David Burns1

M, #32, b. 1768, d. 25 March 1848
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited2 Jun 2014
Name Variation David Byrnes2 
Birth*1768 Ireland 
Petition*27 August 1799 Magherafelt, Londonderry, Ireland;
Petition from David Burn's wife

To the Honorable Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and
Commander of all His Majesties forces in Ireland.

Honoured Nobleman

Pardon my Boldness in addressing You on this occasion But were yr.
Lordship to know my Distressed Situation of six Children destitute of
Their father I trust in god it would produce pity in the Breast of so
Great a Nobleman. My Husband Enlisted in the Londonderry Militia
Under Colonel Connally and had the misfortune to Desert as I am a
Bedral & his children were in a manner starving was it not for the
providence of god and Goodness of Christians. He was afterwards
taken & sent to Cellbridge and there sentenced to be Lashed which
punishment he underwent in Dublin & afterwards sent aboard the
french ship of London Commanded by Captain Reed Now lying in the
cove of Cork and you are the great Governor of this Kingdom to you
and god I apply for my Husband’s Releasement from Confinement to
his Distressed family whose situation is Deplorable and Wholely
depending on Yr benevolence which I implore god and Yr. Hnr. to excite.

I had the resumption to write to your Honr, before but always thought
You had Not Received the letter as I still Depended on your pity &
Charity to a poor & Deplorable object But Now I trust in the Almighty
you’ll Receive this & may God of his Infinite Goodness apply Reward
you for the many Acts of Charity the people has experienced Since
your Coming to Govern this Island. The unhappy prisoner’s name is
David Burns Lieutenant Colonels company of the LondnDerry Militia,
and it was no Disloyalty Caused him to Desert it was my Distress &
his poor families which was the Cause for in every point he was ready
to show his Loyalty & Support the protestant Cause/ Oh pardon I
Crave from you as I expect pardon from God & you for the Great
Insolence I have in addressing a man so high in station which always
Marked with the greatest Humanity and Benevolence I now once more
For the Great Redeemer sake ask his pardon from you as you soon
Can liberate him from the prison ship & Restore him once more to
Little family & as in duty I shall ever pray The prosperity of Yr
Illustrious Family shall be the Constant wish of a true Protestant.

I always trust a Branch of Yr Noble family may rule & Govern this
Kingdom and if my prayers may avail it shall not be wanting for you &
Yr Noble Lady & I trust his Relasemt. May be a treasure for you in

Note: the “French ship” referred to above would have been the convict transport “Friendship”.3 
Transportation*16 February 1800 "Friendship", Sydney, NSW;
Name: David Byrnes
Ship: Friendship
Trial Place & Year: Dublin 1797
Sentence: Life4 
Birth of Son19 May 1806 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=James Burns5 
Birth of Daughter4 February 1810 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=Ann Burns6 
Article*21 July 1810 NSW;
Sydney. July 21, 1810.

THE undermentioned persons having neglected
to conform to His Excellency the GOVERNOR'S
Order of the 23d ult. requiring a return of their
Names to be made to me, I do hereby give this
Public Notice, that if they do not comply with
the said Older by giving in their Names as di-
rected on or before 12 o'Clock on Saturday next
they will be apprehended aud proceeded against
for a breach of Orders.

Bryan Carting John Ryan
Homy Wells Richard Stiles
Charles Woodgar Michael Downey
Patrick O'Hara Stephen Hunter
Daniel McLucas Andrew Ford
James Kelly James Watson
David Burns William Parker
John Connor

By Command of His Excellency,
Principal Superintendant.

Refers to:
Sydney Gazette 23 June 1810

Head Quarters, Government House,

Sydney, Saturday, 23d June, 1810.

MEN being much wanted at present for carry-
ing on the Public Government Works, His
Excellency the GOVERNOR is under the Necessity
of calling in all those under Sentence of Trans-
portation to whom Absolute or Conditional Par-
dons or Tickets of Leave were granted by Colonel
PATERSON, Lieutenant Colonel FOVEAUX, or
Lieutenant Colonel JOHNSTON, during the Time
they respectively administered the Government of
this Colony. They will accordingly give in their
Names immediately to Mr. Nichols, the Principal
Superintendant, in order that they may be em-
ployed on the Government Public Works.
Those Men who do not reside at Sydney are to
give in their Names to the District Magistrate, at
Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and George's River.-
Such as do not give in their Names by Twelve
o'clock on Saturday next, in the Manner above-
mentioned, will be taken up as Prisoners, and
punished for Disobedience of Orders

By Command of His Excellency
J. T. CAMPBELL, Sec.7 
Marriage*23 December 1810 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW;David Burns of the Parish Parramatta
& Ann Griffin of ditto
Married in this Church by Banns the twenty third Day of December in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and ten By me Samuel Marsden Chaplain
The Marriage wa solemnized betweed us
David Burns his mark
Ann Griffin her mark
in the presence of
Joseph Smallwood
Mary Smallwood her mark;Bride=Ann Reffin8 
Birth of Son29 December 1813 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=John Byrnes1 
Birth of Daughter1 June 1815 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=Esther Burns1 
Birth of Daughter2 August 1819 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=Catherine Sophia Burns1 
Birth of Son13 May 1826 Parramatta, NSW;Principal=Samuel Burns1 
Census 1828*1828 Parramatta, NSW;
David Byrnes, 60, Conditional Pardon, Protestant, "Friendship", 1789, Life, Tailor
Anne Byrnes, 40, Free by Servitude, Protestant, "Experiment", 1805, 7 years
James Byrnes, 22, Born Colony, Protestant
John Byrnes, 15, Born Colony, Protestant
Catherine Byrnes, 8, Born Colony, Protestant
Samuel Byrnes, 2, Born Colony, Protestant;Wife=Ann Byrnes, Son=John Byrnes, Daughter=Catherine Sophia Burns, Son=Samuel Byrnes, Son=James Burns9 
Death of Spouse26 July 1839 Castlereagh, NSW;Principal=Ann Byrnes10 
Death*25 March 1848 Castlereagh, NSW2 
Burial*27 March 1848 Castlereagh Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW;
David Byrnes,age 80, Tailor2 


Ann Reffin b. 27 Jan 1783, d. 26 Jul 1839


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