Esther Burns1

F, #297, b. 1 June 1815, d. 12 July 1896
FatherDavid Burns1 b. 1768, d. 25 Mar 1848
MotherAnn Reffin1 b. 27 Jan 1783, d. 26 Jul 1839
Relationship4th great-aunt of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited18 Oct 2012
Birth*1 June 1815 Parramatta, NSW2 
Baptism10 May 1818 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW;
Hester Burn daughter of David and Nancy Burn
Parramatta was born June 1 1815 and Christened May 10th 1818
Registered same day by me Joseph Kingon2 
Married Name20 August 1832 Wilkinson1 
Marriage*20 August 1832 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW;
John Wilkinson A 24 years Native of the Parish of Parramatta and
Esther Byrnes A 17 years Native of the Parish of Parramattay were
married in this Churchl by Banns with the consent of H (sic) parents
this Twentieth day of August in the year 1832
By me Samuel Marsden Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized between us
the mark of John Wilkinson
The mark of Esther Byrnes
In the Presence of
The mark of Robert Biddle of Parramatta
The mark of Mary Biddle of Parramatta;Groom=John Wilkinson1 
Birth of Son1833 NSW;Principal=John Wilkinson3 
Birth of Daughter1835 NSW;Principal=Sarah Wilkinson4 
Birth of Daughter1837 NSW;Principal=Emma Wilkinson5 
Birth of Daughter1837 NSW;Principal=Jane Wilkinson6 
Death of Mother26 July 1839 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Ann Byrnes7 
Birth of Son1840 NSW;Principal=Henry Wilkinson8 
Birth of Son1842 NSW;Principal=Alfred Wilkinson9 
Birth of Son1844 NSW;Principal=David Wilkinson10 
Birth of Son1848 NSW;Principal=William Wilkinson11 
Death of Father25 March 1848 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=David Byrnes12 
Birth of Son1850 NSW;Principal=Major T Wilkinson13 
Birth of Daughter1853 NSW;Principal=Jemima Wilkinson14 
Birth of Daughter1855 Penrith, NSW;Principal=Eliza A Wilkinson15 
Birth of Son1857 Penrith, NSW;Principal=James Wilkinson16 
Death of Spouse1863 Penrith, NSW;Principal=John Wilkinson17 
Death*12 July 1896 Ilford, NSW;
Name: Esther Wilkinson
Date of Death: 12 July 1896
Place of Death: Ilford
Age: 78
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Parramatta NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: David Burns
Occupation: Tailor
Mother: not known

Place of Marriage: Parramatta NSW
Age at Marriage: 16 yrs
Name of Spouse: John Wlikinson
Children of Marriage: Sarah 55, Emma 53, Henry 52, Frederick 50, David 48, William 47, Jemima 45, Thomas 43, Eliza 39, James 38, Samuel 36 living; 1 male & 2 females deceased
Informant: Thomas Ford, son in law, Ilford NSW

Cause of Death: Dropsy
Length of Illness: Six weeks
Medical Attendant: none
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 14 July 1896
Place of Burial: Ilford Cemetery
Minister & Religion: N J Gallagher, Wesleyan Clergyman
Undertaker: George Harris
Witnesses: Fred Moore, ?

Registered: 5th September 1917 Penrith18 


John Wilkinson b. 1810, d. 1863


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