Daniel George Smith1

M, #6, b. 6 October 1888, d. 11 May 1960
Daniel George Smith 1888-1960
FatherGeorge Smith2 b. 1851, d. 30 Oct 1940
MotherMary Ann Margaret Gill b. 23 Oct 1862, d. 10 Sep 1929
RelationshipGrandfather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited9 Feb 2015
Note* Daniel George Smith enlisted in 1915 and was attached to the 33rd Battalion of the A.I.F. Serving entirely in France he was gassed and twice suffered severe gunshot wounds to the chest. Family legend has it that on the second occasion he was stranded in No Man’s Land for a day or two during the first Battle of Villers Bretonneux. Suffering badly and despairing of rescue he would raise his head up in the hope of being shot thereby ending his misery. He was repatriated to Australia shortly before the end of the war and was medically discharged in 1919. 
Birth*6 October 1888 Pallamallawa, NSW;
Name: Daniel George Smith
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: 6th October 1888
Place: Pallamallawa

Father: George Smith
Occupation: Laborer
Birthplace: Scone
Age: 38

Date of Marriage: 31st March 1881
Place of Marriage: Bingera

Mother: Mary Ann Margaret Gill
Birthplace: Lachlan
Age: 25

Previous Issue: 3 males & 3 females living

Informant: George Smith, father, Pallamallawa
Witnesses: Mrs Gough
Registered: 7th December 1888 Moree3 
Birth of Daughter1915 Moree, NSW;
Name: Iris Marie Regent
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 6 Feb 1915
Place: Moree Municipality

Father: Illegiimate [Daniel George Smith added 1920]
Occupation: [Labourer added 1920]
Birthplace: [Pallamallawa NSW added 1920]
Age: [26 added 1920]

Date of Marriage: [24 Dec 1915 added 1920]
Place of Marriage: [Moree NSW added 1920]

Mother: Ellen [Josephine added 1920] Regent
Birthplace: Leichhardt Sydney NSW
Age: 17 [altered to 18 in 1920]

Previous Issue:

Informant: Ellen Regent, mother, Moree NSW [D G Smith, father, Moree added 1920]
Present at Birth: Dr Cross, Mrs O'Hara

Notes: Note in margin reads: Registered as the lawful issue of Daniel George Smith and Ellen Josephine, formerly Regent, on the 1 Dec 1920 under the authority of the Legitimation Act of 1902 - j D Rorke, District Reistrar, Moree;Principal=Iris Marie Smith4 
Enlisted*15 December 1915 Narrabri, NSW;
Australian Imperial Force
Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Services Abroad
No.: 1500
Name: Smith, Daniel George
Unit: 33rd Battalian AIF
Joined on: 15.12.15
In or near what town were you born? Moree NSW
Are you a natural born British Subject? Yes Natural Born
What is your age? 27yrs 2 mos
What is your trade or calling? Labourer
Are you, or have you been, an Apprentice? No
Are you married? No (later changed to Yes)
Who is your next of kin? Father George Smith, Moree (later changed to Ellen Smith, c/o Mrs Regent, Queen St, Marrickville) later added also advise (M) Mrs G Smith, Chester St, Moree, NSW
Have you ever been convicted by the Civil Power? Twice convicted for drunkenness
Daniel George Smith
Marriage*24 December 1915 The Presbytery, Moree, NSW;
Groom: Daniel George Smith
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Pallamallawa NSW
Occupation: Labourer
Age: 27
Usual Residence: Moree NSW
Father: George Smith
Occupation: Labourer
Mother: Mary Gill

Bride: Ellen Josephine Regent
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Leichhardt Sydney NSW
Occupation: Home Duties
Age: 19
Usual Residence: Moree NSW
Father: Joseph Regent (dead)
Occupation: Foreman
Mother: Ellen Leonard

Date of Marriage: 24th December 1915
Place of Marriage: The Presbytery Moree
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: O J Clark, Augusta Clark
Minister: Francis Lloyd

The Consent of Ellen Regent being the mother of the Bride, was given in writing to the marriage;Bride=Ellen Josephine Regent6 
War Service* 
Registration Number 1500
Born October 06, 1888 Pallamallawa NSW
Died May 11, 1960 Sydney NSW
Height 5’83/4
Weight 11ST 10lb
Chest 381/2
Fair complexion, brown eyes, fair hair,
Religion Church of England

