Terrence George Sheens1

M, #2, b. 26 October 1928, d. 13 February 1963
Terrence George Sheens 1928-1963
FatherGeorge Sheens2 b. 13 Feb 1903, d. 28 Apr 1968
MotherMary Agnes Connors2 b. 23 Aug 1906, d. 13 Dec 1984
RelationshipFather of Timothy George Sheens
ChartsAncestors of Timothy George Sheens
Last Edited8 Aug 2016
Note* Terry was tragically killed in a car accident in 1963 leaving a young wife and three children. Such was Terry’s popularity that funeral was one of the largest ever seen in Penrith. Terry was baptised Terrence George Sheens but whilst attending Parramatta Marist Brothers changed his name (unofficially) to Terence. He earned the nickname “Sluggo” based on his boxing skills – no doubt under the tutelage of his father George. Terry excelled at school not only scholastically, but also in sport. He was captain of his House and was prominent in rugby league and diving. He was active in the school cadets and was promoted to Company Sergeant Major.
After leaving school Terry became an Articled Clerk but would eventually join his father at Sheens Motors. Terry loved to write and would act as publicity officer for numerous clubs. His participation in rugby league was curtailed by a shoulder inclined to dislocation so he concentrated on golf and darts instead, also providing the opportunity for a drink, a laugh and a smoke.3 
Birth*26 October 1928 Penrith, NSW4 
Baptism6 November 1928 St Nicholas of Myra, Penrith, NSW;
Name: Terrence George Sheens
Born: 26 October 1928
Parents: George Sheens & Mary Agnes Connors
Place of residence: Penrith
Baptised: 6 November 1928
Minister: Thomas Ryan, Roman Catholic
Name of Godparent: Bridget Anne Connors
Remarks: Confirmed at Penrith 18 October 1940, Godparent Catholic, married to Ellen Josephine Smith at St Marys Cathedral on 5 April 1950;Godparent=Bridget Anne Connors4 
Photo*circa 1933 St Joseph's Convent School, Cnr Evan and High Streets, Penrith, NSW;
Terry Sheens, age 5, front row second from left, and Maureen Sheens, age 6, next row second from left
Article23 December 1933 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Fractured Leg
Terence, the infant son of Mr George Sheens, of Union Road, fell from a gate at his home on Wednesday and suffered a fractured leg. He was taken to Nepean District Hospital.6 
Photocirca 1934 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens family, from left, Kathleen, Terry (obscured), Maureen, George and Mary
Photo 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Terry Sheens on a horse outside 15 Union Road, Penrith, with sister Kathleen in background
Photo Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens back row, 4th from left
Photo*1942 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Marist Brothers High School Parramatta Six Stone Sevens 1942
Terry Sheens top row, 2nd from right
Photo1943 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Photo1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Photo1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Photo1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens promoted to sergeant and platoon commander
Photo3 May 1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens tops Religion and comes 3rd overall for 1943
Photo1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Back Row - 4th Year: Harry Robertson, Reg Farrell, Kevin Eton, Terry Burgess, Henry Barry, Jim Ryan, Terry Sheens, John O'Brien, Bill Kelly
Front Row - 5th Year: Greg Hilder, Ossie Da Deppo, Val O'Dell, Peter Ross, Keith Anderson, Frank Guiney, Cecil Swan, Bill Yates
Photo1944 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens wins senior diving
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Marist Brothers High School Parramatta A Grade 1945
Terry Sheens centre row, far right
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens promoted to Warrant Officer II and appointed Company Sergeant Major
Terry Sheens on extreme right
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Terry Sheens captain of Benedict House
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Leaving class notes authored by Terry Sheens
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Photo1945 Marist Brothers, Parramatta, NSW;
Reference*7 December 1945 Marist Brothers' High School, Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW;


To Whom it May Concern,
This is to certify that Terence George Sheens was a pupil of the Marist Brothers’ High School Parramatta. Terence came to us in First Year 1941, and this year has sat for his Leaving Certificate.
We have no hesitation in recommending Terence as a good student, throughout his time at school. He has a pleasing personality and is keen and eager to advance.
Terence took an active part in all school activities. He held the rank of Warrant Officer in our Cadet Detachment, and was a prominent member of our cricket, football and athletic teams.
Terence has ability and we feel sure that given a favourable opportunity he will succeed. I would be very pleased to supply information about this boy
I remain
Yours Sincerely
Brother Anslem

