: 28th March 1883
Place of Death: Penrith
Occupation: Farmer
Age: 33
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Castlereagh
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Samuel Byrnes
Occupation: Storekeeper
Mother: Eliza Lewis

Place of Marriage:
Age at Marriage:
Name of Spouse:
Children of Marriage:
Informant: Samuel Byrnes, father, Penrith

Cause of Death: Encephalitis
Length of Illness: 3 weeks
Medical Attendant: George A Knight
Date Last Seen: 28th March 1883

Date of Burial: 30th March 1883
Place of Burial: Castlereagh
Minister & Religion: Wm Hill, Wesleyan
Undertaker: John Price
Witnesses: Samuel Byrnes, ? Byrnes

Registered: 5/9/1917 Penrith;Principal=Samuel Byrnes22 
Article*23 August 1891 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Fire in High-Street
Between one and two o’clock on Tuesday morning the residents at the western end of High-street were aroused by cries of “Fire” and the sound of breaking in of doors, and on looking out they perceived that the six-roomed cottage and store of Messrs. S. & W. Byrnes was in full blaze and nothing could prevent it and the two outhouses at the back from being consumed by the flames. Mr. Byrnes senr., informs us that he went to bed at the usual hour, leaving everything as he thought in perfect security, and when he woke about one o’clock there were no signs of fire or anything of the kind, and he dropped off to sleep again. It seemed to him however, that a short interval only elapsed before he was awoke by a choking sensation and jumping up he found the whole of the fore or shop portion of the building in a blaze and he had only time to call his son and daughter also residing on the premises, Mrs. Byrnes, who is an invalid being providentially away at Lemongrove at the time, before the flames burst through into the sitting-room and sleeping apartments. With great difficulty the father and son were enabled to remove some furniture from the sitting-room together with a number of books which Mr. Byrnes considered of great value, and then by dint of perseverance they succeeded in rescuing a number of domestic utensils, &c., from the rear of the establishment. The flames by this time had obtained a strong hold, assisted doubtless by the large number of bottles of oil, tins of kerosene, and other combustable material with which the place was stored, and all that the large number of spectators congregated could do as to stand by and watch the structure rapidly consume, together with the acjacent [sic] scullery and outhouses already mentioned. The loss is a most serious one to Mr. Byrnes, who starting in very humble manner, has gradually built up a small, but very flourishing trade, and to use his own expression, “the shop was that full of goods that you couldn’t find room for another hundred-weight of flour.” In fact, with the exception of some tobacco and candles, which the owner intended going to Sydney the next day to purchase, the shop was packed with every variety of merchandise, and Mr. Byrnes prided himself that he had enough to last him for a long time to come. For example, he estimated his stock of tea at little less than forty pounds, and he had several cases of tinned meat for which there is good demand just now by the labourer at Glenbrook worth about £6 each, so it will be seen that though his stock was insured in the Phoenix Insurance Company for £150, something like £400 worth of goods was stored on the premises. The £50 insurance on the furniture will also come very far short of the value. The house which was leased from Mr. Francis Woodriff for a term of years was a substantial one, having been added to, and improved considerably by the present lessee. We have been unable to ascertain definitely whether or not it was insured, but from what we can learn we believe it was not.23 
Article12 March 1901 "The Horsham Times", Horsham, VIC;
The writer is glad to take the hand of Mr. Samuel Byrnes and give it a hearty squeeze. That we are parted for the moment by ten thousand miles of seawater doesn't count. May you live right along and prosper, Mr. Byrnes.
In this grumbling old world, more full of aches and pains than an American water-melon is of black seeds, it is jolly to hear a man sing out, " I am first-class every way ; and as for my health it couldn't be better."
This is great, especially when we understand what went before it. For several years Mr. Byrnes was in bad form. Dyspepsia it was, and a very nasty variety of that abominable complaint. He got but little sleep-so he writes-and was in pain most of the time. He called in the doctors one after another, and asked them what he was to do.
They agreed on the main point, and they were right, Indigestion, liver disorder, and the nerve troubles which are thrown in as make-weights-the doctors said these things once got rid of our friend would be all right.
And they did their best to bring it to pass-these worthy men. They gave, him drugs-the same, no doubt, that have been so often and so vainly given.
" After the doctors gave me up" says Mr. Byrnes, " I tried everything I could think of, or others recommended to me. At first I felt sure I would come upon something helpful, but I never did, until somebody told me about Mother Seigel's Syrup. Even after reading what was printed in books and papers, as to the merits of this preparation, I still shook my head.
"Not likely to be any better than the rest, I said; the chances are all against it". For, you see, my heart was, as you may say, down in my shoes, and I was not in a mood to take hope from any testimony that could be produced
" All the same, I began taking the Syrup; I don't know why. The good effect was almost immediate. I stopped casting up my food, and commenced to feel stronger and better. Without troubling you with the story of how I got on step by step, I will merely say that the medicine seemed to build me up, and put me together bit by bit, until I was sound and well as any man wants to be.
"I have lived here sixty-one years, and many people in this neighbourhood know what I have said to be true, and were as much astonished at my recovery as I was myself. I am now seventy-one years of age, and hale and hearty. For this wonderful blessing I thank God and Mother's Seigel's Syrup.
"As the reader looks at my signature and says, 'Who is Samuel Byrnes ?' present him my compliments and reply that if we ever meet I shall be glad to tell him by word of mouth much more than I have written, and to testify all day long for the remedy that made me the man I am." Samuel Byrnes, Lemon Grove, Penrith, N.S.W., September 1st, 1899.24 
Article*12 March 1904 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Golden Wedding.—Mr and Mrs Samuel Byrnes celebrated their golden wedding at their residence, Lemongrove, on Monday last. There were present about 60 of their children and grandchildren, all of whom sat down to a very nicely-arranged dinner. Various games were indulged in, Mr and Mrs Byrnes taking part. The old couple were the recipients of some very handsome presents, amongst which was a purse of sovereigns given to them by their children and grandchildren. Several musical items were given, and the assemblage broke up at about 11 o'clock. Mr Byrnes is the father of 17 children—six daughters (four living and two dead) and 11 sons (six living and five dead). There are 80 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.;Principal=Eliza Gorman25 
Death of SonSeptember 1907 Nepean Cottage Hospital, Penrith, NSW;Principal=Alfred Byrnes26 
Death of Spouse18 December 1910 Lemongrove, Penrith, NSW;Principal=Eliza Gorman27 
Death of Son1 May 1912 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=Charles Gorman Byrnes28,29 
Article18 January 1913 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Residents are warned to beware of snakes. Last Sunday morning a large lead colored snake, 5ft 6in in length, was killed by Mr Tom Field in a shed near the house of Mr Samuel Byrnes at Lemongrove, Penrith. At the time a number of children were playing there unaware of their danger.30 
Marriage*20 March 1913 The Manse, Penrith, NSW;
Groom: Samuel Byrnes
Status: Widower
Place of Birth: Parramatta NSW
Occupation: ("Old age pensioner" has been crossed out)
Age: 84
Usual Residence: Cambridge Park NSW
Father: David Byrnes (deceased)
Occupation: Tailor
Mother: Ann Ralphin (deceased)