December 15, 1915 in Narrabri (NB he then went to Moree and got married December 24, 1915)
Memorial for Third Division is at Sailley-Le-Sec on a ridge north of the Somme River (form of Obelisk)
Due to getting married, he missed the ‘Wallabies?’/’Kurrajongs?’ Recruitment March (this march began December 01, 1915 and finished January 07, 1916 300 miles Narrabri to Newcastle 38 men started and finished with 173 men and became part of 34th Battalion)
He was placed in 33rd Battalion

February 14, 1916 in: II ANZAC Corp, 3rd Division, 9th Infantry Brigade, 33rd Battalion, ‘A’ Company
Battalion colours - green and black oval patch
9th Infantry Brigade was made up of:
33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th Infantry Battalions (NSW)
9th light trench mortar battery (8 x 3 inch stokes mortar)
9th machinegun company (16 x Vickers machineguns)
‘A’ Company = Armidale and Tamworth
‘B’ Company = Walcha, Uralla, Barrabra, Bingara, Minalla
‘C’ Company = Narabri, Moree, Inverell
‘D’ Company = Glen Innes, Guyra, Tenterfield

18,000 men (up to 20,000)
12,000 men were infantry
3 Brigades of 4 Battalions (800 men each)
Each battalion had 4 Companies A, B, C, D and each Company broken down in Platoons and Platoons into sections of about 10 men

Killed in action ...........4,542
Died of wounds ..........1,678
Other deaths ...............554
Prisoners ....................161
Wounded ................24,188
Total .....................31,123

Major General John Monash 13/07/16 – 31/05/18 Division
Colonel Brig-Gen A Jobson 10/02/16 – 25/08/17 9th Brigade
Brig-Gen C Rosenthal 25/08/17 – 31/05/18 9th Brigade
Lieut Col Leslie Morshead (entire war) 33rd Battalion
Lieut R C Jones (2nd in charge Major White)
War Service 
Departed Sydney May 04, 1916 at 3:00 pm on the ‘A74’ Marathon (weighing 7,827 tons and owned by G Thompson & Co. Ltd London) under Captain Jermyn Craigie. The trip took 67 days at a maximum speed of 16 knots.
During this trip, he was promoted from Private to Lance Corporal.
Arrived in Devonport, England July 09, 1916 – trained at Salisbury Plain No. 21 Camp, Lark Hill.
Departed England on November 21, 1916 at 4:30 pm via South Hampton – travelled by paddle steamer ‘Mona Queen’ to France arriving November 22, 1916 at 7:00 am in Le Havre. Put in rest camp No. 1
Deployed early 1917 to ‘Nursery’ south of Lys River near Armentieres where the war was still quieter to learn and train. Stayed in “Nursery’ raiding etc . . . until May 1917.
NB The 3rd wore their hats flat not looped up! They were called ‘Neutrals’ and babies by other Aussie soldiers because they had been so long getting to the war.
Birth of Son14 January 1917 Marrickville, NSW;Principal=Allen George Smith7 
War Service 
On the eve of the battle of Messines in the Ploegsteert wood the Le Touquet sector ‘A’ Company on the right at 8:30 pm May 06, 1917. The Germans shelled the position with poison gas (Phosgene) and about 500 men (including Daniel George Smith) were treated for gas and shellshock. The battle started on the morning of May 07, 1917.
Dispatched from Fargo Hospital July 27, 1917. He rejoined his unit on August 21, 1917.
War Service1 September 1917 
A sports day for the 9th Brigade was held on September 01, 1917 at Campagne Lez Bournais. The day was cut short due to rain.
He won a medal running in a relay.
War Service 
During the Battle of Broodeseinde repulsed at Passchendaele, near Augustus Wood, he received a gunshot wound to his chest on October 13, 1917. This battle was also known as 3rd Battle of Ypres which commenced October 12, 1917.
Dispatched from hospital and he rejoined his unit December 07, 1917.