Article14 March 1946 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith Football Club
Annual Meeting
An excellent crowd of about sixty were present at the Penrith Football Club’s annual meeting held in the Railway Institute on 11th inst.
The President, Mr. W. Johnson, occupied the chair, and, in his report, said the club mourned the sad loss of Mr. Sid Woodland, the A Grade manager. His services to the club as a whole had been so great that his place would be very hard to fill.
Mr. Johnson also paid a tribute to the many people who gave their time during the last season for the betterment of the code and in the interests of the club. He made special reference to the hard work the secretary (Mr J. Reddan) had done.
The secretary read quite a lengthy report dealing with every aspect of the club during the 1945 season. He thanked the President, management committee, players, coaches, team managers, trainers, gate keepers, first aid attendants, the “Nepean Times”, doctors, Hospital, Nepean Ambulance, Show Society, auditors, referees, linesmen, and everyone who in any way assisted to make the year the record success that it had been.
The balance sheet showed a credit balance of about £50, while assets of nearly £190 were at the club’s disposal.
Membership for the season had been a record, there being no fewer than 142 financial members. Gate takings were a club record, while money spent on players for travelling expenses had only been introduced this season and had proved a costly success. Donations to the W.V.S. and Nepean District Hospital were £10/10/- each, and to the Senior Red Cross, Junior Red Cross, and Nepean Ambulance £5/5/- each.
Each of the four teams entered in the competitions during the year had met with a certain amount of success. The “A” No. 1 team won the minor premiership but were beaten in the grand final. The “C” team won the grand final. The “A” Grade No. 2 team and “D” team did not contest the semi-finals, but showed great sportsmanship in every match and trying hard.
During the season the blazers won by the 1943 A and D Grade players were presented to the boys.
The election of officials for 1946 resulted as follows: Patroness, Mr. I. Woodland; ptrons Messrs J. Roberts and E. R. Long; President, Mr. W. Johnson; vice-presidents, Mrs. M. Morrison, Messrs F. Miller, J. O’Sullivan, C. Woodland, K. Dobson, and R. Husbands; hon. Secretary, Mr. J. F. Reddan; hon. asst. secretary, Mr. J. Hogue; hon. treasurer, Mr. R. Balfour; publicity officer, Messrs. D. Batten and T. Sheens; management committee, Messrs. G. Sheens, W. Roberts, Robert Graham, H. Dengate, J. McDonald, W. Reddan, T. O’Connor, L. Balfour, R. Creek, R. Greenbank, M. Blair, T. Hughes, W. King, F. Reddan, and H. Kearney; hon. auditors, C. Mitchell and T. O’Connor; “A” Grade committee, Messrs. N. Rounds?, W. Harvey, and L. Fredericks Snr.; “B” Grade committee, Messrs. W. Johnson, G. Sheens and K. Dobson; “C” Grade committee, Messrs. W. King and H. Dengate; “D” Grade committee, Messrs. K. Dobson and G. Randall.
The Club would like anyone who can afford to give their time as hon. “strappers” to get in touch, please, with the secretary.
Membership fees for 1946 season are “A”, “B”, “C” Grades, 2’6; “D” Grade 1/-.
On Sunday, 17th inst., about 80 to 90 nominations were received for players in the Club’s four teams, so an excellent season of football is assured to the local fans.
On Sunday, 31st inst., trials against Granville Shamrocks will be held on Penrith Showground. There will be three matches, A. B., and C. Grades participating. First match will start at 1.30 p.m.
The committee is also asked to attend the Showground on Sunday morning, 24th inst., at 10 a.m., to put the field in order.
[George Sheens also coached the "B" Grade team in 1946];Principal=George Sheens13 
ArticleNovember 1946 Penrith, NSW;
by Onesey and Twosey.
The Golden Rule - "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You". We are afraid it will have to be broken as we are about to criticise the so called concert given by the boys. We think the word Concert is too good for it to be called but Circus just suits, as the antics played by the boys were Terrific.
Imagine the boys thinking of taking up a collection for such a show - why, the Girls' Concert (Incidentally that was a concert) was by far means better and a collection was not mentioned.
We believe the sum of £2-3-0. was raised, and a good effort it was. But ofcourse, is there any wonder people did give, as we noticed that Terry Sheens arrived on the scene everybody hurriedly dived into their pockets with fear (they must have been good acrobats – Editor) and put a coin in the hat. Terry had a shotgun.14 
Reference18 November 1946 Rev C. J. Heffernan, St Nicholas' Presbytery, 326 High Street, Penrith, NSW;
St Nicholas’ Presbytery
326 High Street