Bride: Ellen Nicholas (her mark)
Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Devon England
Occupation: Domestic Duties
Age: 74
Usual Residence: Cambridge Park NSW
Father: Thomas Shaw (deceased)
Occupation: Laborer
Mother: Elizabeth Viance (deceased)

Date of Marriage: 20 Mar 1913
Place of Marriage: The Manse, Penrith, Penrith Municipality NSW
Religion: Presbyterian
Witnesses: Stella Bland, Alice G Ollis
Minister: J McKee;Bride=Ellen Nicholas31 
Death*4 September 1917 Cambridge Park, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Samuel Byrnes
Date of Death: 4th September 1917
Place of Death: Cambridge Park, Penrith, Municipality of St Marys
Occupation: Dealer
Age: 89
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Parramatta NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: James Byrnes
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Ann surname not known

Place of Marriage (1): Castlereagh NSW
Age at Marriage (1): not known
Name of Spouse (1): Eliza Lewis
Children of Marriage (1): James 70, Emma 68 living; 2 males deceased
Place of Marriage (2): Castlereagh NSW
Age at Marriage (2): 25
Name of Spouse (2): Eliza Gorman
Children of Marriage (2): Maria 60, Henry 54, Edith 50, William 48, Annie 44, Percy 42 living; 1 male and 1 female deceased
Place of Marriage (3): Penrith NSW
Age at Marriage (3): 85
Name of Spouse (3): Ellen Nicholls
Children of Marriage (3): no issue
Informant: Henry Byrnes, son, Penrith

Cause of Death: Gastritis
Length of Illness: 1 month
Medical Attendant: F C Higgins MB CLM
Date Last Seen: 20th August 1917

Date of Burial: 6th September 1917
Place of Burial: Methodist Cemetery Castlereagh
Minister & Religion: Joseph Tarn, Methodist
Undertaker: John Price & Son
Witnesses: Leo J Price, C J Evans

Registered: 5th September 1917 Penrith32 
Burial*6 September 1917 Methodist Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW32 
Obituary*15 September 1917 "Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;

We regret to have to record the death, at his late residence, Cambridge park, on Tuesday of last week, of Mr Samuel Byrnes, one of the oldest and more notable of the older generation of residents of the Nepean District, whose death, in fact, at the patriarchal age of 89 years and 4 months, removes another of that fast vanishing brand of early pioneers of the far distant past from the arena of mundane life and endeavour.