To England Januay 21, 1918 and returned to France February 04, 1918.
December 17, 1917 he was billeted or deployed at La Chapelle-d’Armentieres.
February 24, 1918 he was billeted or deployed at Steenwerck.

He received a gunshot to the left side of his chest and was severely wounded in D’Hangard Wood near Cacy Village. Gratitude for the support given to the Australians by the 12th British Lancers, D’Hangard Wood was renamed Lancer Wood.
The family story is, he was in No Man’s Land for a day or two which may account for the wounding date to be 3 options – March 30 or 31, 1918 or April 01, 1918 – this would have been during the Battle of Somme region (Morlancourt, Villers Bretonneux and Sailly-Le-Sec) 1st Battle of Villers Bretonneux which occurred March 21, 1918 to April 04, 1918.
He was moved to England April 20, 1918 on ‘H.S. Panama’ and arrived April 22, 1918 at Horton County London War Hospital, Epsom England.
His file also mentioned Reading War Hospital, Harefield – this was a private home owned by an Australian couple who allowed the A.I.F to use the premises as a Home for convalescing wounded soldiers.
Daniel George Smith, back row third from the right
War Service 
Departed England on October 20, 1918 on the ‘D28’ Borda or A30 HMAT Borda, 11,136 tons speed 14 knots.
Discharged A.I.F on April 27, 1919 
Discharged*27 April 1919 Victoria Barracks, Sydney, NSW;
Australian Military Barracks
2nd Military District
Victoria Barracks
Sydney 8.4.19

Officer in Charge,
Base Records,
Victorai Barracks,

1500. Pte. Smith D.G. 33rd Battn

The above mentioned Soldier who returned to Australia per H.M.A.T. Borda on the 22.12.18 was discharged from the Australian Imperial Force in consequence of medical unfitness on 27.4.1919.
Documents relating to this man's discharge forwarded herewith completed.

M Laylor Captain
S.O. Invalids & Returned Soldiers,
2nd Military District5 
War Service 
‘British War Medal’ H4609
‘Victory Medal’ H3608
NB: Both original medals are missing but see photos of similar included.
Replica medals awarded to Daniel George Smith
Birth of Daughter21 October 1919 Moree, NSW;Principal=Mary Smith8 
Birth of Daughter8 November 1920 Moree, NSW;Principal=Theresa Smith9 
Birth of Daughter14 April 1922 NSW;Principal=Lola Cecilia Smith8 
Birth of Daughter22 July 1923 NSW;Principal=Linette Veronica Smith8 
Birth of Daughter4 January 1929 NSW;Principal=Yvonne F Smith8 
Death of Mother10 September 1929 Chester Street, Moree, NSW;
Name: Mary Ann Margaret Smith
Date of Death: 10/9/1929
Place: Chester Street Moree Municipality NSW
Occupation: Nurse
Sex: Female
Age: 66
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lachlan River NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Matthew John Gill
Occupation: Labourer
Mother: Mary Ann (Surname not stated)

Place of Marriage: Bingara NSW
Age at Marriage: 17
Name of Spouse: George Smith
Children of Marriage: Walter J 48, Alice E 46, Ann S 44, Ethel M 43, Daniel G 40, Ruby P 39, Florence 38, Martha M 36, Ada U 35, Marian C 32, Thomas R 30, Cyril N 24, Colin W H 23, living; 1 male, 1 female deceased
Informant: Walter Williams, son-in-law, Moree

Cause of Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: G T Hunter
Date Last Seen: 10/9/1929

