Major Stanton1

M, #461, b. 9 August 1880, d. 5 August 1961
Last Edited13 Apr 2011
Birth*9 August 1880 Castlereagh, NSW2 
Baptism30 September 1880 Penrith Circuit, NSW;
son of Joseph & Elizabeth Ann Stanton, Castlereagh
Minister W Hill, Methodist2 
Article*13 February 1901 NSW;
It speaks well for the rapidity of the operations that are being conducted on the Agricultural Ground 1345 men have been provisionally enrolled for the Imperial Contingent that is to be sent to South Africa. These men have passed all tests, and have been put through the first principles of drill. 708 men and officers, denominated the 2nd Regiment of Mounted Rifles, left the Agricultural Grounds early yesterday morning and proceeded to the Randwick Rifle Range, where they are to encamp pending the arrival of transports. Colonel Lassetter, who is in command of the regiment, was justifiably proud of the alacrity with which the men went through this preliminary portion of their military duty. "They seemed to go about their work like old veterans," the Colonel remarked to our reporter. All the tents were pitched in a couple of hours, and by noon the camp was as complete in arrangement, and the men appeared to be as fully initiated into the routine of the camp as if it were an old-established one. In the afternoon a field hospital was established on the ground.
Now that the 2nd Regiment of Mounted Rifles has left the Agricultural Grounds, and about 60 fresh tents erected upon it, there is ample accommodation for the remaining men that are to be enrolled so as to complete the 2000 that are to be sent from this State.
Of 95 men medically examined yesterday 16 were rejected, and of 57 men who were tested in shooting 46 were successful in scoring the requisite number of points. The percentage of failure in the riding test was remarkably small, only five having been rejected out of a total of 86 candidates. One horse fell whilst being ridden by a candidate for en rolment. The animal suffered a broken log, and had to be destroyed.
The following officers have been attached for duty with the 3rd Regiment Mounted Rifles, and posted as follows: - Mr. C M Southey as acting-lieutenant to " A " Squadron, and Lieutenant Bean, A.M.C., to the Imperial Draft Contingent.
The following transfers have been approved: -
First draft to " A " Squadron. - S Byern, W Farrar, J J Graham, G H Lockett, J McKenzie, J Broderick, L Flynn, W B Hayman, H J Lane, N McPherson, J S Downs, A N Gibb, J J Jones, A J McDonald, H J Mecham.
First draft to " B " Squadron. -A Brophy, A Fraser, H House, J A Lucy, L W H McDermott, C Martin, T W Neale, Bugler J H Pryor, A G H Reid, D Sutherland, H Sandy, E W Simpson, J Uren, W Walton, H Wilfred, J Wallace, H A Brown, J J Field, E H Howard, Bugler W G Lee, H E Mead, J Medaris, T Par kinson, Bugler W C Pugh, T Royal, M Smith, B M Scully, A B Taylor, F E Urquhart, T Walsh, F White, L Doull, W H Gilbert, F J Lindsay, T McWilliam, S S Mayo, P Nixon, T Powell, A J Porter, A G Sterritt, F A Stannard, J J Scard, J Twiss, E W Walker, W R Wallace, H J Wilkes.
First Draft to " C " Squadron. -J Williams, C A Driscoll (bugler).
The undermentioned men having passed all tests have been provisionally enrolled, and posted as under: -
" C " Squadron. -J O Braggs, H E Jones, A Noonan, P S Smith, D W Thomson, J Black, A Lewington, W Nïcholson, M Stanton, J R Williams, P Braggs, J Muston, A R Olive, H Sheens, J J Woodland.
" D " Squadron. -G Bell, W Chapman, C J Darkes, H Foulkes, F H Higgins (bugler), J Jenkins, B Leeks, M P Mc'Mahon, C O Rush, G A Simpson, W Wall, C Benton, E E Dobbie, T M Drum, P J Foley, E W Jones, B McDonald, C M Penny, O J Rogers, F J Smith, J Young, D Cook, T P Dawson, P M Fitzhenry, H J Gillard, C E Harper, J A Kelly, T Morris, B G Perrin, V Ruaue, W H B Williams.
"E " Squadron -J. P. Boulais, H Clements, J J Dunn, W J Hall, G T Jones, G W Norman, J W Thompson, C Clifford, W J Casey, M Hurley, A L Jack, J McKeown, D M Ray, W Clarke, S Clout, D L Holt, J Jones, W J Nor wood, G H Richardson.
First Draft.- A E Banks, J Clifford, A H Hammond, R Harbourne, H Mitchell, E E Neill, J Stoneham (bugler), A Seymour, W Barrington, J A Grieve, J Hanslow, F Harper, J J McArthur, A N Russell, A E Shearston (bugler) F Williams E P Bresnahan, T J Humphries, T Hand ley, B McMahon, E E McClennand, S Solomon, G Sexton.
" C " Squadron, 3rd Regiment Mounted Rifles - E J Simpson has been struck off.3 
Marriage*1909 Waterloo, NSW;Bride=Eliza Jemima Sheens1 
Death of Spouse27 December 1958 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Eliza Jemima Sheens4,5 
Death*5 August 1961 Sydney, NSW4,6 


Eliza Jemima Sheens b. 27 Apr 1884, d. 27 Dec 1958


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