The late Mr Byrnes was a native of Parramatta, the year of his birth being 1828, and, in recalling the memories of his famous old natal town in the twenties, Mr Byrnes was want to cant over again the quaint lines of a poet of the older epoch, viz

I'm thinking again of the Annual Regatta,
And Rickitty Dick O, and old Billy blue,
And the trips by the Emu to see Parramatta,
Where we pulled the ripe plums off the trees as they grew;
And the orange groves running right down to the water,
Where the boatman were calling so jaunty and free-
The tide's on the ebb, and the wind's in right quarter,
And now is your time if you're bound for the quay.

Mr Byrnes attended the Primary School at Parramatta in his early boyhood, and came to Castlereagh with his parents in his twelfth year. His youthful contemporaries of that early epoch of the thirties and forties were of that grand sturdy type of settlers of the primary industries of the Penrith and Castlereagh districts, and included such men as the late Messrs, Joseph Single, "Toby" Ryan (ex MLA), John Colless, John Jackson, Wm Wright, Robert Robertson (deceased) and Messrs. T O Smith (ex MLA Nepean), M Long (ex Mayor of Penrith), Thos Field and others who are yet though approaching the patriarchal gate of age, very much alive.

Mr Byrnes' early farm at Castlereagh (Mt Pleasant), is now occupied by Mr Purcell, and is one of the best holding in that favoured patrimony of production. In the years prior to the coming of the railway, Mr Byrnes, like his neighbours, carted his hay, cereals, and general farm products to the Sydney markets per the newly formed Sydney Road (which was then, like the curate's proverbial egg "good and bad in patches"), doing the journey frequently in a day, getting to "Paddy's market", Sydney, about dusk, after starting from home (Castlereagh) at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. The conditions of those times precluded the generation of any such "luxurious" idea amongst the farmers or other sections, as a "strike" or other such disturbance, and even the application of the 8-hour day was an unknown as it is in the firing line of the present day.

On the breaking out of the great western goldfields, the late Mr Byrnes entered in to the adventurous and profitable business of carrying between the metropolis and the digging. He conveyed, per horse teams, supplies of provisions, timber and other building materials merchandise &c., to the outback centres, returning with wool and country produce to Sydney. During the period he was now and again "interviewed" by one or other of the bushranging gangs then "doing business" under the ban of the law, and alike, regardless of the convention and rights of society to its own property; but by exercise of his native tact and optimistic outlook, Mr Byrnes generally contrived to escape "victimisation" by Messieurs the Bushrangers.

Deceased was a first class judge of horses, of any type, an infallible judge, in fact, and his judgement was often solicited by neighbours and acquaintances in purchasing either draughts or hacks, or ponies. Mr Byrnes was of a genial, jocular disposition, and his golden maxim was never to meet trouble half way, or to permit difficulties to daunt one's spirit, or cloud his hopes. In later years Mr Byrnes had been residing at Cambridge Park, and almost up to the last took a lively interest in affairs.

Deceased had married three times, his first wife being Miss Elizabeth Lewis, of Castlereagh, of which marriage there were four children, of whom two survive, viz Mr James Byrnes, Richmond Road and Mrs H Sheens, Castlereagh. Of Mr Byrnes' second marriage, viz to Miss Eliza Gorman, of Castlereagh (deceased), the following survive: Messers H Byrnes, Station Street Penrith; William, Sydney; Percy, Henry Street Penrith; and Mesdames Pullman (Lemongrove), E Hollier (Newton, Sydney), and J Kirkness (Seven Hills). Mr Byrnes is also survived by his third wife.

The interment was in the Methodist Cemetery, Kingswood on Thursday afternoon, 6th September, Rev J Tarn officiating, assisted by Ensign Evans, Salvation Army. The two favourite hymns of the deceased - "Rock of Ages" and "Sweet Bye and Bye", were sung at the graveside. The funeral arrangements were conducted by Mrs J Price and Son.11 
Headstone* Methodist Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW;
Samuel Byrnes
Died 4th Sept 1917
Aged 89 years
Husband and Wife together lay
in this little bed of clay
Headstone Samuel Byrnes

Family 1

Eliza Lewis b. 16 Mar 1825

Family 2

Eliza Gorman d. 18 Dec 1910

Family 3

Ellen Shaw b. 1839


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