To whom it may concern:
I have known the bearer, Mr. Terence Sheens of Penrith for a period of five years, and I believe him to be a lad of good character, honest & trustworthy. He enjoys an honourable reputation amongst the people of this town.
I consider him to be a fit and proper person to enter into Articles.

Signed - (Rev) C. J. Heffernan,
18-11-46 Parish Priest

Photo1947 NSW;
Bob Saunders, Terry Sheens & Bill Reddan
Photocirca 1948 177 Park Road, Auburn, NSW;
Party - Aunty Alice 1948/9
Back: Alice Downes, Bill Keech, Billy Keech jnr, George Sheens, Mary Sheens, Doreen Maree Downes, Kath Sheens, Nell Smith
Front: Bill Elkington, Ern Downes, Terry Sheens, Doreen Downes' daughter, Ted Lister
Photo St Nicholas football team, Penrith, NSW;
Marriage*5 April 1950 St Marys Cathedral, Sydney, NSW;
Groom: Terence George Sheens
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Occupation: Articled Clerk
Age: 21
Usual Residence: 15 Union Street Penrith
Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Taxi Owner
Mother: Mary Agnes Connors

Bride: Ellen Josephine Smith
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Occupation: Machinist
Age: 18
Usual Residence: Riley Street Penrith
Father: Daniel George Smith
Occupation: Shearer
Mother: Ellen Josephine Regent

Date of Marriage: 5 Apr 1950
Place of Marriage: St Marys Cathedral Sydney NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: W E Wilkinson, Lucy O’Loughlin
Minister: Hugh F Law

The consents of Daniel George Smith and Ellen Josephine Smith were given in writing to the marriage of the bride;Bride=Ellen Josephine Smith15 
Birth of Son30 October 1950 "Canberra" Private Hospital, 21 Mary Street, Lidcombe, NSW;
Name: Timothy George Sheens
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: 30th October 1950
Place of Birth: "Canberra" Private Hospital, 21 Mary Street, Lidcombe, Municipality of Auburn

Father: Terence George Sheens
Occupation: Law Clerk
Birthplace: Penrith NSW
Age: 22

Date of Marriage: 5th May 1950
Place of Marriage: Sydney NSW

Mother: Ellen Josephine Smith
Birthplace: Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW
Age: 19

Previous Issue:

Informant: T G Sheens, father, 1 Cross Street, Lidcombe
Witnesses: Dr McCaffrey, Nurse Lalor
Registered: 16th November 1950 Auburn;Principal=Timothy George Sheens16 
PhotoDecember 1950 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Terry Sheens with baby Tim (original photo badly damaged)
Ellen Sheens with baby Tim
Birth of Daughter17 June 1952 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Catherine Ann Sheens2 
Birth of Son12 August 1953 Sydney, NSW;Principal=Robert John Sheens2 
Photo1954 Log Cabin Hotel, Penrith, NSW;
Mary Sheens, George Sheens, Ellen Sheens & Terry Sheens
Residence*1954 15 Union Road, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, George, 15 Union road, labourer, M
Sheens, Mary Agnes, 15 Union road, home duties, F
Sheens, Terence George, 15 Union road, salesman, M
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 15 Union road, home duties, F;Principal=Ellen Josephine Smith17 
Photo1956 Surfers Paradise, QLD;
Photo1957 Surfers Paradise, QLD;
Photo1957 Penrith, NSW;
Ted Lister, Terry and Nell Sheens, Ron Peake and Elsa Elkington
Article18 December 1958 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Penrith R.S.L. Club
(By "Burglar")
The new season commences on Sunday, January 25. All members are asked to turn out to witness the president drive the first ball "down the centre" (don't let us down, George!).
A tentative program of activities has been prepared for 1959. Everything points to another good year socially, and for improved golfing.
The presentation of trophies was held at the Christmas dance of the R.S.L. Club. Fred Sutton, Johnny Cooke, Brian Turnbull and Terry Sheens—were the proud owners of trophies purchased by the Golf Club. Congratulations to these members.
The management committee for the new year is as follows:
Patron, President of R.S.L. Club; president, George Sheens; vice-president, Frank Murphy; captain, Fred Sutton; vice-captain, Cec Mallard; hon. secretary-treasurer, Ron Smith; hon. auditor, Harold Corr; publicity officer, Ron Smith; general committee, John Meldrum, Terry Sheens, Barry Donald.
New members are welcome—any information can be obtained from the management committee.;Principal=George Sheens18 
Article24 December 1959 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=George Sheens19
Photo*1961 Maclean, NSW5
Terry and Ellen Sheens
Article15 February 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=George Sheens20
Article22 March 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=George Sheens21
Article5 April 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
Planning consent has been given by Penrith City Council for Sheens Motors, 496 High Street, Penrith, to carry out a car trading business.;Principal=George Sheens22 
Article12 July 1962 "The Nepean Times", Penrith, NSW;
;Principal=George Sheens23
Residence1963 104 Doonmore Street, Penrith, NSW;
Sheens, Terence George, 104 Dunmore street, salesman
Sheens, Ellen Josephine, 104 Dunmore [sic] street, home duties;Principal=Ellen Josephine Sheens24 
PhotoJanuary 1963 Picnic Ground, Cattai, NSW;
Terry Sheens (at back) with sons Tim and Bob
Death*13 February 1963 Park Road, Wallacia, NSW;
Name: Terrence George Sheens (altered from Terence George Sheens)
Date of Death: 13 Feb 1963
Place of Death: Park Road Wallacia; usual Residence Doonmore Street Penrith NSW
Occupation: Car Salesman
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Penrith NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: George Sheens
Occupation: Garage Proprietor
Mother: Mary Agnes Conners

Place of Marriage: Lidcombe NSW
Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Ellen Josephine Smith
Children of Marriage: Timothy G 12, Cathy 10, Robert 8 living; none deceased
Informant: George Sheens, father, 33 Hornseywood Avenue Penrith

Cause of Death: Died as a result of injuries accidentally received when the motor car which he was driving became out of control and overturned several times
Length of Illness: Inquest held at Penrith on the 19 Apr 1963 – John G Reidy, Coroner
Medical Attendant:
Date last seen:

