Ellen Josephine Smith1

F, #3, b. 28 August 1931, d. 13 February 2013
Ellen Josephine Sheens nee Smith 1931-2013
FatherDaniel George Smith1 b. 6 Oct 1888, d. 11 May 1960
MotherEllen Josephine Regent2 b. 13 Aug 1897, d. 29 Aug 1963
RelationshipMother of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
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Note* Ellen Josephine Smith was better known to her family and friends as Nell. Nell had a hard upbringing. Money was tight in the Smith family and the family regularly moved home. Nell’s father, Daniel George Smith, was a shearer and was away from home for long periods. When he could no longer go shearing the family relied on his World War I pension. With money in short supply, education was not a priority and the girls dropped out of school to help supplement the family income. The girls all married early, presumably to get away from home, with the exception of those married during the Second World War years.
Nell apparently was a good runner and performed well in school carnivals. She claimed to have inherited this ability from her father. Daniel had won a relay medal while serving with Australian troops in France in 1917.
Tragedy would strike the young Sheens family when her husband, Terry, was killed in a car accident leaving Nell with 3 young children to raise. Despite these hard times, Nell was a devoted mother and ensured that her children were well educated.
Nell passed away on the 50th anniversary of her husband’s death. 
Birth*28 August 1931 36 Pembroke Avenue, Earlwood, NSW;
Date and place of birth of child: 28th August 1931, 36 Pembroke Avenue Earlwood
Name and whether present or not: Ellen Josephine, not Present
Sex: Female
Father's name, occupation, age and birthplace: Daniel George Smith, Labourer, 42 years, Moree NSW
Date and place of marriage - previous issue: 25th December 1915, Moree NSW, Iris 16, Allen 14, Mary 11, Theresa 10, Lola 9, Linette 8, Yvonne 2 living none deceased
Mother's name and maiden surname, age and birthplace: Ellen Josephine Regent, 34, Leichhardt Sydney NSW
Informant: Certified by Ellen Smith, Mother, 36 Pembroke Street Earlwood
Witnesses: Dr P Delamothe, Nurse Nash
Particulars of registration: E W Murphy, 4th September 1931, Canterbury3 
Photo 4
Yvonne Smith (first from left) and Ellen Josephine Smith (third from left)
Debut, Dungowan Hall, Station Street, Penrith
Photo*1940 Manly Beach, Manly, NSW;
Daniel Smith, Robert Hogan, Len Smith, Ellen Smith & Terry Hogan on Manly Beach
Photo 4
Ellen Josephine Smith
Photo 4
Party - Aunty Alice 1948/9
Back: Alice Downs, Bill Keech, Billy Keech jnr, George Sheens, Mary Sheens, Doreen Maree Downs, Kath Sheens, Nell Smith
Front: Bill Elkington, Ern Downs, Terry Sheens, Doreen Downs' daughter, Ted Lister
Marriage*5 April 1950 St Marys Cathedral, Sydney, NSW;
Groom: Terence George Sheens
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Occupation: Articled Clerk
Age: 21
Usual Residence: 15 Union Street Penrith
Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Taxi Owner
Mother: Mary Agnes Connors

Bride: Ellen Josephine Smith
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Occupation: Machinist
Age: 18
Usual Residence: Riley Street Penrith
Father: Daniel George Smith
Occupation: Shearer
Mother: Ellen Josephine Regent

Date of Marriage: 5 Apr 1950
Place of Marriage: St Marys Cathedral Sydney NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: W E Wilkinson, Lucy O’Loughlin
Minister: Hugh F Law

The consents of Daniel George Smith and Ellen Josephine Smith were given in writing to the marriage of the bride;Groom=Terrence George Sheens5 
Married Name5 April 1950 Sheens1 
Birth of Son30 October 1950 "Canberra" Private Hospital, 21 Mary Street, Lidcombe, NSW;
Name: Timothy George Sheens
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: 30th October 1950
Place of Birth: "Canberra" Private Hospital, 21 Mary Street, Lidcombe, Municipality of Auburn

Father: Terence George Sheens
Occupation: Law Clerk
Birthplace: Penrith NSW
Age: 22

Date of Marriage: 5th May 1950
Place of Marriage: Sydney NSW

Mother: Ellen Josephine Smith
Birthplace: Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW
Age: 19

Previous Issue:

Informant: T G Sheens, father, 1 Cross Street, Lidcombe
Witnesses: Dr McCaffrey, Nurse Lalor
Registered: 16th November 1950 Auburn;Principal=Timothy George Sheens6 
PhotoDecember 1950 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Terry Sheens with baby Tim (original photo badly damaged)
Ellen Sheens with baby Tim
Birth of Daughter17 June 1952 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Catherine Ann Sheens1 
Birth of Son12 August 1953 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Robert John Sheens1 
Residence*1954 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, 15 Union road, labourer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, 15 Union road, home duties, F
Sheens, Terence George, 15 Union road, salesman, M
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 15 Union road, home duties, F;Principal=Terrence George Sheens7 
Photo1954 Log Cabin Hotel, Penrith, NSW;
Mary Sheens, George Sheens, Ellen Sheens & Terry Sheens
Photo 33 Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Ellen holding Robert, Timothy and Catherine Sheens
Photo1956 Surfers Paradise, QLD;
Photo1957 Penrith, NSW;
Ted Lister, Terry and Nell Sheens, Ron Peake and Elsa Elkington
Photo1957 Surfers Paradise, QLD;
Death of Father11 May 1960 Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, NSW;
Name: Daniel George Smith
Date of Death: 11 May 1960
Place of Death: Repatriation General Hospital Concord, usual residence 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights NSW
Occupation: Shearer
Sex: Male
Age: 72
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Pallamallawa NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Smith
Occupation: Drover
Mother: Mary Gill

