Iris Marie Smith1

F, #768, b. 1915, d. 22 July 2004
Iris Marie Mason (nee Smith) 1915-2004
FatherDaniel George Smith2 b. 6 Oct 1888, d. 11 May 1960
MotherEllen Josephine Regent2 b. 13 Aug 1897, d. 29 Aug 1963
RelationshipAunt of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited2 May 2015
Birth*1915 Moree, NSW;
Name: Iris Marie Regent
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 6 Feb 1915
Place: Moree Municipality

Father: Illegiimate [Daniel George Smith added 1920]
Occupation: [Labourer added 1920]
Birthplace: [Pallamallawa NSW added 1920]
Age: [26 added 1920]

Date of Marriage: [24 Dec 1915 added 1920]
Place of Marriage: [Moree NSW added 1920]

Mother: Ellen [Josephine added 1920] Regent
Birthplace: Leichhardt Sydney NSW
Age: 17 [altered to 18 in 1920]

Previous Issue:

Informant: Ellen Regent, mother, Moree NSW [D G Smith, father, Moree added 1920]
Present at Birth: Dr Cross, Mrs O'Hara

Notes: Note in margin reads: Registered as the lawful issue of Daniel George Smith and Ellen Josephine, formerly Regent, on the 1 Dec 1920 under the authority of the Legitimation Act of 1902 - j D Rorke, District Reistrar, Moree3 
Married Name2 July 1932 Mason1 
Marriage*2 July 1932 St Johns Church, Auburn, NSW;
Groom: James Girling Mason
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Stanmore Sydney NSW
Occupation: Shop Assistant
Age: 19
Usual Residence: Belmore Sydney NSW
Father: James Mason (deceased)
Occupation: Traffic Officer
Mother: Amy Jane Pye

Bride: Iris Marie Smith
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Moree NSW
Occupation: Machinist
Age: 17
Usual Residence: Auburn Sydney NSW
Father: Daniel George Smith
Occupation: Shearer
Mother: Ellen Regent

Date of Marriage: 2 Jul 1932
Place of Marriage: St Johns Church Auburn, Municipality of Auburn NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: D G Smith, Eric Attwood
Minister: D G Ryan

The consent of Amy Jane Mason, being the mother of the bridegroom, was given in writing to the marriage

The consent of Daniel George Smith, being the father of the bride, was given in writing to the marriage;Groom=James Girling Mason1 
Residence*1936 35 Darcy Avenue, Lidcombe, NSW;
Mason, James Girling, 35 Darcy avenue, Lidcombe, home duties [sic]
Mason, Iris Marie, 35 Darcy avenue, Lidcombe, home duties;Principal=James Girling Mason4 

;Principal=James Girling Mason5
James & Iris Mason
Death of Daughter1939 Newtown, NSW;Principal=Veronica Patricia Mason6 
Residence*1943 39 Renown Avenue, Wiley Park, NSW;
Mason, Iris Marie, 39 Renown avenue, Lidcombe, home duties4 
Residence1949 169 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW;
Mason, James Girling, 169 Bondi road, shopkeeper
Mason, Iris Marie, 169 Bondi road, storekeeper;Principal=James Girling Mason4 
Death of Father11 May 1960 Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, NSW;
Name: Daniel George Smith
Date of Death: 11 May 1960
Place of Death: Repatriation General Hospital Concord, usual residence 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights NSW
Occupation: Shearer
Sex: Male
Age: 72
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Pallamallawa NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Smith
Occupation: Drover
Mother: Mary Gill

Place of Marriage: Moree NSW
Age at Marriage: 27
Name of Spouse: Ellen Regent
Children of Marriage: Iris M 44, Allen G 42, Mary 41, Theresa 40, Lola 38, Lynette 36, Yvonne 31, Ellen 29, Daniel J 26, Leonard 23 living; none deceased
Informant: Ellen Smith, widow, 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights

Cause of Death: Cerebral Thrombosis
Length of Illness: Months
Medical Attendant: Keith J Shaw-Smith
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 12 May 1960
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: G F Dickinson, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Keeler Funeral Services Pty Ltd
Witnesses: F Keeler, D McGhee;Principal=Daniel George Smith7 
Death of Mother29 August 1963 8/36 Cavill Street, Harbord, NSW;
Name: Ellen Josephine Smith
Date of Death: 29 Aug 1963
Place of Death: 8/36 Cavill Street Harbord NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 66
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Leichhardt NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Joseph Marie Regent
Occupation: Woolclasser
Mother: Helen Leonard

Place of Marriage: Moree NSW
Age at Marriage: 17
Name of Spouse: Daniel George Smith
Children of Marriage: Iris M 48, Allan G 46, Mary 43, Theresa 42, Lola 40, Yvonne F 34, Ellen J 32, Daniel J 29, Leonard J 26 living; none deceased
Informant: D J Smith, son, 44 Osborne Road Manly

Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion
Length of Illness: Minutes
Medical Attendant: N E Odlum
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 2 Sep 1963
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood
Minister & Religion: J Meaney, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: F Tighe and Co Pty Ltd
Witnesses: C Edmonds, R Tighe
;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith8
Residence1980 6 Denmark Street, Wombarra, NSW;
Mason, James, 6 Denmark St, Wmbra
Mason, Iris Marie, 6 Denmark St, Wmbra;Principal=James Girling Mason4 
Death of Spouse20 April 1985 NSW;Principal=James Girling Mason9 
Death*22 July 2004 NSW;
MASON, Iris. - July 22, 2004. Formerly of Wombarra. Beloved wife of the late James Mason. Loved mother and mother-in-law of Roni (deceased), Jim, Pat Staples, Peter and Judy, John (deceased), Marie and Ted Medlyn, Noel and Marine. Beloved Nanna to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Dearly loved by her many family and friends.
Aged 89 Years.
In God's Care.10 
Photo Scarborough/Wombarra Cemetery, Wombarra, NSW;

;Principal=James Girling Mason5
James & Iris Mason Scarborough/Wombarra Cemetery


James Girling Mason b. 20 Nov 1912, d. 20 Apr 1985


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