Date of Burial: 15 Feb 1963
Place of Burial: General Cemetery Penrith
Minister & Religion: John Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: John Price and Son
Witnesses: M Boots, V Tierney1 
Article*20 February 1963 "Penrith Press", Penrith, NSW, England;
Funeral was one of the biggest ever in Penrith
One of the biggest funerals ever seen here was held in Penrith last Friday following the tragic death of a young businessman in a car accident.
The businessman was well known 34 year old Terry Sheen, a partner with his father in a BP service station in High Street.
Mr. Sheen's neck was broken when he was flung from an overturning car in Park Road, Wallacia.
Mr. Neville Maranda, who was in the car with Sheen, was unhurt in the accident, and climbed from the car only moments before the petrol tank exploded and the vehicle burst into flame.
Blazing Car
Ambulancemen told the "Penrith Press" that when they arrived at the scene they could not get within 60 feet of the blazing car,
An estimated 300 vehicles joined the cortege to Pnrith Cemetery following the funeral service in St. Nicholas' Roman Catholic Church llast Friday.
The line of cars stretched about a mile and a half, from the Evans Street overbridge to the cemetery.
The church was packed for the service, and the footpath outside was crowded with people.
Honour guard
Members of Penrith R.S.L. and Leagues Clubs and schoolboys from St. Dominic's College formed a guard of honour at the church.
Police said that the accident occurred about 3.30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.
They said the car was travelling at speed in Park Road, Wallacia, when, rounding a slight turn, the wheels ran onto the gravel shoulders of the road.
Across road
The car skidded across the road, turned sideways, and rolled over three times in 130 feet,
He was a keen sportsman, and held many trophies.
He is survived by his wife and three children, Tim, aged 12, Cathy, 10, and Bobby, 9.
Only a month ago he won the Rootes Motor Group's Star Salesman award for country areas of Australia, and was fifth for sales in the whole of Australia, cities included.
With the award he won nearly £100 worth of prizes.25 
Article21 February 1963 "St Marys-Penrith Times", NSW;
Penrith residents in all walks of life were shocked at the sudden accidental death of Terrence George Sheens, last week.
The respect and esteem in which he was held was reflected in the funeral attendance last Friday – the largest funeral in Penrith for many years.
Widely known as “Terry”, Sheens was killed instantly when thrown from a car on the Luddenham-Wallacia Road (Park Road).
The car, travelling from Luddenham, overturned after striking loose gravel on the shoulder of the road.
Other occupant of the car, Neville Miranda – the owner – escaped from the car with minor injuries shortly before it burst into flames.
Golfers on Wallacia golf course raced to the car immediately the accident occurred at 3 p.m. on Wednesday of last week.
Last rites
They included a Catholic priest, who was able to perform last rites for Mr. Sheens.
Mr. Miranda is co-licensee of Tattersall’s Hotel. Penrith. His car was relatively new having been purchased within the last three months.
Mr. Sheens, agent for the car manufacturers, was believed to have been testing the car at the time of the accident.
Notification had been received the previous day by Mr. Sheens of his winning the “star salesman” award for the country area of Rootes Group.
He was fifth best salesman in N.S.W.
Letters of congratulations were still being received on Saturday, three days after his death, from distant colleagues unaware of the fatality.
The accident occurred on the 60th birthday of Terry’s father, George.
The day being Terry’s day off from their service station in High Street, Penrith. Terry had left a gift and a note before leaving for a game of golf.
The note contained arrangements for a birthday celebration in the evening.
Like brothers
Father and son, George (60) and Terry (34), were regarded by their hundreds of friends as being more like brothers.
Each included the other, where possible, in arranging outings, attending functions and other similar matters.
The close family comprised Mr. and Mrs. George Sheens, of Hornseywood Avenue, Penrith; Terry, of Doonmore Street; Kathleen (Mrs. Ted Lister), of Jamison Road; and Maureen (Mrs. R. Ruddle), of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. Ruddle rang Mr. and Mrs. Sheens, senr., from America early on Friday morning.
She spoke for more than 15 minutes to her mother and father.
Mrs. Ruddle endeavoured to make the call the previous day, but technical difficulties prevented the call.
Mr. Terry Sheens leaves a widow, Ellen (Nellie, nee Smith), and three young children, Timmy (12), Kathy (10) and Bobby (9).
Of an old-established Penrith family, Mr. Terry Sheens was born in Penrith not far from the site of their service station, as was Mr. George Sheens.
Terry was educated at Marist Brothers’ College, Parramatta.
Both father and son were widely known in business and public life.
This was reflected in the large funeral.
250 cars
An estimated 250 cars extended from the Penrith General Cemetery gates to the Evans Street bridge after leaving St. Nicholas’ Catholic Church.
The distance is well over a mile in length.
Floral tributes covered the grave and surrounding area for some distance.
Guard of honour was formed at the church by members of Penrith R.S.L. and Rugby League club.
Penrith police provided an escort and officers on point duty to control traffic while the long funeral left the church.

Headstone* Penrith General Cemetery, Kingswood, NSW;
In Loving Memory of
Terrence G Sheens
accidentally killed 13-2-63
aged 34 years
and his beloved wife
Ellen J. Sheens
died 13-2-2013
aged 81 years
together again

Headstone Terry & Ellen Sheens


Ellen Josephine Smith b. 28 Aug 1931, d. 13 Feb 2013
  • Timothy George Sheens2
  • Catherine Ann Sheens2
  • Robert John Sheens2


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