Place of Marriage: Moree NSW
Age at Marriage: 27
Name of Spouse: Ellen Regent
Children of Marriage: Iris M 44, Allen G 42, Mary 41, Theresa 40, Lola 38, Lynette 36, Yvonne 31, Ellen 29, Daniel J 26, Leonard 23 living; none deceased
Informant: Ellen Smith, widow, 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights

Cause of Death: Cerebral Thrombosis
Length of Illness: Months
Medical Attendant: Keith J Shaw-Smith
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 12 May 1960
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: G F Dickinson, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Keeler Funeral Services Pty Ltd
Witnesses: F Keeler, D McGhee;Principal=Daniel George Smith8 
Photo1961 Maclean, NSW;
Terry and Ellen Sheens
Residence1963 104 Doonmore Street, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, Terence George, 104 Dunmore street, salesman
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 104 Dunmore [sic] street, home duties;Principal=Terrence George Sheens9 
Letter*1963 Letter from Ellen Smith to Ellen Sheens (daughter), No. 5 Flat, Darley Road, Manly, NSW;
No 5 Flat
17 Darley Rd

Dear Nell
I received the ticket a couple of days ago but no luck 10 off £10, any way love it was nice to think you hadn’t forgotten me & that meant a lot, I do hope you are feeling much better & that the children are well, this weather is playing up with Jeff Von & myself we all have that pain down the arm & hand, theirs has eased off but mine is really old age etc, Could be worse off I suppose, I just watched Tommy Hanlon & it was very sad, any way I better get moving & get some lunch for Von, she took the washing up Town to the new machines & can do it for a few shillings (wash & dry) so why worry doing it here when the weather is so bad for drying, You must have had quite a bit of fun at weekend with them all. I had a few here & played rummy etc. Now I really get off write soon & love to you all

;Principal=Ellen Josephine Regent10
Death of Spouse13 February 1963 Park Road, Wallacia, NSW;
Name: Terrence George Sheens (altered from Terence George Sheens)
Date of Death: 13 Feb 1963
Place of Death: Park Road Wallacia; usual Residence Doonmore Street Penrith NSW
Occupation: Car Salesman
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Garage Proprietor
Mother: Mary Agnes Conners

Place of Marriage: Lidcombe NSW
Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Ellen Josephine Smith
Children of Marriage: Timothy G 12, Cathy 10, Robert 8 living; none deceased
Informant: George Sheens, father, 33 Hornseywood Avenue Penrith

Cause of Death: Died as a result of injuries accidentally received when the motor car which he was driving became out of control and overturned several times
Length of Illness: Inquest held at Penrith on the 19 Apr 1963 – John G Reidy, Coroner
Medical Attendant:
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 15 Feb 1963
Place of Burial: General Cemetery Penrith
Minister & Religion: John Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: M Boots, V Tierney;Principal=Terrence George Sheens11 
Death of Mother29 August 1963 8/36 Cavill Street, Harbord, NSW;
Name: Ellen Josephine Smith
Date of Death: 29 Aug 1963
Place of Death: 8/36 Cavill Street Harbord NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 66
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Leichhardt NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Joseph Marie Regent
Occupation: Woolclasser
Mother: Helen Leonard

Place of Marriage: Moree NSW
Age at Marriage: 17
Name of Spouse: Daniel George Smith
Children of Marriage: Iris M 48, Allan G 46, Mary 43, Theresa 42, Lola 40, Yvonne F 34, Ellen J 32, Daniel J 29, Leonard J 26 living; none deceased
Informant: D J Smith, son, 44 Osborne Road Manly

Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion
Length of Illness: Minutes
Medical Attendant: N E Odlum
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 2 Sep 1963
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood
Minister & Religion: J Meaney, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: F Tighe and Co Pty Ltd
Witnesses: C Edmonds, R Tighe
;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith12
;Principal=George Sheens4
George Sheens and Ellen Sheens nee Smith
Photo The Promenade, Manly, NSW, Australia;
Timothy, Ellen and Robert Sheens
Photo1967 104 Doonmore Street, Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Tim and Bob Sheens' first day at St Gregory's College Campbelltown, with mother Ellen and sister Cath
;Principal=Spiro Bekis4
Spiro Bekis, Ellen Sheens and Terry
Residence*1980 14/115 Evan Street, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 14/115 Evan St, Pnrth, cashier9 
Death*13 February 2013 ARV St Stephen's Village, 31 Coreen Ave, Penrith, NSW13 
Headstone* Penrith General Cemetery, Kingswood, NSW;
In Loving Memory of
Terrence G Sheens
accidentally killed 13-2-63
aged 34 years
and his beloved wife
Ellen J. Sheens
died 13-2-2013
aged 81 years
together again

Headstone Terrence George & Ellen Josephine Sheens


Terrence George Sheens b. 26 Oct 1928, d. 13 Feb 1963
  • Timothy George Sheens1
  • Catherine Ann Sheens1
  • Robert John Sheens1


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