Date of Burial: 12/9/1929
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Moree
Minister & Religion: Charles E Hulley, Church of England
Undertaker: W J Trenchard
Witnesses H Hoffman, R D Graham
Registered: 11/9/1929 Moree;Principal=Mary Ann Margaret Smith10 
Residence1930 Moorefield Road, Belmore, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, labourer
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Birth of Daughter28 August 1931 36 Pembroke Avenue, Earlwood, NSW;
Date and place of birth of child: 28th August 1931, 36 Pembroke Avenue Earlwood
Name and whether present or not: Ellen Josephine, not Present
Sex: Female
Father's name, occupation, age and birthplace: Daniel George Smith, Labourer, 42 years, Moree NSW
Date and place of marriage - previous issue: 25th December 1915, Moree NSW, Iris 16, Allen 14, Mary 11, Theresa 10, Lola 9, Linette 8, Yvonne 2 living none deceased
Mother's name and maiden surname, age and birthplace: Ellen Josephine Regent, 34, Leichhardt Sydney NSW
Informant: Certified by Ellen Smith, Mother, 36 Pembroke Street Earlwood
Witnesses: Dr P Delamothe, Nurse Nash
Particulars of registration: E W Murphy, 4th September 1931, Canterbury;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith12 
Residence1933 30 Park Road, Auburn, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, labourer
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Birth of Son20 September 1933 Araluen, NSW;Principal=Daniel Joseph Smith8,13 
Residence*1936 13 Hudson Street, Granville, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, labourer
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Residence1937 Tindale Street, Penrith, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, labourer
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Birth of Son1937 NSW;Principal=Leonard Joseph Smith14 
Photo* Principal=Cyril Norman Smith15
Daniel George Smith & Cyril Norman Smith
Death of Father30 October 1940 District Hospital, Moree, NSW;
Name: George Smith
Date of Death: 30/10/1940
Place: District Hospital Moree Municipality; late of Moree Municipality NSW
Occupation: Labourer
Sex: Male
Age: 89
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Seaham NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Not known
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage (1): Not known
Age at Marriage (1): Not known
Name of Spouse (1): Not known
Children of marriage (1): none living, 3 deceased

Place of Marriage (2): Bingara
Age at Marriage (2): 30
Name of Spouse (2): Mary Ann Margaret Gill
Children of Marriage (2): Walter J 59, Alice E 57, Ann S 56, Ethel M 54, Daniel G 52, Ruby P 50, Florrie 49, Martha M 48, Ada E 46, Marian S 43, Thomas R 41, Cyril N 35, Colin W 34, living; 1 male, 1 female deceased
Informant: Walter Williams, son-in-law, Auburn Street Moree

Cause of Death: Senility
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: H M Hollingworth
Date Last Seen: 30/10/1940

Date of Burial: 31/10/1940
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Moree
Minister & Religion: H Border, Church of England
Undertaker: H J Logan, employed by Logan and Co Pty Ltd
Witnesses T G Avery, W J Lysaght
Registered: 31/10/1940 Moree;Principal=George Smith16 
Residence1943 Railside Road, Blaxland, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, labourer
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Residence1949 2 Rose Street, Sefton, NSW;
Daniel George Smith, no occupation
Ellen Josephine Smith, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith11 
Photo* Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith15
Daniel & Ellen Smith
Death*11 May 1960 Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, NSW;
Name: Daniel George Smith
Date of Death: 11 May 1960
Place of Death: Repatriation General Hospital Concord, usual residence 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights NSW
Occupation: Shearer
Sex: Male
Age: 72
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Pallamallawa NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Smith
Occupation: Drover
Mother: Mary Gill

Place of Marriage: Moree NSW
Age at Marriage: 27
Name of Spouse: Ellen Regent
Children of Marriage: Iris M 44, Allen G 42, Mary 41, Theresa 40, Lola 38, Lynette 36, Yvonne 31, Ellen 29, Daniel J 26, Leonard 23 living; none deceased
Informant: Ellen Smith, widow, 19 Rosedale Street Canley Heights

Cause of Death: Cerebral Thrombosis
Length of Illness: Months
Medical Attendant: Keith J Shaw-Smith
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 12 May 1960
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: G F Dickinson, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Keeler Funeral Services Pty Ltd
Witnesses: F Keeler, D McGhee17 
Death notice*12 May 1960 NSW;
SMITH, Daniel George. - May 11, 1960, at R.G.H., Concord of 19 Rosedale Street, Canley Heights, late of Moree and Sydney, ex-33rd Battalion, beloved husband of Nell, loved father of Iris, Allen, Mary, Theresa, Lola, Lyn, Yvonne, Nellie, Danny and Len, loved father-in-law of their wives and husbands, and loved grandfather of their families, aged 72 years.
Headstone* Rookwood Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood, NSW;



Ellen Josephine Regent b. 13 Aug 1897, d. 29 Aug 1963


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